Why proper ventilation is important?

Ventilation is the replacement of used air (in the room) by a supply of fresh air from outdoor. It is also associated with the quality of incoming air in terms of purity, humidity and temperature. A good ventilation in a building or room ensures an indoor environment that is comfortable and free from the risks of infections. Let us find out why proper ventilation is important for wellbeing.

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What happens to air in occupied rooms?

Why proper ventilation is important

There are some interesting phenomena takes place inside a room or building especially when it is occupied with people. When people occupy a room, carbon di oxide is released in the air. A study states that each person in such gathering exhales 0.6 c ft of carbon di oxide every hour. Some chemical changed are also involved here.

1) Temperature in the room will increase.

2) Humidity increases due to the sweat and exhaled air. Sweat also produces odor.

3) Gathering can block the flow of air and it can make the room stuffy.

4) People also releases bacteria in the air when they sneeze or cough.

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These all leads to some physical changes in the room. Apart from all these, there are some specific pollutants found inside the Urban and rural building. Key pollutants in urban building include nitrogen dioxide, carbon mono oxide, formaldehyde, asbestos, man-made mineral fiber, allergens and tobacco smoke, and also health damaging bacteria. In the rural area, there is smoke from burning of wood for cooking and some other factors as well.

Hence poor ventilation can lead to air born infections and it becomes important to ensure that we all live in well ventilated houses and work in well ventilated work areas. Many of time, we feel uncomfortable in crowded rooms without realizing the reason for the same. Above described factors may be the reasons for the same. In poorly ventilated rooms, people feel that they are unable to concentrate, do complains of drowsiness and headaches. People who live or work in such places are more prone to infections.

Bring A change of Air through Air Circulation

A human being needs 3000 cft of fresh air each hour. Air Circulation is very important for wellbeing. It is recommended that in a living room, 2 or 3 air changes should be there each hour. In workroom, there should be 4 to 6 air changes every hour.

How to Enhance Natural Ventilation?

A house/room should have the below arrangement to enhance natural ventilation.

1) Windows

Windows are the key for ventilation. When a room has two windows in line ( facing each other’s) or one door and a window in front of each other.Then unequal pressure is created and air moves from one opening to the others. This results in cross ventilation. At such places there is never shortage of fresh air since this type of designing of houses ensure fresh supply of air all the time.

2) Screens/Jalis

These are preferred when privacy is required or to stop pests & mosquitoes to come inside. Here, air diffuses through fine meshes. But as this process is slow, so it needs to be supplemented with some other type of ventilation.

3) Ventilators

There are number of devices available in the market. These are excellent to keep air circulation .These work on the principle of convection. Air flows from an area of high density to an area of low density. Air rises when slightly heated and escapes from openings provided high up in the room and air again enters through inlets placed low. A narrow opening high up on the wall keeps the room cool in summer.

Artificial Ventilation

Here are some induce artificial ventilation:

a) Exhaust Fans

Air is exhausted to the outside by exhaust fans that are operated electrically. As air is exhausted, a vacuum is created that induces fresh air to the room through windows, doors and other inlets.

b) Centrifugal Fans

Fresh air is blown into the room by centrifugal fans to create a positive pressure and to displace the used air.

c) Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are used to keep temperature down in the room. Air conditioners were invented to purify indoor air. Air conditioners have become most popular cooling and ventilating system in offices and homes. In addition to air circulation and cooling it also supports bacterial filters to keep bacteria out.

Over to You

It is important to ensure adequate ventilation while constructing a house and it is vitally important to ensure that the place we stay in has a regular circulation of air.

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