Joint Mudra for relieving joint pain


As the name suggest, joint mudra is useful for joints. It helps in reliving joint pain and providing them enough energy to survive long. People above 50 generally suffer from knee pain. Joint mudra can really help them in great way. Infect this mudra is a blessing for people who are in their 60s and who mostly have complaints about joint pain. It can also be helpful for people who work long on computer or sit for long hours and they get elbow pain or any other type of joint pains.Baddha Konaasna is also good for knee strengthening.

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How to form Joint mudra?

There are different pose for both hands.

1) With Right hand: Join Thumb and ring finger together.

2) With left hand : Join Thumb and middle finger together.

How long to do  Joint Mudra?

Do as and when needed, or do it four times a day for 15 minutes each. In case of illness, the joint mudra has to be held six times a day for 30 minutes. A must read post – Top 10 Natural pain Killer

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Benefits of Joint Mudra

Joint mudra balances the energy in the joints.Joint mudra is extremely good when knees are sore after walking down mountains or a hike or working too long in front of a computer which gives unpleasant feeling to the elbows.

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Yoga exercise for joint pain

1) Lie down on your back, draw your chin in slightly, and hug your knees. Now move the legs and arms into a vertical position.

2) Shake both hands and feet to relax them.

3) Make a circle with your feet and hand joints.

4) Draw wide circles with your arms and legs, as if you wanted to draw a big infinity sign on the ceiling.

5) Bend and stretch your legs and arms.

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About Mudras

Mudras are hand gesture which influences the energy in the body. In East, Mudras have been in use for thousands of years. Mudras have balancing effect on five elements. It is said that mudras can balance the elements within 45 minutes. So generally it is advisable to do mudra for 45 minutes in a day.  Hand Mudras – Healing power in your hands.. Also this post will help you to understand do and don’t for doing mudra– Guidelines for doing mudras effectively. 

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Mudras are a great way to deal with common problems such as back pain, joint pain. It can be complemented with traditional medicine. You can also read about other alternative healing practiced below.

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