Why we should go Organic?


These days there are big talks shows on go organic. The organic food industry is booming. Everyone wants to go organic, but there is a real stopper, that is its high price. But still its demand is really high. As per one study, around 70% or US people consumes organic food occasionally, and nearly 25% buy it every week. Though in India, this percentage is very low. Still people are becoming aware of organic food and its benefits. Yesterday, we were discussing why life span is becoming so less for people. I think food grown and processed unnaturally is one of the main cause that is giving rise to many disease. For most of the people who want to go organic, reason is simple, they want natural food that is good to consume and good for environment as well.

What is organic food?

Now let us talk about what is organic food? When something is termed as organic, that means it is adhering to some specific standards and crop is grown without pesticides, irradiation, artificial fertilizers or bio technology.

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Why we should go Organic?

Studies have shown that organic food may have higher nutritional value than the conventionally grown food. The reason may be absence of pesticides, plants boost their natural production of the phytochemicals that strengthen their resistance to bug and weeds. Even some studies have linked pesticides to every health problem from headache to cancer to birth defects.

Is Organic better for the environment?

Yes ofcourse. Organic farming reduces pesticides and pollutants in soil and groundwater and hence creates richer soil that aids plant growth. There was a era when green revolution occurred. But now situation have become so bad that every year, crop yield is very less. Why? Because due to excess use of pesticides, soil has become less productive. Farmers are dying in India. Only Solution to this is to go organic. let’s adopt natural ways of farming. Let’s go organic.

Top 8 reasons why we should go Organic

1. More nutrients

Organically grown foods have more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro nutrients as compared to commercially grown foods. Because in organic farming, there is no use of pesticides and other chemical. Soil is enriched with other natural alternatives such as animal dung and green leaf manure. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine conducted a study on comparison of nutritional value of organically grown and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables and grains and concluded that there is a significant difference between the two types of farming method. The study says that five servings of organically grown vegetables provide an adequate amount of vitamin C, whereas the same number of servings of conventionally grown vegetables do not.

On an average, organically grown foods provides 21% more iron  than the conventionally grown food, 27% more vitamin C and   29.3% more magnesium as compared to traditional method of farming with pesticides.

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2. Organic grown Food provides Better taste

If you want to be aware of this benefit, then you must try it yourself. You will find a better taste of organically grown food because well balanced and nourished soil produces healthy food.

3 Avoid Antibiotics and Drugs in animal products

Animal products such as dairy products are more harmful for our health because they are loaded with antibiotics and drugs. So it is s always better to go organic to get rid of such harmful antibiotics and drugs.

4. Go Organic and Lets Preserve our ecosystems

Organic farming is in harmony with nature and it support Eco sustenance. Organic farming supports preservation of soil and crop rotation that keeps farmland healthy and absence of chemical preserves the Eco system. Wildlife forest and trees are able to play their role in Eco sustenance.

5. Organic farming Reduces pollution and helps in preservation of water and soil.

Pesticides, fertilizers and various chemicals used during conventional farming are contaminating our environment, polluting water and destroying the productivity and nutrition of the soil. Choosing organic warming over conventional farming will help to get rid of all these problems. Organic farming is always a very healthy choice for us as well as for nature. There is a very interesting study that estimates that only 0.1% of applied pesticides reach the target pests and rest of the pesticides (99%) are left behind to impact the environment and the consumers.

6. Preserve Agricultural Diversity

It is estimated that 75% of agricultural diversity is lost during last century. Now only a handful of varieties of crop are available and thousands of variety is lost. So it has become extremely important to go organic to save the agricultural diversity. Organic farms grow and assorted range of crop taking natural elements into account.

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7. Go Organic &  Support Farming Directly

Farmers are buying costly pesticides for their farming that cost them a lot. Running a awareness drive and consuming more organic food will inspire them to go organic. Since when there will be more demand of organic food, farmers will do organic farming and in this way they will get rid of heavy burdens of pesticides.

8. Keep our Children and future safe

Going organic is a sure shot to keep our children safe since almost all disease are on rise due to heavy use of pesticides and chemical.

How to manage Organic Food?

Organic food is generally costly. So not everyone can afford it. But if you can, its better to go organic. Buy local and organic. That means you will get fresh and chemical free. There are many offline and online stores that sells organic food. But in case it is not possible for you to buy organic every time, then at least go organic for dirty dozen – strawberries, peaches, apples, nectarines, spinach, celery, sweet bell peppers, pears, cherries, potatoes, lettuce, and imported grapes. These fruits and vegetable often requires more pesticides to fight with bug and insects.

Over to You

Go Organic is the only solution to the growing health problem. Until and unless we don’t monitor what we are consuming and will not make efforts to correct, nothing much is going to change. So lets opt for organic food to stay healthy.You can always grow your own food organically on your Terrance or balcony.

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