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Life is simple but we tend to make it complex. And then we complain of shortage of time. We all have equal number of hours in day, but still some people complete their assigned task in a much better way and they enjoy their life as well. On the other hand, some people are always confused and stressed out.

Since they are unable to meet their work and personal targets. And in all this hush and bush they forget to live their life. Problem here is not shortage of time, but their attitude towards life. It is their lifestyle that is creating a hurdle for them. They need to make their life simple. So here are some wonderful advise. Make life simpler with these simple tips. These are very easy to follow. You have to just organize your lifestyle along with your home, your work place and ofcouse your thoughts as well. We need to learn to get detached from the things.

People keep holding the things for years even when they really don’t need it. Just because they are personally attached to that thing. We need to change our mindset. Same is applicable to our thought pattern as well. We need to get rid of unwanted thoughts quickly to move on. This will help us to be creative and joyous in life. 

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Make life simpler with these simple advice

1) Don’t interfere in others matter. Mind your own business.

2) Prioritize the things and act accordingly.

3) Carry a positive attitude. A positive attitude sets many things right. And you don’t have to put much efforts in getting things right.

4) Don’t try to please everybody. Do the things that you believe is right in the situation. It is almost impossible to please everybody.

5) Don’t waste your time in negative things such as being jealous of others.

6) Get enough sleep. Sleep is important for keeping mind and body active. When you won’t get enough sleep, you can’t give your 100% at work.

7) Early to rise and early to bed is the key to success. Take up this mantra to be fit and healthy in life.

8) Keep yourself healthy. Health is probably the biggest asset.

9) Get rid of clutter at your home and at your workplace. Clutter blocks the circulation of energy. And it is one of the reason for unsystematic life. Organize your home and workplace. It will simplify your life.

10) Shop only the things that are required and resist yourself in spending on unnecessary items. In this way you will be able to save some bucks and also your home won’t be occupied with unnecessary things.

11) Ask for help whenever required. It will help you complete your task and you can avoid unnecessary stress.

12) Be polite and kind. These are the basic quality of being human.

13) Express your love and gratitude more and frequently towards your loved ones and family. Be thankful to God for the blessing in life. And also to your family and friends who always support in bad phase in life.

14) Accept your mistake when you are wrong. There is no harm in accepting. It avoids unnecessary misunderstanding and fight. Also this attitude bring the people closure.

15) Be social. Do some get together with friends and family.

16) Don’t worry too much. Worry will never solve the problem. Inspite of wasting time in worrying, take action to solve the problem.

17) Focus on your health. Eat healthy food, do some exercise, yoga or go for a walk daily.

18) Find our your passion in life. There is no point in spending your life in doing the work you don’t enjoy. Work on your passion to make it a career.

19) Laugh out loud. Laughter is the best medicine. Don’s miss the chance to be happy.

20) When you can’t change anything whether it is situation or person. Accept it and focus on something else where you can bring some change.

21) Take advice when you are unsure. You can connect with elderly members in your family and ask them for their guidance.Over to you

So these were some of the simplest things that can help anyone to keep going in life without much hustle. Life is for living and it is not meant to be made complex. Keep it simple, live in the moment. Follow your dream. Be passionate. Be kind and humble. Have faith in God. Devote some time to your own health and wellbeing. Do some mediation. And you will see a big difference in yoruself.

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