Tse mudra to relieve stress

As you all know, modern life is full of deadlines, demands, frustration, competition & hassles.
Life has become a race. And winner will be who can handle the stress well. So stress management is very very important to be in the race and to live the life to its fullest. Stress is not always bad.

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It motivate you to work better, to come out of your comfort zone. But when most of the time you work in emergency mode, it is not at all good for your mind & body. It is very important to periodic assessment of your situation. Keep an eye on your health.

Are you becoming more reactive to your situation?

If yes, then it’s a sign of stress. Now what exactly is stress? Stress is a response of your body to a real or imaginary danger. When your mind sense a danger, then it sends signal to your body. Your body kicks itself into defensive mode. This response is your body’s way of protecting you.

Signs & symptoms of stress

Different people respond differently to stress. Few of my friends say that they feel more hungary when they feel they are stressed..Some people cant sleep when they are in stress. These are the behavioral symptoms.

Below are few stress symptoms and its important to keep a watch on these:
Eating too much or too less
Sleeping too much of too little ( Must Read – Shakti Mudra for Insomnia)
Constant worrying (Also Read – Abhaya Mudra for protection and freedom from fear)
Moodiness & short temperament (Also Read – Varada Mudra for pacifying past thoughts)
Sense of isolation
Nervousness ( Also Read – Vajrapradama mudra for building trust and tackling insecurities)
Rapid heartbeat or chest pain ( Must Read – Apan Vayu Mudra for heart ailments)
Nausea, dizziness.

How to overcome stress?

Here are some points that can be followed to tackle stress

Avoid the unnecessary stress.
Accept the things which you cant change
Meditate to de-stress yourself.

There is one mudra – Tse mudra to get relieve stress. This is very effective mudra against stress.Here we goes…

Meaning of Tse Mudra

According to chinese medicine and traditions, this mudra drive away fear, sadness, depression & anxiety. It also turns away misfortune & bad luck. It is said to increase personal magnetism, in simple term we call it aura. It enhances the intuitive and mental powers. Weakness of Mind or in body is caused by water element or kidney or bladder. This mudra can restore the strength of these organs.

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How to perform Tse mudra?

Tse mudra to relieve stress - Pose1

TSE Mudra pose 1

Tse mudra to relieve stress - Pose2

TSE Mudra pose 2

1) Sit in a comfortable position.

2) Now place both of your thumb on your thighs.

3)Put the thumb on to the root of your little finger. Do this with both hands.

4)Now encircle your thumb with other four fingers of your hand.

5)Slowly inhale through your nose and close your eyes.

6) Hold your breath and form the sound of OM seven times in your head while

7) Try to hear the vibration of the sound in you rright ear.

8) Then slowly exhale.

9) Now open your hands again and imagine all worries, fear, anxiety,unhappiness leaving your body through your hands.

If you can’t hold your breath while repeating Om seven times, start with just one Om and slowly increase to sever times in one go.

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How Tse mudra works?

Nerves from brain terminate in the finger tips. So by joining the finger tips in mudra posture control certain regions of brain. These brain regions control our mood, stress and depression. Tse mudra affects the water element in the body. Hence it increases magnetism, develops intuition and enhances mental ability.

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How long to practice Tse mudra to relieve stress?

Repeat above steps 7 to 9 times in a day. Or do it until your mind & body feel relaxed and burden free. Atleast do it 7 times in a day.A must Read Post – Breathe Easy to get rid of stress

Any limitation for Tse mudra?

There is as such no limitation of this mudra. Tse mudra for depression is an excellent holistic way to fight depression. Mudras work since because they stimulate the brain waves and activate the brain regions. This is relatively easy to perform. It can be done anywhere, anytime. So there is no reason not to perform this mudra.

Benefits of Tse Mudra

1)The Tse mudra is widely known as the best mudra to fight depression and anxiety.
2) It also helps remove negativity from the mind
3) It improve mood by increasing happiness, positivity & satisfaction.
4) Improves mental powers and intuitiveness
5) Decrease fear – so this mudra gives you courage to take up new challenges in life by giving you strength to overcome your fear from failure. Increase water element in the body, hence enhances the functioning of kidney and bladders.
6) Experience the magic of tse mudra and enhance your life with positivity and happiness. Request you to share your experience with the community to make everyone.

There is a very effective mantra for stress – Dont react, but respond to the situation.

Over to you

Stress has become a giant killer. There must be some way to tackle it. Tse Mudra is a very effective mudra when it comes to beat stress. If you have any query or feedback, do share in the comments below.

Mediation is also a very effective way to deal with stress. 

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