Dynamic Mudra for Exercising the brain

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

Almost all mudras are held in one fixed posture. But in this mudra, as the name suggest, fingers are not simply held, but are moved and take different forms.Dynamic mudra is a mudra to exercise the brain.

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How to form Dynamic Mudra for Exercising the brain?

1) During each exhalation, place one of the fingertips on the tip of thumb.

2) During inhalation, extend the finger back.

3) Do this with both hands

4) Speak a syllable mantra while doing this. Example is given below.

a) Say  “saaa,” and press together the thumb and index finger;

b) Say  “taaa,” use middle finger and thumb;

c) During “naaa,” use ring finger and thumb;

d) During “maaa,” use little finger and thumb.

When you do it the second time, press your fingernail instead of your fingertip with your thumb. During the third time, press your whole finger with the thumb. At the same time, press your fingertip into the palm of the hand.

How long to practice Dynamic Mudra?

This mudra can be practiced every day for 5 to 30 minutes.There is no limitation as such. It can be practice any time and any where.

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Significance of Dynamic Mudra?

When we were children, we use to play  finger games in which the individual fingers were pressed, bent, or extended according to the lines of a nursery rhyme. Today, physical therapists and educators use these hand exercises for speech and learning difficulties.

Benefits of Dynamic Mudra

1) Dynamic Mudra  is a wonderful mudra for promoting brain activity and relaxing the nerves.You should also read about A quick hand exercise for heart, lung and brain. 

2)  It also promotes concentration and creates inner relaxation. Read about Jnana & Chin mudra that are known as wisdom mudra.

Any precaution to be taken while doing Dynamic Mudra?

Please be sure that you breathe slowly, that you inhale and exhale evenly and in a relaxed.

About Mudras

Mudras are hand gesture which influences the energy in the body. In East, Mudras have been in use for thousands of years. Mudras have balancing effect on five elements. It is said that mudras can balance the elements within 45 minutes. So generally it is advisable to do mudra for 45 minutes in a day.

Stay Tuned….

As we exercise to keep our body fit, in the same way it is required to exercise brain as well to stimulate creativity and balance out right and left hemisphere of brain. Dynamic Mudra is a quick way to exercise brain and stimulate nervous system. You can practice it daily for 5 – 10 minutes and wonderful thing about mudra is that you can do it any time any where. 

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