Hand mudra for weight loss

The word mudra is a Sanskrit word that is used for hand gesture. Hand and fingers positions are held together in certain way to direct the body energy or prana force in specific pattern that supports healing. In the practice of yoga,mudras invoke divine power in the mind.

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Mudras are in practice for various mental and physical health treatments since the beginning of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The ancient statues of the Buddha depict various hand mudras. Hindu deity statues depict mudras that convey their focus. Varada Mudra and Gyan mudra are two very common posture which can be observed in various Hindu deity portraits.There are a number of mudras available that are said to cure various disease and then there are mudras that can restore balance in the body such as Vata Naashak Mudra that reduces the excess vata from the body.There is a very effective mudra for weight loss as well.These days over weight is one of the most common health conditions across the globe. Generally over weight or obesity is measured in terms of BMI. BMI is a ratio of weight and height. Weight ( in kgs) is divided by height ( in cms) gives the body mass index of  a person. If BMI is greater than 30, then a person is considered as overweight.There are different ways over weight problem can be controlled. Person should take care of his diet and also do routine exercise. On the other hand, with the help of Surya mudra he can restore balance in the three dosha.Over weight is caused when there is excess of Kapha dosha in the body.

Hand Mudra for weight loss – Surya Mudra

Hand Mudra for Weight Loss

Mudra  that believed to specifically help with weight loss is the Surya Mudra. It is believed that it can help cure obesity. Surya mudra tends to increase the fire element in the body. The fire element ignites the proper digestion. It also helps to burns the accumulated fat inside the body.

In Surya Mudra, the ring finger is placed at the base of the thumb. And then ring finger is pressed gently with the thumb. Earth Element (in the ring finger) is associated with the weight gain. The suppression provided by the thumb on the ring finger will result in equal suppression of earth element. Hence this will result in weight loss.

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How Surya Mudra can help in reducing weight?

Surya mudra ignites the digestive fire in the body. It is  said to control hunger and temptation for food and change the metabolism so that it is easy to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight balance. Over weight is one of the mail cause of heart disease. You must read below post to keep your heart healthy.

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Benefits of Hand Mudras

It is believed that practicing hand mudras regularly can yield health benefits. Five elements are associated with five fingers of the hand.  So by holding the fingers in particular gesture tends to maintain a balance among these elements. Yogic philosophy assigns specific internal organs to each of the fingers, and so holds that using mudras will correspond to enhanced function of internal organs. Mudras are said to cure mental  heaviness, reduce body fat, normalize blood pressure and even strengthen the heart.

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Over to you

There are many diseases associated with overweight. So it is very important to keep weight under control. Surya Mudra is very effective in controlling weight. Try this mudra and share your experience with the community.

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