Home Remedies for Ear infection

Home Remedies for Ear infection

The human ear is composed of three parts – inner ear, middle ear, and the outer ear. Ear infection can occur in any of these parts and one part can usually infect the others. Sometime you would have observed that with cold and flu, you also get ear pain and sometime heaviness as well. External Otis affects the outer ear sometimes it comes after cold or flu or with other kind of upper respiratory infection.
The area from the eardrum to the outer part, becomes inflamed and is very painful, sometimes a fever may be developed.If the infection is not controlled it can result in eardrum perforation letting all pressure out and causing pain. This kind of ear infection is very common in infants. This is due to the position of the baby while feeding which allows milk bacteria to grow in the auditory tube.

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Below are a list of tips for preventing Ear Infection

• Sunbathing is highly beneficial as it kills the harmful bacteria and other micro organism causing ear infection. You can read more about the benefits of solar therapy here.Sun is the main source of prana. Pranic force is the vital force that is needed by body to function properly. You can read more about pranic healing at the link: Pranic Healing – Self Healing approach.
• Avoid Soaps, chemicals and other drying agents.
• Increase intake of vitamin B6.
• Exercise and meditation is always important to keep you mind relaxed.Eat a healthy diet and avoid foods such as dairy products, mushrooms, or crustacean meat (lobster, shrimp, clams or oysters) that may contain allergens and aggravate the body. Here are10 Quickest Desktop Yoga poses that can help you to be active.

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• Bathe in cool or warm water, never hot and always apply a moisturizer to your skin
afterwards to seal in moisture

Here is the list of Home remedies for Ear infection

1. Use Colloidal silver, as an ear wash.It can also be taken orally too. This is a natural antibiotic.
2. Viamin C is always needed by body to help boost the immune system and fight infection. Amla is a good source of Vitamin C. Read More about the health benefits of Amla here.
3. Intake of Zinc is also helpful in reducing ear infection.
4. Slightly heat the mustard oil or olive oil with a clove of garlic or you can include garlic oil as well.Put a few drops in the ear and plug it with cotton this will help with pain. Make sure oil is not too hot. This is the old age home remedy.I have been listening since my childhood.

5. If the ear is red, hot and painful specially after exposure to cold temperature, use Aconite, this homeopathic remedy is excellent for ear infection.
6.If the cheek of the same side of the ear affected is red and the person is unable to tolerate the pain then take chamomilla. Using of Indian Hemp leaves juice about 8 to 10 drops in ears can helps to kill germs in your ear. Also helps to cure ear ache problem. This is one
of the natural home remedy for ears problem.
7. If you have ear infection, fill 3 to 5 drops of coconut oil in your infected ear and close with cotton before going to bed.
8. Clean your ears daily with water while taking bath, which will prevents you from ear ache & infections.
9. Use ear buds to clean your ears after having head bath.
10. When you take bath or came from outside, you should clean your ears properly by rubbing gently with your fingers and then clean with ear buds to avoid formed dust in or near to ears.

So that was the list of few home remedies.

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