Bhramara mudra to get rid of Allergies

Bhramara Mudra

What are allergies? When your immune system over react to some substance that either enters your body or come in contact to your body.Then your body is allergic to that substance. Most of the allergies are harmless.But sometimes it really gives much of trouble when your immune system react hyper sensitively.

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If you are allergic to a substance such as to some food or pollen, then you immune system reacts to it as if it were a harmful foreign substance and try to destroy it.

What are the causes of allergies?

Major cause of all allergies is weak immune system. Or there may be chances that intestinal flora is infected. There are chances that anti biotic and other medicines may affect the intestinal flora. As a result of this there may be mucous congestion in the sinuses, bronchial tubes and in the intestinal tract. Generally people believe that weather change, pollen, dust or any other type of artificial substance are responsible for allergies, but all these just trigger the allergies, but not the actual cause for it. People who have allergies, should definitely bring in their life style. It is very important for them not to take mucous forming food. Routinely do yoga, exercise, aerobics, jogging, panama. This are highly beneficial in alleviating the allergies symptoms. Reducing stress and getting enough sleep is also very important.

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What are most common type of allergens?

Plant pollen: below listed are most common type of allergens
1) Grass: this is the most common cause of hay fever
2) Trees such as oak, willow and hazel are common allergen

Food: any food can cause allergy. But there are few foods which are common allergens in most cases such as milk, egg, soya, nuts, fish etc. There are few other food which can also cause allergy –these are beans, pumpkins, corn, sesame etc.You can also read below post

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What are the symptoms of allergies?

When a person with an allergy comes in contact with an allergen, his immune system takes some time to recognize the allergen. As and when it become sensitive to it , it start reacting. It start making antibiotics to attack it. In this way your immune system is over reactive to it. When your immune system reacts to allergen, there is inflammation and irritation. Type of inflammation & irritation depends on type of allergen.

A person with dust and pollan allergies may have below symptoms:
1) Blocked, runny & itchy nose.
2) Cough ( Also read – 8 Home Remedies for cold, cough and flu)
3) Itchy, swollen & watery eyes

Skin reaction may include below symptoms
1) Rashes on skin
2) itchy skin
3) Redness on skin

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How to get rid of allergies with Bhramara mudra?

Bhramara mudra is a very effective mudra for all allergies. It is advisable to do Bhramara mudra to get rid of allergies along with other course of treatment.

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Meaning and specialty of this mudra

The name of this mudra has come from Indian dance and it resembles the shape of bee.

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How to perform this Bhramara mudra to get rid of Allergies?

1) Place your index finger at the base of your thumb.
2) Place tip of your thumb on the side of your middle fingernail.
3) Extend your little and ring fingers
4) Do this with both hands
5) Focus your mind and breath as deeply, slowly as possible.
6) Hold this mudra for around 7-8 minutes. It is important to practice this often to ged rid of allergies.

How long to practice this mudra?

This mudra should be practiced 4 times for 7 minutes everyday. However there is no limit. It can be practice as often and as long as you want. There is no limit on performing hits mudra. This can be practiced while sitting or standing.

Benefits of Bhramara mudra

1) Helps to get rid of allergies
2) Helps in common cold as well.
3) Helps in skin rashes as well

Over to you

So use Bhramara mudra to get rid of Allergies, since this is very effective against allergies. Visit often since there are many other yoga mudras to share with you – your fingers can simply do miracles…..let us know your experiences after using this mudra.

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