Shankh mudra to get rid of throat problems

Shankh mudra

Shankh is the indian name for conch. This mudra has similar resemblance to shankh. That is why this mudra is known as shankh mudra or English translation of this mudra is conch mudra.

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Specialty of Shankh mudra

Shankh is sounded in Hindu temples early in the morning as a udgosh sound to announce the opening of the temple doors. In the similar way, this mudra let you open doors of your inner temple (inner sense). This mudra can cure any kind of throat problems. You can also improve your voice with the help of this mudra. If you are a practicing singer, this mudra can bring that eternal effect to your voice.If you ever get throat infection during chilly or rainy weather, then use shankh mudra to get rid of throat infection.

How to perform Shankh mudra to get rid of throat problems?

1 )This mudra can be done in any posture. But meditative posture is always have more beneficial effects.
2) Encircle your left thumb with the fingers of your right hand.
3) Now place your left hand fingers on the back of your right palm.
4) Touch your right hand thumb with the extended middle finger of your left hand.
5) The two hands together look like a shankh or conch shell.
5) Maintain this formation with your hands at chest level and keep your eyes closed for as much time as you wish to.
6) Chant ‘Om’ several times. Then listen the echo within yourself.

Effect of Shankh mudra

When thumb which represent fire, is encircled by the fingers of other hand, on the other side thumb is joined with the index finger, this increases the air element in the body. So shankh mudra reduces the pitta effect and increases the vatta and kapha humors in the body.

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How long to practice this mudra?

Perform it 3 times a day for 15 minutes as part of treatment. or do it as often as you want.However, it can be performed for longer periods if necessary such as in case of high fever or allergies.

Benefits of Shankh mudra

1) Shankh Mudra is good for ailments related to Vishuddhi Chakra or Throat Chakra. Vishuddhi Chakra is the energy center in the throat area.( You can also read – How Chakras defines your personality?)
2) Beneficial in Voice and throat problems.
3) It also balances the Thyroxine secretion from Thyroid gland.
4) It relieves stammering.

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5) It gives quality to your speech by restoring the pitch and resonance
6) Beneficial in lowering the fever.
7)Since it reduces the pitta humor, so helpful when burning in the body-parts.(Also Read about Surbhi Mudra for balancing the doshas)
8) Beneficial in any kind of weakness or paralysis of muscles.
9) Drive away any allergic disorders, especially skin- rashes.( Read – Prithivi Mudra for Physical Strenght)

Is there any limitation or precaution to be taken while performing shankh mudra?

People with Vatta and kapha dominant humor should perform this mudra in moderation, since it increase both of these elements in the body.

Simplified version of shankh mudra – Sahaj shankh Mudra.

There is a simplified version of shankh mudra. This is called ‘Sahaj shankha mudra.

Formation of Shahaj Shankh Mudra

This is performed by interlocking the eight fingers and bringing in contact the two upward-pointing thumbs.

Benefits of Sahaj shankh mudra

This mudra has similar benefits as of Shankh mudra,but this is a bit easier to do.

Over to you

So whenever you get throat infection due to weather changes, try Shankh mudra to get rid of throat problems before reaching out for  a medicine.Share your experiences and feedback in the comments section below.

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