How hand mudras affect energy field?

Eastern sages and doctors say that the body, mind, and soul are inherent to every fingertip, even to every finger joint in each individual finger. Hence naturally also inherited in the entire hand itself. So it is quite natural that we have great influence on every area of the body through the fingers and hands. The effect of mudras will be expressed on many different levels. There is different level of energy fields hat  resonate within,  some holistic practitioner speak of five, others of seven, and others of twelve, but there are probably even more.

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How hand mudras affect energy field?

How hand mudras affect energy field

These energy fields are subject to various vibrations, some of which move more quickly than the others. Our physical senses are oriented toward very specific vibration, and that is why we can only recognize this vibration in particular. However, the ancient yogis could recognize other vibrations, such as those of the chakras (energy transformers) and the nadis. Those are subtle streams of energy.

You can read about pranic healing as well. Pranic healing is energy healing. Ayurveda, the healing art that has originated in India, the fingers have the individual body organs and elements associated with them ( Earth, sky, air, fire & water). As per Astrology, the hands and individual fingers are also associated with the planetary powers as well ( such as Mars, jupitor etc)

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Let’s look at the very concrete effect that the hands and fingers have on other areas of the body.

– There is a very direct relationship between the hands and the neck since the nerve paths run through the vertebral formalin in the arms, hands, and fingers. The flexibility of the hands always affects the flexibility of the neck. Hence, hand exercises relieve tensions in the neck.

– Spreading the ten fingers in a relaxed way, creates a reflex that causes the thoracic (chest) vertebrae to spread out. This increases the tidal volume of the lungs.

– The hands and/or fingers also have an additional direct relationship to the heart and lungs. You would have heard people saying that the ring finger is directly connected to the heart. Here you can read about quick hand exercise for heart, lung and brain.

With increasing age, many people can no longer properly stretch their fingers. This shows tension in the heart area, which often indicates the sign of heart disease.

The slightly crooked hand position also obstructs inhalation. The result is that the optimum amount of air is not drawn into the lungs, especially into the lung borders, which promotes contamination in those areas.Hence it is proved that hand mudras affects the energy fields and hence each and every body organs.

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