Pran mudra benefits – A cure for all disease

Pran mudra benefits are limitless. Let us start with what is Hand Mudra? Hand mudra or hasta mudra is a gesture to route the energy to the body. Hand mudras are part of hasta yoga. Yoga is like a spiritual practice. It offers practical healing and gives amazing benefits to the practitioner. Hasta mudra opens the energy channels and send messages to the brain.

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Meaning of Pran Mudra

Pran means energy or life.  As Pran vayu is very important vayu among the 10 vayu available in the body. Infect, it is the breath itself. So pran mudra stimulate the root chakra, which create vibration and heat, that awakens and energize the body.

Pran Mudra Benefit

Specialty of Pran Mudra

Pran Mudra is said to generate and redirect life energy. This life energy is the energy that animates the living being . It redirect this life to the parts where it is most needed. Pran mudra is like cure for all. According to some sources pran mudra benefits include everything from eyesight to fatigue, to skin rashes to vitamin deficiency. Pran mudra gives vitality and energy to the body  and reduces fatigue and nervousness. If you have too much distraction from outside and very little inner stability, by practicing pran mudra,one can achieve inner stability and mind clarity.

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1) It should be practiced with both hands.

2 ) Tips of ring and little finger to be joined with the tip of thumb.

3 ) All other fingers should be stretched straight.

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Incorporating breathing into mudra

1) Pran mudra change the energy in the body, hence it is always beneficial if you incorporate conscious breathing with your hand mudra practice.

2) Start with taking deep & rhythmic Breathe.

3) Now inhale and exhale for same duration.

4) You can also chant the mantra sound ‘So-hum’. chant ‘so‘, when inhale and ‘hum‘ on exhale.

5) Though at start you will find it difficult to chant and inhale-exhale simultaneous. But with practice,you can get the expertise on this.

6) Do the inhale and exhale ( with sound chanting) for continuous 20-30 times.

7) Then stop and try to focus your mind.

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8) You will feel a sudden vibration in your body. you will experience like your body is floating between a pool of vibration.

All of a sudden, you will feel some instant effect of pran mudra. You will be rejuvenated and overwhelmed.

Pran Mudra Benefits

1) It is a cure for all.

2) Pran mudra helps to overcome Chronic fatigue,general debility and low endurance.

3) Pran Mudra is said to improve your immune system.

4) Increase self confidence and provide mental stability.

5) Pran mudra benefits eyes as well. It improve vision and cure eye disease such as burning red dry eyes,cataract.

6) It reduces nervousness and enhance self confidence.

7) It helps to control emotions such as mental tension, anger, jealousy, irritability, pride, restlessness and stimulates happiness, joy, delight, hope, energy & zeal.

8) In this mudra, the water, earth, and fire elements are joined, so this helps remove the obstacles and impurities present in the blood, resulting in improved blood circulation.

9) This mudra helps remove any kind of vitamin deficiency such as A,B,C,D,E,K all vitamins are provided by this mudra this mura can help control hunger and thirst during fasting.

10) Any types of cramps in muscles and pain in the legs cured by this disease.

11) To treat any disease, Pran Mudra acts like a friend and helps other mudras in curing disease such as:

  • to cure diabetes –Apan Mudra is to be followed by Pran Mudra
  • to cure insomnia & Anxiety: Jnana Mudra + Prana Mudra
  • Blood pressure high or low- Vyana Mudra +Prana Mudra
  • Backache – Vayu Mudra + Prana Mudra
  • Boils – Varuna Mudra + Prana Mudra

Over to you

Mudras are really effective, but thing that you need is patience to see the positive results. So try it yourself and share your experience in the comment below.

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