6 Natural oils that Act as Sunscreen


Skin cancer is becoming very common around the globe. Everyone knows how important it has become to protect skin against harmful ultra violet radiations from sun. There are plenty of cosmetic products available in market that claims to work against UV rays from sun. But many health conscious people are cautious of using thick layer of chemical on their skin on daily basis.

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When someone read the list of ingredients on a cosmetic product, it is hard to understand and reveal the detail of each ingredient. Of course not everyone is a chemical engineer. And for the sake of advertisement, these products are labelled as herbal, but reading their ingredients one cannot find out information about most of the product. One can assume that these products are not 100% chemical free. So these product can be risky to use on skin. Fortunately, those who are cautious about the danger of UV rays and still do not want to apply toxic substance into their skin, do have a wonderful alternatives in terms of natural oils. Many cold pressed oils extracted from vegetables, seeds and nuts have the ability to filter the sun’s harmful radiations. These oils not only cut the penetration of UV rays, but also nourishes the skin and provide glow naturally.

Here is the list of 6 Natural oils that Act as Sunscreen and also protect against skin damage

1 Coconut Oil

6 Natural oils that Act as sunscreen

This sweet smelling multipurpose oil is readily available at almost all grocery and medical store. And one does not have to worry about his pocket since it is not that expensive. It is wonderful for skin and hair. When worn while going out, it provides a moderate level of protection against the sun. Coconut oil has moisturizing effect and can be used during dry weather. It is known for providing a radiant and healthy glow to the skin. It is also said to improve skin texture and help to get rid of marks. It can penetrate deep into the skin and preserve its moisture.

2) Tea Tree oil

6 Natural oils that Act as sunscreen - Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is wonderful. It is used to treat various skin problems such as acne and scars. You should also read these home remedies to get rid of acne fast. But one of the use of tea tree oil is that it can be used as sunscreen. It is antiseptic to the skins and helps to block UV rays to penetrate into the skin.

3) Olive Oil

Olive oil provides medium level protection against the sun. This deep yellow colored oil is great for skin health. It contains antioxidants that give health promoting properties. Olive oil acts deeper into the skin and act a barrier against environmental pollution and aging effect. Read More – 10 Home remedies for anti aging. 

4) Almond Oil

Almond oil is used in many beauty products. It is a brain booster and healthy for skin. It gives skin a glowing and nourishing effect. This is easily available and makes a great, light and natural sunscreen. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E that rejuvenate the skin and act as antioxidant and protects cells and membranes of the skin.

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5) Red Raspberry Seed Oil

6 Natural oils that Act as sunscreen- raspberry

Red Raspberry oil is highly absorb able. It is packed with skin enhancing properties. This is probably nature’s best sunscreen. With SPF levels between 25 and 50, it provides protection not only against UVA and UBA rays, but also against UVC as well. For this reason, this is widely used in sunscreen products available. It also contains omega 3 & 6, Vitamin A and that can drastically improve skin quality. This is even widely used as a natural cosmetic and moisturizer and known to reverse severe damage like scars and stretch marks.

Carrot Seed Oil

This oil is one of the nature’s best skin protection oil, providing a level of protection against the harmful UV rays. Carrot seed oil is highly concentrated and should be mixed with a carrier oil to create a natural sunscreen. It is a rich source of antioxidant known as beta carotene that is responsible for their orange hue. Beta carotene is used extensively in the skin care industry.

Over to You

Sooner or later we have to go natural. There is no other alternative to save ourselves and save our environment as well. People these days are aware of side effects of cosmetics, so above described oils can be a better substitute for the harmful sunscreen products available in the market.

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