Solar Therapy Benefits


“Even After
All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

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Sun is easily accessible to all. Sun is the vital source of life force. Life force is the subtle energy which instills life in the body. Science and Technology have advanced phenomenally,
yet there are a number of things and phenomena that science is unable to answer. Till date this life giving force in all living beings remains a mystery. We speak of Prana or soul residing in the body.

Solar Therapy Benefits

It is the reason for our body being alive. Once the prana or soul leaves the body, the body is lifeless and worthless.  So what is Prana force or energy body? Where does it reside in the body? Why does it leave the body?  Where does it go after leaving the body? Science is still silent on these queries. It does not even have any clue on this.

Nature has answer to this question. As per Pranic healing, we can derive this life force from the natural source, such as sun, moon, earth, Atmosphere. When we try to derive this  life force from Sun, this will come under solar therapy or Surya chikitsa. Surya Chikitsa or solar therapy strives to ensure the well being of this Pranic energy. As per  Pranic healing, Sun rays are the biggest source of prana.

What is Solar therapy or Surya chikitsa?

Surya Chikitsa is a natural mode of treatment based on the ideology that health of the body is directly related to the well being  of the Pran or vital energy in the body ( This is what pranic healing also says). All types of energies required by living beings to survive are directly or indirectly derived from the Sun. Sun is the life giving source of energy.  By utlizing this natural source of life giving energy, one can preserve and heal the Pran, which in turn heal the body.  This is termed as Surya Chikitsa or Solar Therapy.

The Sun is highly regarded and worshipped in many parts of the world since very ancient time. The contemporary science upholds that life on earth can survive only so long as the Sun exists in our solar system. The science of using the Sun’s energy as a therapy to heal the body was  developed in India many years ago and this has been in use since ages.

Solar therapy fundamental

The imbalance of quantum of Sun’s energy in our body leads to loss of vital force or weakening of Pranic energy.  This in turn leads to sickness or weakening. Sun Ray Therapy or Surya Chikitsa can be used to restore this balance.  This therapy uses the natural source of life giving energy to heal and preserve the Pran which increases the vitality and eliminates  sickness.

Sun Rays Therapy has following benefits

1) Sun is a natural and easily accessible source of energy treatment having no side effects ( if exposed for moderate duration)

2) It helps to restoring of Pranic energy. Deficiency of this Pranic energy is the root cause of disease. Hence the root cause is eliminated rather than merely suppressing symptoms of the disease.

3) Persistent, recurrent and even chronic diseases are cured .

4) It helps to develop body immunity.

Following is an indicative, not exhaustive, list of disease which finds a cure in Surya Chikitsa.

Fatigue, burns, depression, muscular dystrophy, joint pain

Insomnia, depression, tension, mental instability, degeneration of brain cells, migraine, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, mental retardation in children

Mouth ulcers, boils on the edge of eye lids, pimples

Sinus problem, asthma, problems related to bronchi-trachea and lungs

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica pain, disabled knee joints, back-ache, lower back pain, pain at tail end of spine, any other joint pain.

Problems of the digestive system, worms in stomach, acidity, stomach ulcer

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