Detoxification Mudra to get rid of toxins


As the name suggest detoxification mudra is useful for flushing out toxins from the body. This mudra cleanses earth element in the body.A must read post – Why we should go organic?

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How to form detoxification Mudra?

1) Place thumb of each hand on the inner edge of the third joint of  ring finger.

2) This has to be done with both  hand.

Importance of detoxification process

It is very important we should plan a detoxification treatment at least once a year. It can be done at home or at some Ayurvedic centre. But the most important things is that you should take proper rest and do some light exercise and pranayama. Also take light and easily digestible food.

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Below are precautions to be taken care during detoxification process

1) First three to five days, in the morning eat easily digestible bread with herb tea made of stinging nettle in the morning; for lunch and dinner, have a meal of rice, potatoes and steamed leaf vegetables. 2) Drink herbal tea or water between the meals.

3) During the detoxification days, it is very important to take full rest. So lie down quite often during the detoxification days. This is the time to use detoxification mudra for supporting the detoxification process. It is important to consider the things that in addition to waste materials and toxins, you are willing to let go of—bad memories, bad habits, old grudges, negative character traits and fears etc. This will make room for something new. You will feel afresh energetic and reborn.

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About Mudras

Mudras are hand gesture which influences the energy in the body. In East, Mudras have been in use for thousands of years. Mudras have balancing effect on five elements. It is said that mudras can balance the elements within 45 minutes. So generally it is advisable to do mudra for 45 minutes in a day.Hand Mudras – Healing power in your hands.Also this post will help you to understand do and don’t for doing mudra– Guidelines for doing mudras effectively. 

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Detoxification is an important process to get rid of toxins when we know we live in between such a polluted environment. And food and water we take is highly contaminated. We cant avoid it much. Though we take help of water purifiers and do the fruits and vegetable cleaning in water. But still we cant get it eradicated 100%. So only way to remove these toxins is detoxification. You can also read about other alternative healing practiced below.

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