How to Tackle Stress with Yoga?

Yoga has a sly, clever way of short-circuiting the mental patterns that cause anxiety. – Baxter Bell

Yoga is an age old practice that was originated in India. It is said to benefit human health. Plenty of studies are done to find out health benefits of yoga. Yoga works on mind, body and soul. It can heal mind and body and can help us to connect to our inner self.

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These days stress has become the giant killer due to fast paced life. Disease like heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression are a byproduct of stress. So it becomes extremely important to manage stress. Read about these 23 ways to be fit and stress free in office. And here Yoga can play an important role. Yoga is a kind of meditation. That makes it different from other forms of exercise.

tackle stress with Yoga

Every movement in Yoga is linked to breathing (inhale and exhale). So in this way mind is worked to be in the present movement.Breathing act as a bridge between mind and body. And mind becomes fully aware of breath and body movement. It makes that connect back between mind,body and soul that is lost due to hustle and bustle in life.This makes Yoga different from all other forms of exercise. Along with physical, it provides mental benefits as well. it brings mind to the current moment. That is certainly impossible otherwise, where our mind is always occupied with random thoughts. Below quote describes it really well.

“Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists.” – Unknown

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Yoga in Sankrit means Yug, that means joins. Yoga joins the individual consciousness ( self) to the ultimate consciousness.  When this links get activated, body start healing and mind leaves its limitation and set to  become free from worry.

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

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Studies have proved that yoga has a wonderful effect on the body. Below is a short list of the benefits that yoga provides

1)Enhances immunity

2) Provides flexibility & strength

3) Reduces stress. A must read post – Tse mudra can help counter stress

4) Improves overall wellbeing

5) Lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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6) Reduces anxiety

7) Slows down aging process. Read these 10 Home remedies for anti aging

8) Gives a sense of wellbeing

9) Anger management.

10)Improves emotional health.

11) Spiritual growth

Yoga is practice where body is involved to form different poses while keeping breathing deep and slow. With every movement, body becomes relaxed and energized. Virtually everyone can see the benefits of yoga, but in actual there are some benefits that only practitioner will realize. Such as stress reduction, a sense of well being, feeling young and energetic, a sense of connectedness with God.

Here is how you can tackle your stress naturally

The main reason for stress is lifestyle and worrying attitude. As per Ayurveda, high level of stress are linked to access vata in the body where air element get aggravated. When vata levels are high, the affected person has an unstable state of mind, switching from one thought to the other without being able to focus. Symptoms of a vata imbalance includes anxiety, insomnia, impatience and short temper.To balance out this vata, Read More about how to control vata dosha with vata nashak hand mudra. one has to be very careful while choosing yoga practice.

Such as kapalbhati and bhastrika can increase the vata element since these are linked with vigorous breathing. On the other hand specific yoga practice can lesson excessive vata such as malasna and some standing poses such as tadasna and warrior pose where emphasis is placed on grounding well through the legs and also inverted pose such as sarvagasna. Meditation is also a very effective tool to cope up stress. It is certainly a need in technical age. Meditation can teach brain to unlearn few things such that it can learn new things.

How to tackle stress with Yoga?

One of the most profound insight of yoga is the link between the breathing pattern and state of mind. Short, shallow and rapid breathing can be a cause of stress. Yoga says to slow down. Taking deep breathe can have calming effect on the body. Doing yoga poses with slow and deep breathing relaxes the mind and provides calming effect. Rapid shallow breathing tends to increase the CO2 level that can have negative effect. A simple technique is to lengthen the exhalation compared to inhalation. This technique provides instant stress reduction. A must read Post – Yoga Asnas that can help you to beat pollution.

Yoga as compared to other stress reduction methods

Yoga combines several techniques for stress reduction. It provides combined benefits of stretching exercise, breathing exercise, pranayama, meditation practice and deep relaxation technique. Hence Yoga is fully capable of reducing stress and a better form of exercise when compared to other methods of stress reduction. Read More – Lets go closure to nature & adopt natural healing

Over to you

Stress has become very common these days. I am sure everyone has felt it at some point in their life. So it become very important to tackle it and yoga is very effective tool to use. Start doing some sort of yoga today. Yoga is a science and not a art. Every one can do it. There is no age limit, no gender limit and no fitness level. You can start right here, right now.To start with here are 10 Quickest desktop yoga poses.

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