23 ways to be fit and stress free in office

Whether you work for an employer or lead your own organization, In average a working person spends almost 40 hours of the entire week at work, which is often stressful and draining. If you have a sitting job and don’t follow good practices, such as correct sitting postures, then it definitely going to result in terrible back or neck pains. Below are few healthy habits listed below to be fit and stress free in office.

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Sleep Well to be fit and stress free in office

Following a good sleeping routine can do wonders to your health and productivity at workplace. Follow a routine and go to bed at same time each day. Generally it is recommended to go to bed by 10 PM and wake up before sun rise or by 6 AM. 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for wellbeing of body and mind. Avoid working and eating late at night. As per ayurveda Kapha is predominant from 9-12 PM and sleep during these hours has most positive effects on body.

Eat well

Eating well is another important cornerstone of good health. Our work habits can make it hard to eat well but with some small changes, we can take control of what we eat and stay healthy. Plan your meals in advance each week and shop accordingly. Planning your meals will help you to eat well at home and have ingredients to prepare food for work. By making your own food you will be able to ensure you are eating healthy foods that enhance your health. Bring healthy snacks to work with you (like fruit and nuts) to stop the temptation of unhealthy stop gaps. Doing this is also very good for your bank balance.

Avoid Coffee and Tea

to be fit and stress free in office
Avoid Tea/coffee- to be fit and stress free in office

Restrict your coffee/tea intake to maximum of 2 cups per day. Because Caffeine present in tea and coffee causes dehydration of body and also cause indigestion


Ergonomics are a sure shot to be fit and stress free in office.Many people spend 8-10 hours a day in front of a computer without realizing about the adverse effect on their bodies. These bad health practices can lead to repetitive stress injuries, which create a life-long impact on health. Symptoms may include pain, loss of sensation, muscle fatigue and reduced performance. Following office Ergonomics is very important for maintaining a lifelong good health and to enhance productivity at work.

Pack your Lunch Box

Today eating at office canteen culture is very famous, since when both husband and wife are working, then no one has time to cook. But eating at office canteen is the most non healthy options, since it is high in calories and fats. And this is well known fact that nothing matches homemade food. So atleast 2-3 times a week, pack your lunch and enjoy healthiest bites at lunch time.


Exercise Daily – to be fit and stress free in office

This is a well known fact and today’s generation is becoming much more conscious about excising and keeping their body in shape. But it is important to follow a routine. Take out time to exercise 4-5 times in a week. This is a sure shot to keep the stress and fatigue away and reduce the effect of aging on body.

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Breathe Easy to Relieve Stress

Follow staircase to remain fit

follow staircase

Most of the time we have seen written this over the walls of office or in lift. But I doubt how many of us follow this. Its not like that we are not aware what is good for us and what is not. But it may be due to lack of time or not able to follow routine. We above such type of healthy habits..So the resolution is to set it as goal, such as if we you have to move up and down several times, then you can atleast 2-3 times follow the staircase and rest of time take the lift. Or other alternative is to fix a day on which you will follow only staircase. Also encourage your colleagues to do the same and make it common goal for all. It will burn extra calories and keep your joint healthy.

Secret of Water

We spend 8-10 hours in office. So taking sufficient amount of water during this period is very essential to keep hydrated. Stress and electrical equipment are two things that can negatively affect our hydration levels at work. A general rule is to drink two litres a day. Keep a bottle of water at your desk and take a sip when you feel the stress.

Stretch at home after office hours

keep yourself active after returining from office. Don’t just sit in your confirmable corner at your home to watch TV. After following a sitting day routine, it’s time to do some stretch outs. Do some cooking, cleaning or walking around. It is also good habit to a take a short walk of 10-15 minute after dinner.

Visiting Terrace

Visit Terrace after having dinner is good option to take good care of health. it is advisable not to go to bed directly after having dinner. Take a walk or visit Terrace.

Set Boundaries for working hours

Set your boundaries for work. Try to finish your work within these boundaries, unless you have some urgent targets to achieve. It is Ok to stretch few times a month. But daily working for late hours is not good for health.

Workstation Stretches

Do some stretches to prevent developing new pains such as neck pain, lower back and other regions. Set a time to remind yourself for 2-3 minute stretching of your body parts.

Take frequent breaks

Take frequent breaks between work hours. At regular intervals,
Even if your job does not-consist regular bench work you need to take frequent breaks and roam around. If you are under surveillance you can visit bathrooms at regular intervals to shift the continual position and formation of incorrect postures.

Wonderful Green Tea

Green tea

If you feel low energy due to stress or overwork, taking green tea is a good option to boost energy level.It is recommended to prefer healthy green tea instead of coffee. Green tea is a booster pack of antioxidants and helps in alleviating work inflicted diseases like cholesterol problems etc.

Green Tea will help you to live longer

Include Fruits in day meal

Include fruits either into your breakfast or pack along with your lunch box. Fruits are essential to manage weight. It is important to incorporate 5 fruits and vegetable in your daily diet.

Banana helps boost energy and fight depression

Deflect Nicotine

If you yearn to remain energetic throughout the day then stub the cigarette buds. These are actually giving you stress and toxicity than performing any good for your energy levels.

Light Snacks

If you feel exhausted during evening keep a packet of dry fruits such as almonds and some low fat biscuits with you as these provide the requisite energy to move on.

Eye Exercises

Software employees are forced to look at monitor constantly that often causes strain and other eye problems. Take frequent break to rest your eyes. Every 20 minute look away from your monitor. Do some eye exercises such as rolling eyes up-down, left right, quick blinking, side viewing, palming to overcome tiredness.

Wrist Flex

Practice wrist flexes with some weight to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint problems.

Work-Life Balance

work life balance
work life balance is important to be fit and stress free

Attain perfect work life balance and leave your office tensions outside when you step inside the house. Avoid talking about your office problem with your family members. And make efforts to spend quality time with your kids and family members as this would give immense joy and pleasure. Try to take required break when needed, Go on holiday or visit some natural places to rejuvenate yourself. This will increase your productivity and also n effective way to relieve stress.

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Enjoy the Work

If you are enjoying your work, it will directly influence your health and well-being. Since your heart and mind will not be under stress . So it is very important to enjoy each and every day at work. But in case, you are not liking your job and feeling and feeling stressed working due to any factor such as work load or boss is not cooperative. then you should do some changes. You have one life, its your right to live your life the way you want. After all its ‘Your life- Your choice’. There should some way around to make things better. If you really don’t like your job, it is right time for a change. Don’t be scared to look for change if it’s needed. Do some financial calculations and take some calculated risk. Remember, your well-being is important and you deserve to enjoy your work. Not enjoying your work can do the most harm to your well-being over time.

Create a Pleasant Working Environment

If you are working for an employer you may not have a complete control to make over your work environment, but there are some positive changes which can be done to have a pleasant work environment around you..
Keep a plant at your work station.
Keep your work space clean and tidy.
Choose an inspiring desktop image ( If allowed)
If you are self employed or work from home, you may be have better option make more changes.
Sitting next to a window is a good idea to make you feel better and enhance productivity.
I have seen some people playing soft music in background to relieve stress.

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Source : wellbeingmantras.com

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