Baddha Konaasna for knee strengthening

Baddha Konaasna , also known as Restrained  or Bound angle pose. It is a great asna for opening up tight hips and thighs. Baddha is a Sanskrit word meaning a bond or chain. Pada refers to food and kona means corner or angle. The word pada means foot, and kona means corner therefore this is the restrained-foot-angle posture.

Step by Step instructions for Baddha Konaasna

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1) Sit comfortably on the floor with the legs kept together and extended straight out in front

2) Keep the back, shoulders level and head straight.

3) Place the hands and palms down flat on top of the thighs and inhale deeply

4) Exhale and bend the knees drawing the feet toward the torso.

5) Place the soles of the feet together and clasp the hands over the feet interlocking the fingers and pulling the feet closer and placing the heels against the perineum. The outer edge and small toe of each foot should touch the floor.

6) Lower the knees to the floor and keep the back straight. Use the elbows to press down on the thighs if necessary to bring the calves and knees to the floor. Hold the posture breathing gently through the nostrils.

7) Release the posture and sit with the legs extended out and hands on the thighs.

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Benefits of Baddha Konaasna?

1) Regular practice of the Baddha Konaasna  provide stretch to the knees and stimulates  blood circulation in the legs.

2) Besides legs, stomach, pelvis and lower back also get stimulated with this posture. It is said to keep the kidneys, prostate and bladder healthy.

3) The Baddha Konaasna is one of the few postures that can be practiced comfortably soon after eating.

How long to practice the Baddha Konaasna?

Hold the posture from thirty seconds to two minutes depending on comfort. Repeat two or three times every day or atleast 4-5 times a week. This is one of those poses that feel amazing the longer you stay in it.

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