Benefits of Pranic Healing can amaze you

Benefits of Pranic Healing can amaze you

Pranic Healing is a no touch therapy. It is based completely on energy. It is base on the principle of removing the bad energy and restoring the body’s natural healing power with a burst of fresh energy. The human body has the amazing healing ability to heal itself. Although its ability may slowly deteriorate over the years due to disease or life style.

But it is a surely a powerful force that is ever present. Pranic healing allows the healer to channel the universal life force to the body of the patient. And in this manner it energizes and stimulates the body’s healing system.

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Here are few benefits of Pranic healing

1)  Fever can be reduced with in a few hours
2) In case of cough and cold, it can be allevaiated with in a day
3) Major illness related to liver, eyes, heart, kidney can be partiall or substatially be relieved with in a few session.
4) Pranic healing improves the overall health
5) It also boost the stamina of bodu
6) It enhances the peace and happiness in life
5) It improves memory and concentration
6) It leads to spiritual growth
7) It also helps to reduce stress
8) It increases grace in life and thus attracts good luck and to become more prosperous
9) It also improves better interpersonal skills
10) It boost self esteem
11) Eliminating negative thoughts and emotions
12) Clarity of though
13) Energizing the mind and spirit
14) Producing good karma by being a channel of greater world serviceOver to You

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Pranic healing is a holistic approach. Pranic healing allows the pranic healer to direct the universal life force to the patients. This process stimulates the life force within the patient and allows any imbalances that are there to be corrected. When this happens, all energy blockage and restrictions are removed and the associated ailments are cured. 

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