Water Therapy – Healing with Water


Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium.

There is no life without water – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Water is an important constituent in our body has some magical healing power. Water therapy is amazing in its healing ways. It not only cures various diseases like Bronchitis, Arthritis and Rheumatism but also reduces stress, which is a common problem in today’s fast paced life.It is also said that water therapy helps people with serious problems like headache, body ache, palpitation, epilepsy, bronchitis and asthma.

Healing with Water Therapy

Healing with Water

There is a very specific process to be followed for getting right outcomes. It is well known fact that consuming water in the right method purifies the whole body. Infact water is a great detoxification agent which flushes out toxins from our body. [Read – Detoxification Mudra to get rid of toxins].A pure blood stream is one of the most important requirements for perfect health. Water Therapy directly impacts the process of of the digestive system [Read : Apan Mudra for digestion]. Water is also responsible for extracting solid wastes from the body.

Understanding the Concept of Water Therapy

Assume you are preparing a tea and using a tea filter to filter out the unwanted particles. Think of it as a filter which blocks any unwanted particles to enter your cup, the more it blocks the unwanted particles, the better your cup of tea. More the filter is washed, the more tea it can pass through. In the same way colon needs to be cleaned as well. Water flushes out the toxins in the colon and activates the folds in the mucous resulting in deeper absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. Due to that, fresh and better blood circulation in the body. Hence water is packed with the goodness to cure all ailments.

How to follow Water Therapy?

1) Early in the morning drink 1.5 liters of water, which is around 4-6 six glass.
2) If you find it difficult to drink at the beginning, start with 1 glass and slowly increase the intake to 4-6 glasses on the succesive days. Don’t eat or drink anything for 45 minutes after consuming water.
3) Have an early dinner at night and don’t take anything just before going to bed.

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Any Precautions to be taken ?

1) If you are unwell or suffering from any disease at the time of taking water therapy and if it is difficult for you to drink all the water in one go. In that case, drink as much water as possible and easy to drink.
2) If you feel weak and cannot walk, do abdominal breathing in a sitting or standing posture. Abdominal breathing or deep breathing involves taking a deep breath and expanding your stomach as you inhale and contracting it as you exhale. After this you may attempt drinking the rest of the water. Quick tips: If you are unable to drink whole water in one go, drink as much as possible.
2) Do deep breathing exercise in sitting or standing posture.
3) Or walk around in the surrounding area for few minutes to get the water down.
3) After that try to drink rest of the water.

If you are suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism, practice Water Therapy thrice a day for one week, religiously. After that, you can continue practicing it once a day. Quick Tip: Once you have done a full system detox with water therapy, you must not forget to drink sufficient water everyday in a regular pattern.

Dos  & Don’ts

1)Take water as the first thing in morning, as soon as you wake up.
2) Drink 1500 ml or 6 glasses of water.
3) Do not even brush your teeth or even wash your face before therapy.
4) Have an early dinner. No mid-night snacking or drinking any stimulating beverages before going to bed.
5) Drink all the water in one go without any breaks.
6) Do not eat or drink for the next 45 minutes. It has been observed that Water Therapy is helpful in below disease:
*Hypertension (High B.P.) – 1 month
* Gas trouble – 2 days
* Diabetes -1 week
* Constipation -1 day
* Cancer -1 month
* T.B. -3 month

Benefits of Water Therapy

1)Water therapy is cost free.
2) One of the very effective therapy which can cure almost all disease if followed religiously. Quick tip:
1)This therapy should be followed religiously and regularly.
2) water therapy does help in restoring health a great deal.
3) If not practiced in the correct manner it may not do the wonders. It is important to understand
do and don’ts.

Water constitutes about 70% of body, so it plays a vital role in our health. If appropriate quantity of water is consumed in a proper way, it will surely help to sustain good health. If you have any query, suggestion or feedback, please share in comments below.

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