What positive thinking brings to your life?

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Life is unfair but still worth living. We all have faced failure at some time. And stress out of it is unbearable. It becomes difficult to maintain hope and optimism during certain point of time. But you would be amazed to find out the healing benefits of positive thinking. Personality traits like hope, optimism and pessimism affects many areas of our overall health and wellbeing.

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What positive thinking brings to your life

Positive and optimistic behavior leads to healthier lifestyle.  And gloomy and pessimism can result into some deadly problems such as stress and depression. Optimistic people make healthier choices in their life such as – they get into more on physical activities, follow a healthier diet, and they don’t drink and smoke in excess.

What positive thinking brings to your life?

1) Keep level of stress and depression at bay.

2) Can Increase life span.

3) Builds up immunity and hence geater resistance to the common health conditions such as cold & flu

4) Better overall psychological and physical well being.

5) Keep heart healthy and reduces the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease. You can also read how to keep your heart healthy naturally?

6) Better decision making.

7) Better coping skills during time of stress and hardships

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Here is how you can quit pessimism and adopt positive thinking

Evaluate your Conditions:

Find out areas where you lead a pessimist behavior and find out ways to approach in a more positive ways

Evaluate Yourself

Evaluate yourself during the day. Evaluate your thinking. And if you realize your thoughts are mainly negative. Try to find out ways to adopt positive thinking. Read some motivational and self-help books.

Take it Easy and Laugh Out Loud

Seek Humor in day to day happening. There is nothing to be too serious about life. When you can laugh out at your life, your circumstances, you feel less burdened and less stress.

Lifestyle Matters….

Lifestyle is the most important thing to manage stress and pessimism. Prioritize your task to take off stress. here you can read about ways to be fit and stress free in office. Exercise at least 3 times a week. Follow a healthy diet to fuel well your mind and body. Learn atleast one technique to manage stress. Take up yoga and meditation. Mediation is a great way to get rid of negative thinking and stress. I have felt a change in my attitude and behavior after taking up meditation. Now I react less and respond more.You should also read below inspiring post on mediation to know more about how it can help in overall wellbeing:

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Let meditation teach mind to unlearn few things.

Forgive and move ahead

Forgive others and forgive yourself as well. Practice positive self-talks. Be gentle and encouraging with yourself.

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Over to you

Earlier I used to wonder how people get themselves lucky. When they can get almost everything they want. But after doing a thorough evaluation, I could realize that these people tend to be more positive about themselves and about life. And they tends to attack positive energy and positive results.  So the key to every success is positive thinking and believing in yourself. I hope your would have realized now what positive thinking brings to your life. You can also read below posts to get more inspiration:

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