A Quick hand exercise for heart, lungs and brain

While sitting in front of your computer in office or while watching tv at home or when you are travelling ,there are few quick hand exercise which can be practiced in quick succession. In the previous articles, I mentioned that our hands and fingers have a direct co-relation with other body parts. So below exercises will definitely have an influential effect on your body organs.

A Quick Hand Exercise for heart and lungs

A quick Exercise for Heart and Lungs
A quick Exercise for Heart and Lungs

While inhaling, hold your hands in front of your chest. All fingers should be spread out. Hold your breath and stretch out your arms horizontally at your side. Now exhale and make a fist with each hand. Then breathe normally, open the fists, and lower your arms. Repeat described steps three times.Read More – Apan Vayu  Mudra for heart ailments.

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This exercise expands the bronchial tubes, opens the lungs, strengthens the heart, and refreshes the mind. It has been observed that Asthmatic patients often cough during this exercise because it loosens the mucus in the bronchial tubes, and heart patients feel an intensified awareness of the heart. Research has proved that a direct relationship can be established between the individual fingers and the corresponding areas of the lungs.

How this exercise works?

The index fingers and thumbs influence breathing in the upper area of the lungs, the middle finger in the middle area, and the little finger in the lower lung region.

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Do the test yourself

You can confirm this statement yourself by placing the tips of the ring finger and little finger on top of each other ( of both hands). Try to observe your breathe. Where do you feel the respiratory impulse? When you touch your ring and little fingers together (of both hands), you will feel the respiratory impulse at the lower part of abdomen. And when you let your middle fingers touch each other, it will be felt in the middle part of abdomen. Sometimes this test works the first time you try it. Otherwise, it usually works after the first few attempts.

Quick Hand Exercise for Brain

A Quick hand exercise for Brain

The ends of the nerve paths of the hands, as well as the feet, occupy a particularly large area in the brain. Hence cerebral activity is activated and trained by touching and feeling, especially with the fingertips. There is a very simple exercise for it. Simply rub your thumb on the fingertips of your fingers with both hands. You will get a feeling of sensation and you will feel that your mind is getting relaxed after doing it for few minutes. When mudras are practiced consciously, that means that we focus on our fingers and whatever they are resting on, they activate large areas of the brain.

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