Hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is beautiful in itself. Of course, provided that they are well-groomed. But sometimes you want to change the image, and with loose hair it is not always convenient. Therefore, let’s learn to do hairstyles for long hair. And do not be skeptical about this . Even if you have always been sure that your hands are not designed to work with hair, try it! The main thing is to approach the issue creatively and with a sense of humor. It didn’t work out for the first time, it will definitely come out next time. Arm yourself with our tips, invite girlfriends and create masterpieces!

If you decide to become your own hairdresser and do hairstyles for long hair, get the necessary accessories for the job. Firstly, combs. Buy several different types of hair – a round one for styling hair with a blow dryer, a comb with rare teeth that you will use if you need to comb wet hair, an oval brush for everyday use, a flat one to give shine to the hair and eliminate statistical electricity. Secondly, styling products. You will need varnish, foam, wax. Foam is ideal for thin hair. This product contains elastic polymers that add extra volume to the hair. You distribute the foam evenly if you first apply it to the comb and then comb the hair. To fix thick hair, wax is suitable. It also gives hair shine. Hard wax is distributed on dry hair and individual strands are modeled. Wax mousse is applied to wet hair, rubbing along the entire length.

Thirdly, you will need jewelry to create and fix hairstyles for long hair. Gentlemen’s hairdressing set – it is invisible, hairpins, elastic bands of different diameters, clips, several neutral hairpins suitable for many clothes. And, of course, you will need a hairdryer, hair tongs and a straightener. Get equipment in stores for hairdressers. It is more powerful, which saves time, and also has several other advantages. For example, only professional hair straighteners have a temperature adjustment function, thanks to which you can choose the optimal one for the condition of your hair so as not to injure them.

Now that you are armed with everything you need, proceed to the hairstyles. Ahead of summer, so 
let’s focus on air, styling options that do not require a lot of styling tools. Fantasy to help you! (About what hairstyles can be done for every day, see the article ” Hairstyles for every day. A few words about elegant simplicity.” )

By face type

Hairstyles for long hair

But before creating masterpieces from hair, examine your face. Straight hair goes to chubby women, curled – to the 
owners of the oval and rectangular, as well as narrow-faced girls. Volumetric hairstyles are also suitable for the latter. Long hair gives grace to full and broad-boned women. If your forehead is too high, wear a straight or slanting bang. Straight hair will hide a short neck, and curls will visually shorten a long neck . Separately, I note about the beloved haircut in the form of a short flight of stairs by many women. This is a very spectacular hairstyle, but her 
hair is very split off. I used to wear such a haircut too, but now I refusedfrom her for this reason. Hair problems became much less. You will find useful recommendations in the article “Some advice on how to grow long and thick hair?”

For several consecutive seasons, braiding hair is considered a trend. What variants of hairstyles for long hair based 
on braids did not come up with hairdressers! But the main thing is that they are appropriate both in everyday 
life and at a festive event. Braids even got to the wedding hairstyles. This option is chosen today by many brides.

Braids – it is beautiful, comfortable, romantic. And they go to everyone. Even if your hair is not too thick, you can put it in a braid. Just do not drag your hair, due to which you give the hairstyle an extra volume. Strengthen your hair with homemade masks. Look for recipes on the website  “Beautiful Hair. Hair masks at home – efficiently, cheaply and effectively . 

Hairstyles for long hair

There are many weaving techniques: in three, four strands, French braids, plaits … The simplest is the spikelet . The scheme is as follows:

1 . Comb your hair. To make the braid smooth, use a straightener. Then comb your hair back. If they are electrified, spray them with a special spray. By the way, lavender essential oil will also help out. Add a few drops to the comb when you comb your hair and it will not be electrified.  

2 . Take a comb and separate a strand of 3 cm thick from temple to temple. Divide it into three parts. Hold the left strand with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, the right strand in the same way with the fingers of the right hand, the middle also with the right, but with the middle and forefinger.

3 .Start weaving. Put the right strand on top of the middle on the left side and shift it into the left hand along with the left strand. Grab the middle strand from the bottom with your right hand. Bind the left strand from above with the right strand and intercept with the right hand. It turned out that the strands changed places. Tighten them so that they do not get out of the hair.

4 . On the right side of the head with your right hand, grab the hair and combine it with a finished strand. From the top of the middle strand, put the right one on the left side and hold it with your left hand. 

5 . In the same way weave hair from the left side of the head.

6 .Weave braids on both sides until the ponytails remain. Then weave an ordinary braid.french braids. They weave from the forehead, including the bangs, to the back of the head, at the very roots of the hair, so that a peculiar 
pattern is obtained . There are many options for weaving, I prefer this:

1 .Comb your hair. If they are sparse, lightly comb at the roots to add extra volume.

2 . French braid consists of three identical strands. They are taken with the index fingers on the forehead. If you want a thin braid, then the strands should be small, if voluminous, then, respectively, thicker. Other hair is woven with thumbs.

3 . Start weaving a normal braid. When you twist the left strand a second time, grab an additional thin strand on the side to the main one and weave it into the braid. Do the same for the right strand. 

4 .Weave as long as you want to make a braid, capturing new strands. Secure with an elastic band. You can slightly comb the end of the braid, so it will look more elegant.

A few secrets. In order for the braid to come out even, the locks to be caught must be of the same thickness and uniform tension. If you want to make the braid tighter, when weaving, pull the strands down harder and grab thinner ones from the sides.

By the way, from braids you can make wonderful … curls. To do this, weave many thin braids from wet hair and walk with them for four to five hours. I usually do this “hairstyle” for the night. In the morning I undo the pigtails, lightly ruffle them with my hands and spray my hair with a spray for shine. The hairstyle is ready. Just try to braid the braids of the same thickness, otherwise the waves on the hair will turn out uneven, which will not look very neat.

And, of course, what long hair without curls! This version of hairstyles for long hair gives the image of romance and tenderness. You can curl hair in different ways – with tongs, hair rollers, papillots. The latter will be the least harmful to the hair. Only dry hair is curled with forceps, curlers are wound on wet hair , perpendicular to the surface of the head. Curlers always wind from the middle of the head, front to back. Curlers come in a variety of diameters. The locks created with the smallest last the longest.

To create careless curls, apply foam to wet hair and squeeze the strands with your hands. Or twist the hair into flagella, stab with hairpins, walk like that for two to three hours, and then unwind the flagella.

Try this option. Apply foam to dry hair. Divide into locks and wind from the roots along the entire length with forceps. Hold it for about 20 seconds, carefully remove the lock, sprinkle with strong fixation varnish. So wind all the hair. Shake your head slightly to make your curls look more natural. The hairstyle is very light and beautiful. It is more convenient to first process the front strands, stabbing the rest of the hair on the crown. By the way, this can also become a hairstyle for long hair. After curling your hair, take a few front strands and stab in the back with a 
beautiful hairpin.

Beautiful curls are obtained if you wind the hair from the bottom, but you yourself can hardly do such a hairstyle . But you will please your girlfriend with a beautiful hairstyle. You must sit with your head down. Twist the locks on the tongs, but do not fix with varnish until you have processed all the hair. Lightly shake them with your hands and only then sprinkle with the product. You can separate several front locks and, twisting them into a bundle, stab with a small hair clip or invisible.

For daily styling, try to wind only the ends of the hair. Start wrapping them from your ears. The hairstyle is done quickly and looks beautiful.

This hairstyle, brought into fashion by Brigitte Bardot in the middle of the century, is still popular. To do it, you need a comb to create a pile and a tight elastic. Comb your hair back and collect it in a high ponytail. Fleece over the entire 
length of the tail. Gently smooth the surface of the combed hair. Tuck them inward (you get a loop of hair, as it were) and fasten them at the base of the tail with hairpins, carefully lay them down. Fix with a strong fixation varnish and, if desired, decorate with a rim or hairpin. Such hairstyles with a bow clip look beautiful . If you wear a bang, lay it on its side, also lockingvarnish, or, conversely, directly, but for this the bangs should be perfectly straight (use a hair straightener). 

A simple but elegant look on long hair is a hairstyle such as a bun. The easiest option is to comb the hair along the entire length and gently twist it clockwise into a tourniquet, secure the ends with an invisible or crab hair clip. 
Try this option. Also twist the hair into a tourniquet, lay out a knot from it , twisting clockwise. Using the middle and index fingers of the left hand, draw the remaining end of the hair through the center of this knot . Poke with a hairpin or a wand (the end of your hair will hang from the bun ).

Another option is this. Divide the hair into three parts – leave the main one at the back of the head and make two smaller ones near the ears. Twist the bundle from the strand on the back of the head, and slightly twist the two side ones onto the tongs and leave them loose. Another version of the hairstyle for long hair based on a 
bun : divide the hair into thin strands and make a bun from each, and connect the neighboring buns into one large and fix with hairpins. An ordinary bundle will adorn several short strands, released at the back and slightly curled.

You can leave your hair loose, and on the sides, at the temples, twist them into bundles and fix them with invisible ears. Only for this hairstyle, the hair should be perfectly smooth, use a straightener for this.

The perfect hairstyle for long hair is the tail. You can make it a classic option – smoothly combed hair to collect at the crown with an elastic band. Or add playfulness to such a hairstyle with curls. Gather the hair also in the tail, and 
slightly twist the ends with forceps.

There are a lot of options for hairstyles for long hair. Show imagination, but the chosen styling should be combined with the image as a whole. Only in this way will your hair style be admired!


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