Coriander is good in Diabetes

Coriander is good in Diabetes

Coriander is a plan that found in abundance. You go to any vegetable vendor. He can easily hand you a bunch of coriander. And just add this wonderful spice to your curry and you will feel the difference in the taste. It is also used in seed and dried powder form as well. Infact Indian curry is incomplete without coriander.It is used either fresh or in the form of seed or dried power form for sure.

But do you have any idea about its herbal property? Coriander is good in Diabetes.Coriander seeds are being used to cure diabetes since a very long time. Lets find out how coriander is good in diabetes.

How Coriander helps in Diabetes?

Here is the list of benefits that coriander provides in case of diabetes

Coriander reduces the glucose level in the blood.

It also maintain the insulin activity. Coriander seed is effective in controlling the insulin release from beta cell in pancreas.This regulates the proper assimilation and absorption of sugar and this results in drop in the sugar level in the blood.

How to use coriander to cure diabetes?

Now let us find out how to use this wonderful herb to control and prevent diabetes.

Use coriander powder into your food

You can use the powder of coriander seeds into your food while preparing curry, or sprinkle it on the vegetable or fruit salad. This powder is so good in taste that you can use it almost everywhere. You can add it to your sandwich. You can always increase the quantity.There is no side effect of it.

Use Raw coriander seeds as a whole

You can directly add the coriander seed to your food. It can be added to soups, curry or gravies. You can also add these seed while preparing pickle or juice at home.

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Use fresh coriander leaves

There is no substitute of fresh leaves. It taste awesome. So get a bunch of fresh leaves from the market and don’t forget to add to your food. You can eat it as a salad as well. It is really healthy. Coriander leaves are used widely to garnish the dishes. This herb is really awesome.

Drink Coriander Juice

Prepare a glass of juice from the fresh coriander leaves and drink it daily. It is a good way of detoxification as well if you do it first thing in the morning. Also you can prepare jaljira with coriander leaves and mint leaves. This is one of the effective drink to beat the hot weather and widely used across north Indian during summers.

Over to You

So in short, coriander is a good spice and it is used widely as well. But the point here is to use it as herb to utilize its healing properties. If you have any better suggestion to include this wonder herb in food, then don’t forget to share in the comment below.

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