Being Positive in life

Attitude and choice decide everything in life. A positive attitude can bring a positive change in life. I have observed through out my life that people who carry a positive attitude achieve everything in their life. And we call them lucky. But more than luck, its their positivity that attracts the success.

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Here is a great story on being positive in life

In the class of philosophy, a professor asked his student whether God exists. Students replied in affirmation.

The professor asked “if so, then God would have created everything Good that existed?
Students replied in a Yes.
Professor continued ” And what about evil. Has God created evil also?”
There went a silent. No reply from anybody.

Then a student raised his hand to speak something. The professor allowed him.

Student requested to ask few questions first. Professor agreed. Student asked ” Does cold exist?”

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Professor replied ” Yes, don’t you feel cold in winter?

Student replied ” I am sorry sir, but you are wrong. There is nothing like cold. It is merely the absence of heat. “

Student continued ” Does darkness exists? “

Professor replied ” Yes”

Student said “I am sorry, But you are wrong again. There is no such thing as darkness. It is the absence of light. ” He continued ” Sir, we study only about heat and light and not about darkness and cold. Now coming to your question sir, in the same way, evil does not exist. Actually it is the absence of faith, love and true belief in God. “

This student was no one other than Vivekananda……

We should change our prospective in life and look into the positive aspects of the things. being positive in life can bring peace and harmony and make our life a wonderful journey.

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