Asthma Mudra to get rid of Asthma

Asthma Mudra

No of people getting effected by Asthma are on rise over last few years. There are plenty of reasons for this – air is getting polluted, food, water everything is getting infected.People with asthma problems have to continue their medications all the times. They have to take extra precautions to avoid asthma attacks.

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Below are few precautions which you can take to avoid an attack:

1) It is important not to breathe through your mouth in cold weather. Because it will make the  bronchial tubes to get inflamed and block them and  make congested.

2) Allow your body to relax and take your time to complete the tasks. Don’t hurry.

3) Avoid stress, since stress activates the adrenal glands. Adrenaline promotes the congestion  and adrenal glands. Adrenaline promotes the congestion and contraction of of the bronchial  tubes.You can also read below information posts that will help you to counter stress

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4) Take light diet. Avoid heavy and mucous forming products such as milk, butter, cream.

5) Quit smoking.

6) Avoid medication that weakens the immune system such as antibiotics.

7) Include products in your diet which strengthen the immune system and gives heat to body such as ginger, turmeric and clove.. This will also eliminate the mucous and open the bronchial tubes and also build your immunity.You can also read about Bronchitis Mudra that helps to relieve chest congestion.

8) Get fresh air by talking walks and avoid getting in contact with pollution and cover your face when you have to go out.

9) Do yoga or exercise to keep your immune system active.

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How to perform the asthma mudra?

1) Bring your hand in your front and let them come closure to each other.

2) Now fold both of the middle fingers and let them touch and press together at the fingernails. ( as shown above)

3) Keep other fingers straight.

4) In case of acute asthma attack, first do bronchial mudra for 5-6 minutes, then do asthma mudra ( by following above steps) until breathing has eased down.

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How long to perform asthma mudra?

Daily performing above mudras for 5 minutes each, 5 times a day will help in eliminating the disease.

Benefits of asthma mudra

1) This mudra relaxes and soothes the muscles around the respiratory track.

2) It opens up the bronchial tube and hence relieving the congestion. Breathing becomes easier with this mudra.

3) This mudra helps to treat as well as prevent asthma attack.

Daily practicing effects of Asthma Mudra

Daily practicing it for 15 minutes will give longer lasting effects.

Breathing exercise also helps to get relieve from asthma attack. Do any of the pranayama and breathing exercise for 15-20 minutes each. It will help in correcting the breathing pattern and will open up the lungs. It will allow your lungs to be used at its full capacity and your will find that your 50-60% of respiratory problems will be cured away by this within few months of practicing the breathing exercise and pranayama.

Over to you

Asthma Mudra is a very effective mudra to get rid of asthmatic attack. If someone around you suffers from asthmatic attack, please advise them to do asthma mudra. This will help the person to relax. Regular practice of this will reduce the frequency of the attack.

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