Let meditation teach mind to unlearn few things


Meditation has such deep meaning with such deep impact. Rest in meditation is even deeper than the deepest sleep. Over time meditation can help us dissolve many of the behavioral and thoughts patterns that keep us feeling unhappy. When mind becomes free from worry, anxiety, stress & agitation and when it is at calm and at peace, then the state of meditation is achieved.

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Benefits of Meditation

It is well known fact that when mind is at peace, it performs better. One can derive countless benefits out of meditation. It helps mind to get rid of all unwanted thoughts. It is well known fact that when mind is at peace, it performs better.

It is really essential for mental hygiene. Over a period of time one can get benefits in terms of clarity of thoughts, good concentration, self confidence, improved communication, enhancement in one’s skill & talent, inner strength, relaxation, rejuvenation, un-exhausted source of energy and above all a connect made to the ultimate cosmos power. We are in the world where stress catches faster than even the blink of eye. Meditation is no more a luxury now; it has become a necessity of life. Meditation has become a technical tool to tackle the fast pace life in technical era. Every minute we are stressed out and every single minute we have priorities and deadlines to meet. We have become jugglers and juggling between different tasks. In between all these things, happiness is lost somewhere.

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Let meditation teach mind to unlearn few things

We have put ‘if condition’ everywhere while coding happiness in life. Did not get me? OK.. Let me explain better Here goes the if-else condition: “If I will get a better job, I will be happy, else if I will get a promotion in current job, I will be happy, else if, I will get onsite, I will be happy. and this if conditions goes on and condition of happiness never get fulfilled. Our happiness has become just like a marketing advertisement – Dreams are showcased in big size. But there is always a condition applied. 

Do we really need all these conditions to be happy? Our Mind has learnt how to catch fire the pace of fast life. It runs even faster than our fast pace life. I am sure, though everyone complains, but at most of time we are able to meet our targets. But in between all these things that happiness and sense of content is lost. Now our brain has started taking different parameters to judge the conditions of happiness.

So we need to put focus on meditation. Meditation is like a tool to train brain to think and act in better way. It is tool to teach your mind to unlearn few things and then learn few other new things. In Summary, to be unconditionally happy and to have peace of mind, we need to tap into the power of meditation.

Over to you

What are your view on this. Does meditation is the necessity of current age or we should continue the way we are moving ahead in our life. Your views are welcome.

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Let meditation teach mind to unlearn few things

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