Back Mudra is effective in relieving back pain

As the name suggest, back mudra is effective in relieving back pain. Mudras are hand gestures that has healing properties. There is a specific mudra known as back mudra. This mudra is helpful in relieving back ache. Mudra works in way which helps in balancing the energies in the body,hence helps to get rid of complications due to pain. back mudra is effective in relieving back pain. Hastapadasna is also good for back pain

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Position in Back mudra

There are separate mudras for right and left hands which has to be done in conjunction with each anothers.
Right hand:
1) Let thumb, middle and little fingers should touch at the tip
2) Extend the ring and index fingers.

Left hand:
1) Place your thumb joint on the nail of the index finger.
2) Extend the other fingers

Back Mudra is effective in relieving back pain

How long to practice back mudra to relieve back ache?

Do back mudra for four times a day for 4 minutes each. Or do it as long as it has effect on the acute back complaints.

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Specialty of Back mudra

1) This mudra is very effective when someone with a weak back get engaged in an activity that strains the back too much and causes painful tensions, such as gardening or cleaning work.
2) When someone has to sit for too long in the wrong position.
There are numerous causes that can cause Backaches. Too little sleep or rest or too little exercise can cause backache. Fears, heavy meals, mental stress are other causes which can cause back ache. Some time toxins get deposited along the waste line, but that does not necessarily cause backache. So exercise is very important to get rid away waste accumulated. You can also read about some of the yoga asnas that helps body to get in shape.

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Mudra meditation for reliving back ache

This mudra can be even more effective when done with mudra meditation.
• Keep your arms and spine straight and erect.
• Hold Fingers in the back mudra as explained above.
• Rest your hands on thighs or on table or chair or anything else, just to provide them a base. Or you can Keep the arms open to the sky. It is a pose for visualization of receiving cosmic energy. You can even lie down in open sky for this meditation.
• Inhale less than exhale. You can even lie down in open sky for this meditation.
• Focus on the part of the body where you have pain and visualise that it is released as you exhales.

Meditation is an effective way to control mind and speed up the recovery.

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You can do below simple exercises along with back mudra

1) Hold you hands in back mudra as explained above,
2) Keep your chin low a bit such that the neck is stretched. This little bit of tension has an effect down to back. Perhaps this exercise can be done during lunch break at the office. Then you can get through the entire day without pain.
Do not expect immediate results although that does happen from time to time. Yoga and mudra are most holistic way of treating body pains. Regular practice of this will have permanent positive effect on your body. This mudra has a good track record of treating back pains. You can include one or two other yoga poses such as child pose after consulting your yoga teacher.

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Mudras are a great way to speed up healing and sometime these provides miraculous benefits in term of quick relief. If you have any query or feedback, do write in the comments below. You can also read below interesting posts as well:

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