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Here is the health tip of the day…

Sugar is not so sweet for your health. It is a slow poison.When you consume sugar in whatever form,it has an impact on your health. It slows down the immune system. 1 spoon of sugar slows down the immune system up to 4 hours.

Health Tip of the day

And if you again consume sugar in that four hours, then this goes on, just like the chain reaction you read in your school days. So what is the better solution?Not better, I will give you the best solution. Switch to Honey. Read below about the benefits of Honey.

7 Health benefits of Honey

And if you are so addicted to sugar then there are other solutions available.

You can always replace your sugar with jaggery. You should must read why you should opt jagger over sugar…

why you should replace sugar with jaggery?

Are you so fond of sweets? Opt for natural sweetener  such as dates, banana….Read below about the benefits of dates and Banana.

Why you should include dates in your diet?

Banana provides a boost of energy and fight depression.

You can always opt for the sweets that are sugarless and are prepared with the help of dates and banana or jaggery or honey. So many options.true.. still why we go for the sugar. Once reason I can identify without much effort is its availability in abundance.But still is that the enough reason to play with the health? I think we all have to think about it. I have substituted my sugar with jaggery at home. And I and my son has decided that we will not eat ready made sweets( my son is just 5 years old..but you will be shocked at his dedication.. he is not eating ice creams, sweets, candy’s, chocolates..purely because of health reasons). So you also need to put up the same dedication to give up sugar.

I would recommend you to go organic as well..

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Over to You

it is said that by 2020, India will become the diabetic capital. There will be around 80% people diabetic.So for our good health, we need to take some steps. And reducing sugar intake is one of the most important. So choose the healthier options and say no to sugar. If you have any thing to share, you are welcome to write in the comments below.

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