Doodle of the day: Wonder fruit Amla


Amla is a wonder fruit and a health booster…. Fresh amla juice contains 20 times as much vitamin C as present in orange juice…

Heating or drying of fresh fruits or vegetables can cause the loss of most of the vitamin C present originally. However, amla is an exception as it contains substances that partially protect the vitamin from being destroyed during heating or drying……

So start consuming amla from today onward…. and see a wonderful improvement in your health…

The best way is to consume amla as a whole fruit. But it is a bit sour in taste. Not many people like it,So other way is to dry it out in sun and then make a paste out of it.Consume it with water in the morning and evening. One herb in triphala is amla. It is really amazing for digestion. Other way is to make amla murraba or amla pickle. you can also prepare amla candy and chawanprash at home.

You can read more about the benefits of wonder fruit amla at the below link.

25 Amazing health benefits of Amla

After reading so much amount amla, I hope you will start eating amla from today. I would say atleast consume it in one form, and you will be surprised to the see the benefits in your health.

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