Tadasna – The Balancing Pose


Tadasna has derived its name from Sanskrit. ‘Tada’ means ‘palm tree’. In this asna, body looks like a palm tree, so this asna is called as Palm tree posture. Other name for this asna is Mountain pose.
Key features of Tadasna – The Balancing pose
This is the starting posture of all standing asnas.
Regular practice of this asna helps to correct the posture and also increases height.

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Preparation for Tadasna

1) Stand erect on the floor.

2) Spine and neck erect. Legs, waist, spine and nect inline and Look straight.
3) Feet together and toes should be well aligned. Body weight should be evenly distributed on both of the legs.
4) Hands to the side of the body and palm should face inward (towards the thighs)

Step by Step procedure for practising Tadasna – The Balancing Pose

1) Inhale and raise both arms in upward direction.
2) In the final position, arms are raised and parallel to each other and palm facing inwards. Or hands can be joined together in Namaskar Mudra. (Read Surya Namaskar)
3) Hold the breathe and raise the heel off the ground such that you are standing on your toes.
4) Stretch your body in upward direction as much as possible.
5) Stay in the final posture for 10-15 seconds.
6) Now exhale and slowly bring your hands down and heels to the floor.

Tadasna - the balancing pose
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How long to practice Tadasna?

Repeat this Asna 4-5 times. Slowly and Gradually try to increase the duration of the stay in the final posture.

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Modification and props to make it easy for beginners

If you find difficult to maintain the balance in this posture, try to practice it while standing along a wall. Back of the heel, back and shoulders blade can be supported against the wall. but avoid touching back of the head to the wall.

Advance Practice

1) You can practice this posture with closed eyes.
2) Once you have done sufficient practice, then try to take 4 steps forward and 4 steps backward. This will strengthen the feet and will
also improve grace while walking.

Benefits of Tadasna or Palm tree pose

1) Improve posture
2) Relieve back pain.
3) Strengthen thighs, knees and ankle joints.
4) reduce flat foot
5) regular practice increases height

Tadasana helps more air to flow in the upper region of the lungs, hence helpful in respiratory conditions as well……   

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Tadasana is particularly useful for sport persons, since the stretching makes the bones and muscles more supple….Over to you

Tadasna is a good asna for balancing. Though at the start, you may find it difficult to hold the posture for long. But over the time one can do mastery over it. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing this asna from today itself…..

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