Lets go closure to nature & adopt natural healing

Nature itself is the best physician. 

I came to know about mudras a few years ago. And I was amazed to know the healing power of mudras. I started digging more into it, still exploring on the new mudras. When I tell someone about mudras, they simply dont believe that holding hands in certain posture can heal you.

Lets go closure to nature

But i continuously forcing people around me to do specific mudra. Now my efforts are paying off. My husband said recently that he has felt the effect of mudra. He had severe cold and cough. Doctor prescribed him strong medicines for 1 week, but did not affect much. At the time, when swine flu is spreading like an epidemic in India, we were more tensed. But I always kept him telling to do Linga and shankh mudra for cough and cold.

Linga Mudra for cough and cold

Shankh mudra to get rid of throat problems

One good thing about Indian husbands is that they liten and do what their wife says (willingly or unwillingly). He did it daily for around 30 minutes when there were no effective results of the allopathic medicines. And with 2-3 days he felt better. And he told me that it might be because of your mudra. I took it as a word of encouragement for myself to travel more on this path of holistic healing and naturopathy. I won’t say stop taking any other type of treatment. But adopt the mudras, yoga and other naturopathy as a supplementary treatment. It will definitely help you to recover faster. Our body has immense healing potential. Give it chance. Don’t rush hard for small things. for common health conditions such as cough, cold,  mild allergies just take route to your inner self. Let your body heal itself. One more thing that i am really worried about is proper Sunlight. We spend all our day in office and then at home. Rarely go outside in sun. Sun is a natural immunity booster. It not only provides vitamin D, but also boost our immunity and provide the vitality to our body organs. Many germs and bacteria in our body gets killed away just by sunlight. So spend some time in sunlight. Take away  rising sun rays on your body. Lets go closure to nature and self heal only not our body, but our mind and soul as well.

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