Importance of meditation in our life

Importance of meditation in our life

In the era of technology where over brain is bombarded with new updates every time, it rarely has time to slow down or rest. I see people checking updates on their mobile as first thing in morning and last thing at night. And there is rarely any time to pause.

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We are in the era of information overloading. But over the time, our brain and body get stressed out due to too much of work. And it becomes extremely important to do some mind relaxation. And here meditation becomes an important tool to calm down the mind. Meditation is technique which helps mind to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and feeling and acquire a state of peace and equilibrium.

There are many other benefits of mediation, but they are just a side effect of this technique. The primary benefits leads us to a state of tranquility in life.

Here are some of the benefits that will put light on importance of meditation in our life. 

Mediation helps to improve health

Meditation has a calming effect on mind and body. Hence it helps in reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. Body start doing self-healing. Also read about Pranic Healing – A self healing approach. 

Helps in improved sleep

Sleep is a natural phenomenon, but some time it get distracted due to various factor such as stress and depression. Since mediation helps mind to get rid of unwanted thoughts, it helps mind to calm down. Hence you will get a sound sleep. Meditation drastically improves the quality of sleep. It is one of the most powerful and natural way to improve the quality of sleep. You can also read about Shakti Mudra that helps to get rid of insomnia.

Improve Mental Health and Stress Reduction

Mediation is a powerful way to improve mental health. It helps mind to calm down and attain a peaceful state. Also read – How Meditation Can Help Earn Peace? Mediation has a sound effect on overall nervous system. Hence reducing the stress producing chemical and enhancing the overall happy mood.

Emotional Health and Positive Attitude

Mediation helps a person to attain emotional stability. Person who are short tempered or if they worry too much, then it is advisable to do Mediation daily at least for 10 minutes daily. Over the time, it will help you to achieve emotional stability and you can get rid of your over reaction to the situation. It also helps you to think positively. Since it helps your brain to get rid of past negative impression and experience.

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Brings More Happiness to your Life

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind. You mind simply don’t need anything to be happy but peace. Mediation helps your mind to reach the state of peace. Where you feel more satisfied with your life and with the people around you. You start accepting the things in life that you certainly can’t change. And of course you stop complaining. Life becomes a beautiful journey. And we all  know that our main motive in life is to live happily. Mediation helps us to realize that goal in life. As a result of all this, mediation makes a person happier.

Improved concentration

Mediation helps mind to concentrate better. Which in turn will leads to more success and improved quality in life. Mediation is extremely helpful for the people who live in stressful environment such as in corporate jobs and also students who have weak concentration. Also read – 23 ways to be fit and stress free in office

Over to You

I hope you would have understood the benefits and Importance of meditation in our life. Devote some time atleast 3-4 times daily to meditation. It can bring some positive changes to your life. Mediation is so powerful, it can help you to realize your self and your purpose in life.

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