How Meditation Can Help Earn Peace?

Life is a mystery – mystery of beauty, bliss and divinity. Meditation is the art of unfolding that mystery. – Amit Ray

There are plenty of scientific studies done to explore the benefits of meditation. Meditation is age long practice said to be originated in India. Indian Yogis said to meditate for years. And in modern age too, meditation is a vital tool to beat stress. Stress is on the verge to become the giant killer across the globe. People are under huge stress due to one or other reason. Meditation has gained much interest over past decade because it is success in handling emotional health.

How Meditation Can Help Earn Peace

Emotional health is an integral part of complete well being of a person. Emotions play an important role in other states of health as well. So meditation at a subtle level helps in maintaining health at all level naming mental, emotional and physical health.

Scientists are continually discovering more and more new health and emotional well-being benefits that can be gained through regular practicing meditation. There are many ways you can improve up on yourself. Here are top self improvement tips.

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From a health perspective, Here are the top benefits of Meditation

– Helps to reduce stress

– Regulate blood pressure, hence control heart disease

– Boost positive mood, relaxes mind. provides mental well-being

– Cure Insomnia and helps sound sleep

– Helps to build concentration power

– Provides rejuvenating effect. And person feels younger.

People who are practicing meditation for years have realized its tremendous healing benefits. Yes Meditation has healing power. Over the years it provides body healing power. Recently some research has carried out that proved that meditation is said to help ease and reduce pain. You should also read – Why meditation is required in technical age?

How meditation helps in Emotional health?

Emotions are something natural and we really can’t control it always. And we should not. Because when emotions are struck inside the body and mind, they really harm us in one way or other. So it is always better to express emotions. In modern era, stress is playing a major role in defining our wellbeing. Negative emotions such as anger, fear, stress, anxiety are said to affect our wellbeing in one way or other. Infect they are said to resist positive energy and person become demotivated.

So it becomes extremely important to control these negative emotions. Meditation is a really powerful tool to counter negative emotions and anxiety. It can be a vital way especially for those people who have been struck in negative state for longer time are unable to find a way to come out of its spell.

Our mind is always occupied with worries of the past and anxieties for the futures and we surely fail to live in present. Meditation leads to mindfulness. It takes us back to present, only place where life exists.

It is our birth right to be in a positive and calming mood, but due to all the hindrances around us, we fail to live with peace. We become victim of our own circumstances. We simply get trapped in dead lock and unable to find a place to come out of it.We need to make peace with our past and have to come out past memories. We have to leave future to its destiny and learn to live in present. It is easy said than done, but meditation is the only tool that can overcome this spell of part and future.

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Become aware of your innerself……

When we are free from stress and at peace with ourselves, we become more aware about inner self. We become more engaged in our surrounding and focus in doing things with heartfulness and start enjoying life. Every negative thought that stops in our mind, narrows our awareness. It clutters thinking capability. So we need to learn to cut down these negative thought at its origin itself before it takes a giant shape to slowly restrict out capability to think and make as a victim.You can also read these 23 ways to be stress free in office.

When a negative thought arises like a wave in the ocean of mind, it simply does not passes away. It brings storms of negative emotions that can force us to go into a self-pity state. Mind gets trapped in the whirlpool of negative thoughts and can’t get out of it though a lot of effort it put. Every things seems ineffective to control the feeling of negative emotions. And when this situation goes on for days and week, person goes into a depression state.

And it became even harder to get out its spell. So it become extremely important to control the very emotions at its origin that has negative impact on our health and mood. Life is all about building momentum. Your destiny purely depends on your momentum, it can be either positive or negative. Both can take you at the farthest end but in opposite direction.

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How you start your day? makes a lot of difference…

Activates that you do as your daily routines play an important role in your life. If you would spend a few minutes in meditation daily, it can set out your day perfectly. It can help you pass through all the hurdles and challenges of the day with flying colors. On the other hand, if you set out your day with negative thoughts, chances are there that you will find your day more stressing and tiring. Meditation will help you to calm your mind and relax your body. People who meditate daily are less likely to be affected by below negative emotions and possess sound emotional health.

-Stress and Anxiety

-Depression and low energy

-Anger and frustration

-Fear and low confidence

Block your creativity

Lower your intelligence

You would have heard this quote “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open”

Stress and Anxiety act deeper into your mind and freezes your creativity and learning.

It blocks the energy flow to your mind and seizes its capability.Stress can reach out to other level of wellbeing. When you are under continuous stress, it can increase blood pressure, can also induce diabetes and insomnia. These are the symptoms of disease and we start treating these symptoms. But actual disease is stress. So to kill the symptoms, we need to treat the disease. We need to treat stress. And there is only way to treat stress- mindfulness and relaxation. Meditation can play an important role in redefining our limiting belief. Meditation can shred out the waves of negative emotions and spread a ray of optimism and hope. It gives a new meaning to life.

A life that is a gift of God and it is our duty to use this gift with mindfulness.

How meditation can help you to return to the state of calmness and peace?

How Meditation Can Help Earn Peace? Meditation calms the wandering mind. Mind is the most over used human organ i believe. It is working almost all the time. I know heart works almost every second, but is destined to work so. But mind is not. We keep bugging it almost every second. We have kept it occupied with all negative emotions such as fear, stress, jealous. It is surely not made to handle all these things. We are supposed to control our mind, but our emotions control it and us as well. We have become slaves of our emotions.

We need a way to control our thoughts that leads us to negative emotions. We need to unlearn few things, we need to still our thoughts that causes turbulence in mind. We need to rest, we need to stop, we need to enjoy life, we need to be calm, and we need to be at peace. Only a few minutes of daily meditation can help us to achieve all these. Mediation can help to return to the state of calmness and peace.

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How to start with meditation?

So if meditation is so beneficial why it is not part of daily routine? Why people are not stick to is as they do breakfast in morning. One of the biggest reason is that it takes lot of effort to still the mind. When mind is flooded with thoughts, when it is preoccupied with so many things, it becomes almost impossible to make it still. And people tend to sleep or they tend to become restless, when they try to meditate.Because their random thoughts keep disturbing then more when they try to focus. In short, they try to run away from their avalanche of thoughts that keep bothering them when they try to close their eyes. And most of the people are not able to cross this initial hurdle.

They give up and go back to their normal routine. In this way they miss a flight that can land them to the state of peace and calmness.  On the other hand, some people are not able to give it a try due to lack of time. But they don’t realize how just 2 minutes of meditation can enhance their life and how they can have this lifetime experience of mindfulness. People have perception that meditation is for those people who have plenty of time, since it takes hours to meditate. But the opposite it true. Even 5-10 minutes of daily meditation can have good and long lasting effect on mind, body and soul. You have to just give it a try. And you will be amazed at the results.

How to make meditation a habit?

Good news is that meditation is not a rocket science. You need to do just two things that are be quite and then redirect your mind off the thoughts and then relax your body. You can achieve this through meditation in the morning or in a quiet corner. Good news is that you don’t have to stop all your thoughts and you don’t have to spend long hours in meditation to get real results. Even a few minutes a day can do wonder. Slowly you will develop the habit of not worrying. There will be less avalanche of thoughts. Your mind and body will reach a state of peace.

Small issues will not bother you anymore. You can simply start observing life without reacting too much. And this is when you will return to the state of peace and calm. So the real idea is to learn to let go negative thoughts and anxiety. Once your mind learns this technique it will start focusing to relax and be at calm. With a bit of practice you can get wondrous result by just spending 10 to 15 minutes a day in meditation.You can also buy some recordings that can entertain your brain and body to reach a deeply relaxed state in a very short time.

Over to you

Meditation should be used as a tool to counter stress. It will just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule but in return it will give you priceless peace of mind. So obviously it is a good bargain. isn’t it. So what are you waiting for, take our some time and start relaxing your mind with the trick so called meditation. If you have any query or any feedback, please do write back in comments below.

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