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All most all color of color spectrum posses healing properties. We can utilize these color effects to soothe our mind and nerves. You would have observed that being in nature elevates our mood and energy level. Sunlight is also very crucial for our health. We should observe at least few rays from sunlight, its warmth and light properties would definitely strengthen our health. Colors are powerful medium to treat illness. Different color has different healing properties which can be utilized to treat various health conditions. Below are the list of basic colors that can heal you.

How color therapy balances energy chakras?



Red is a powerful color that is associated with vitality and ambition. It can help overcome negative thoughts. on the contrary, it is also associated with anger. You would have observed this fact that
if we have too much red in around us, we may feel uncomfortable, irritable and impatient. Red is associated with the base chakra. Red color is used to counteract anemia, lack of energy and low blood pressure. Red can be used for colds, poor circulation, anemia, and mucus ailments. Red strengthens the physical energy and  the will of the individual. It can stimulate deeper passions, courage, hatred or even revenge. 

Excessive use of red will produce fever and exhaustion. It promotes hostility, anger,  violence. Too much red can over-stimulate and aggravate certain conditions.  High blood pressure is an indication of too much red energy within the system.



Pink provide emotionally soothing and calming effect and gives a feeling of gentle warmth and
nurturing. It lessons feelings of irritation and aggression, It surrounds us with a sense of love and protection. It also alleviates loneliness, despondency, over sensitivity, and vulnerability. pink is associated with unselfish love.



Orange is a color of joy. It may free and release emotions and alleviates feelings of self pity,
lack of self worth, and unwillingness to forgive. It stimulates the mind such that renewing interest in life; it is an amazing anti-depressant color and can lifts the spirits. 



Green has a strong affinity with nature.  It creates a feeling of comfort, laziness and relaxation, calmness, and space. Green provide stress lessening effect and balances and soothes the emotions.

Dark green represents the onset of death and is non-descriptor, unassertive, a negation of love and joy. Lime green and olive green can have a detrimental effect on both physical and emotional health since sickly yellow and green are associated with the emotions of envy, resentment, and possessiveness.

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Yellow is also a happy, bright, and uplifting color, a celebration of sunny days. It is associated with the intellectual side of the mind, and the expression of thoughts. It therefore aids the powers of discernment and discrimination, memory and clear thinking, decision making and good judgment. It also helps good organization, assimilation of new ideas, and the ability to see different points of view. It builds self-confidence and encourages an optimistic attitude.

Conversely, dull yellow can be the color of fear.


Turquoise is invigorating, cooling, and calming. Like green, turquoise is good for mental strain and tiredness or feeling washed out. It is an elevating color that encourages us to make a sparkling fresh start.

Turquoise enhances communication, sensitivity, and creativity and is helpful for those who feel lonely.

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Best way to utilize the benefits of color is to be in nature and observe sunlight. You can use the benefits of color to elevate your mood, confidence and emotions. It simply works like magic. Mother nature has provided has many holistic healing ways. We need to simply look around and choose one which is most suited us. Color therapy is among st one of them.

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