How to achieve your goals?

how to achieve goals

A person sets goals every second of his life. For example, wake up early, refuel the car, achieve a promotion at work. All these small daily tasks add up to one picture of our day and our entire existence. However, it happens that the alarm does not work on time, the gas station does not work, and the leadership rotates frames. Most people in this situation sin for bad luck, give up and don’t try to go further towards their goal, justifying that a black streak has begun in life, and still nothing will work. Another category – purposeful people, only grin at the circumstances and wrap them in their favor, reducing the distance to the goal by half. Why do some strive for a goal and achieve their goal, while others constantly get in the way? Yes, because while the majority complains about circumstances.

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How to learn to achieve your goals?

Life goals remind a person of what heights he has achieved, and what he has yet to achieve. Goals are the driving force that makes a person spend his energy on achieving the set result. And the most important thing in this matter is to know how to set and achieve a goal.

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In the problem of how to achieve your goal, there are several solutions. But the principle of phasing unites all these options. In pursuit of one global goal, break it down not into small intermediate stages, but they, in turn, need to be divided into smaller goals and objectives. Also, for each goal, intermediate or main, it is important to set a time limit so that the process of achievement does not stretch for a lifetime. Your knowledge of how to achieve your goal should not remain in theory. Each stage must be put into practice in order to achieve the desired result. After you have decided on your goal, you need to proceed to the process of its direct implementation:

1. Make sure that your goal is clearly stated, and you are well aware of the end result of your actions. It should not seem fantastic to you. Your belief that the undertaking will succeed and will have a result must be unshakable.

2. Designate your path to your goal using the algorithm:

  • “I want to be the same as …”. The person who is your benchmark should be a guide to your goal;
  • “I want to be more …”. Write to yourself the qualities that you want to develop to a higher level;
  • “If I had these qualities, then I …”. Indicate what you could do or what would be achieved if you already had the qualities that you want to develop or acquire;
  • “When I achieve what I want, then I will feel …”. Answer yourself the question of what happens when you reach your goal.

Before moving on to the next level, take a look at what you wrote earlier, make additions if necessary.

How to achieve your goal

3. Make a plan and determine the time for its implementation (six months, a year, 3 years, etc.). Then break it into several short-time steps, and these steps into even smaller tasks (for a day, a week, etc.). At the very end, add your plan for the next month, then for a week and for a day. The more detailed and detailed you write about your mini-goals, the better. And do not forget about small rewards and penalties for yourself for fulfilling or not fulfilling plan points.

Get yourself a diary where you will write down plans and record the process of their implementation. Remember that letters are already a materialization of your goals. And finally. Knowing how to achieve your goal, do not forget about some important principles:

  • add something new to your plan and do not stop there;
  • rely only on your strengths and on yourself;
  • Look for unusual and creative solutions to situations;
  • Do not be afraid of mistakes;
  • ignore failures and perceive them as an essential part of your life
  • Get used to success. He will come along with your goal.
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