If you don’t find anyone then just laugh at yourself


If you don’t find anyone then just laugh at yourself. But ensure you laugh long, laugh loud, laugh hard and laugh often. Because laughter is the best medicine. It may help you live longer. It increase the brain power and improves memory.  Benefits are limitless. Then why to wait for someone to crack a joke? Laugh at whatever silly things you see or hear around. And laugh for no reason.  Here are some of the health benefits of laughter.

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1) A Quick Way to Relax

Laughter relaxes whole body. And it is the easiest and quickest way. Just laugh and laugh out loud. You will find yourself more relaxed and light.

2) A Boost for Immune System

Researchers have found that laughter actually boosts the immune system. It increases the anti body producing T cells.

3) It Lowers Stress Hormones

Laughter has been known to help people struggling from depression. Laughter reduces stress and tension. It also lowers irritation and anxiety. These are all major factor that contributes to depression.

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4) It Strengthen the Relationship

Laughter is an important part of your communication. It uplifts not only your mood but people around you. People always enjoy the company of a person who is always cheerful and crack jokes. That is why a good sense of humor is an important factor in keeping relationship running smoothly.

5) It Promotes better Sleep

Laughter reduces the stress hormones, thus it relaxes the mind. And we all know a relaxed mind is good at falling asleep. It is a good practice to read jokes or watch a comedy show at the end of the day. It helps your mind to relieve stress and quickly fall asleep.

6) It helps oxygen to flow to Brain

The process of laughter leads to use our respiratory system quickly for short duration of time. This activity stimulate the blood flow since heart rate increases temporarily. Thus increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain. This increased oxygen level to the brain promotes healthier brain function, since oxygen is integral to brain health.

7) It increases Memory

Along with the improved brain function, laughter can also improve memory. The connections and
associations that the brain forms learning patterns by combining basic learning with emotional response like laughter or humor. And it becomes easier for brain to recall since there are more
linkage present in our memory.

8) It improves Mood

Many researches have shown that simple act of laughing may improve the mood and happiness levels.
It has also found that laughter may reduces even unconscious pain leading to improved mood. And good mood may lead to greater level of performance and satisfaction in life.

9) It enhances Creativity

Laughter effects the chemical processes in the body to a large extent. And the combination of reduced stress hormones, increased oxygenation of blood to the brain and increased endorphin leads to an increased creativity. By improving overall brain health and bolstering its natural support system, both left and right hemispheres can work together more efficiently so creativity has a place to foster and grow.

10) It may help you Live Longer

Laughter may help you to live longer. A study conducted found that people with a strong sense of humor live longer than those don’t laugh much. The difference was particularly notable for those battling cancer. Also Read – How Green Tea will help you live longer?11) It helps maintain healthy Blood Sugar and Cardiac Health

Studies have shown that laughter causes an initial increase in arterial blood pressure due to the activity of laughing, but that rise is followed by a decrease to below the normal resting blood pressure. This is further proof that laughter also improves blood circulation and may reduce blood pressure. And blood pressure is one of the major causes of heart disease and cardiac issues for many people.

Here is the summary of physical, mental and social benefits

   Physical Health Benefits Of Laughter
    1. Boost Immunity
    2. Relaxes muscles and body
    3. Lower Stress Hormones
    4. Prevent Heart Disease
    5. Decrease Pain
    6. Message Facial Muscles

Mental Health Benefits

   Mental Health Benefits Of Laughter
    1. Reduces stress and Anxiety
    2.  Add more joy and zest to life
    3. Improves Mood and emotions
    4. Help over come anger
    5. Improves Memory and brain functioning

Social Health Benefits

  Social Benefits Of Laughter
    1. Strengthen Relationship
    2. Reduces Loneliness
    3. Enhances Team Work

What you can do?

Share funny moments with friends.

Learn to laugh at yourself.

Host a game night with friends.

    How you can create opportunity to laugh?

  • Watch a comedy show, funny movie or you tube video
  • Join or create a comedy club with friends
  • Read funny magazine or online pages
  • Seek out funny people
  • Share good joke or fun story with in your friend circle
  • Host game night with friends
  • Play with your pet
  • Join Laughter Yoga class
  • Spend time with children
  • Do something silly
  • Make out time for fun activities

Develop Your Sense of Humor

The basic ingredient to develop your sense of humor is to learn not to take yourself so seriously. Just laugh out at your mistakes. It is ok to do foolish things sometimes. Instead of feeling embarrassed, just accept your imperfections with a smile or laugh.  There are event in life that give you choice to laugh or not. At such situations, choose the laughter. Don’t miss a single opportunity to laugh out.  

If you don’t find anyone then just laugh at yourself. 
   How to Develop Your Sense of Humor ?
    1. Laugh at yourself. Though tough, but learn to laugh at yourself. Take yourself less seriously. Don’t feel embarrassed at your silly mistakes. Everybody makes a mistake  in life.
    2.  Attempt to laugh at situations. Look out for humor in bad situation too. When         something negative happens, try to find out a way to make it humorous.
    3. Remember funny things that happen. Remember the funny or amusing things         that happened or you hear a joke or funny story. Write it down or tell it to  somebody to help you remember it.
    4. Don’t dwell too much on the negative. Try to avoid negative people, or people who are too serious about life. Those who do not want to see humor in any situation. There are many things  in life that are beyond your control, particularly the behavior of other people. 
     5. Make laughing as daily exercise. Take laughter as a daily exercise or breakfast to  make effort to find something each day that makes you laugh.

Over to you

Undoubtedly Laughter is the best medicine.  So laugh loud and laugh hard. Here are some wonderful quotes on laughter. And include it in your lifestyle. Ensure you laugh daily.  Adopt a positive attitude towards life and take your self less seriously. And then you will find so many reasons to laugh. Life is too short to be sad always. Enjoy your life with laughter and smile, and happiness will follow you. Keep laughing and keep reading my post 🙂

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