Prepare children to take up the challenges

This is an inspirational story to prepare children to take up the challenges and not just to prepare road for them.There was an old man who was an avid gardener. Once he saw a small butterfly lying egg in his garden in on of the pots kept there.Since then he became curious about the eggs.

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Prepare children to take up the challenges – An Inspirational Story

He daily spent hours to watch the progress in the egg. One day he observed that there was some movement in the eggs. the egg started to move and shake as well. He was very excited that a new life is coming up right in front of his eyes. Eggs were expanding and stated developing cracks now. One day he saw that a tiny head started coming out of it slowly.Now the mans excitement had no limitation. He brought his magnifying glasses.

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and observed that body of a pupa is coming out. He saw the struggle of pupa. he could not resist himself to help.
He got a tender forceps that helped the egg break.Now the pupa was out in his new world. Man waited curiously for the pupa to grow and fly and become a beautiful butterfly.But that never happened. Why? because the larvae pupa had over sized head and they kept crawling in the pot for 3-4 weeks and then died.The man was very depressed. He went to his botanist friend to ask the reason. His friend told him that the struggle to break out the egg helps the larvae to send blood to wings and the head push helps the head to remain small,so that the tender small wings can support it.The curiosity of man destroyed a beautiful life.As a parent, sometime we go too far trying to help our kids and protect them from life’s hard realities. Why? because we don’t want out kids to struggle.But psychiatrist say that over protected children are more likely to struggle in their life.They struggle with every thing, their relationship and other life adversities.So what is the message here, don’t over protect your child. They are capable enough to face the challenges of life.let them develop their strength.To quote clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Mogel: “It is our job to prepare our children for the road and not prepare the road for our children.

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