How to gain confidence and learn to enjoy life?

How to gain confidence

But how to gain self-confidence, to feel peace in your soul and to love yourself? How to learn to enjoy life? 
Recently, we have more and more often heard words that 
“it is necessary to increase self-esteem and enjoy life, it is necessary to become a happy person and love ourselves. Accept yourself as you are and find success and the joy of life . ” 

We hear that it is just “necessary and necessary” to find peace of mind, increase our self-esteem and be able to enjoy every day and every moment of our existence. And also to love and respect your partner, your children, your friends, relatives and acquaintances. And also to live a rich and successful life. Succeed and easily attract money into your life. And there are many more, many such “necessary” and “necessary”.6 techniques for building self-confidence that does not work.

But how do we achieve all this? How to gain this notorious self-confidence in order to truly enjoy the success, wealth, beauty and love in this world? How to achieve all this for those who, for many hours, weeks, months, and years, have heard only negative reviews, criticism, and constant demands about themselves every day? How to make life happy and satisfied for those who were raised in rejection, discontent, and sometimes anger?

How to gain confidence

So how to love yourself and how to love life? How to start trusting the universe and enjoy life every day? Rejoice at any, even not always pleasant and easy, events? How, behind all this pain accumulated over the years, can you see a ray of light and accept yourself as we are?

And, most importantly, how to learn to love our husband (wife), if all of us saw and heard all childhood childhood only cursing parents, absorbed from the diapers mutual discontent and disrespect for husband and wife? How to learn to trust life already in an adult, from childhood who have driven and formed the belief that “Miracles do not happen and life is a cruel and difficult thing”?

How to see miracles?

How to see and appreciate all those miracles and good events that happen to a person every day, but which he simply is not accustomed to see and notice? How to learn to love and enjoy every day the rising sun, a sniffing near spouse, children quarreling behind a wall, a small, but such a homely and cozy apartment, albeit with clouds and a thunderstorm, but such a beautiful sky?

How to be happy?

How to be able to enjoy all that is given to us in this life, if we do not have an algorithm laid down in childhood for this same joy and gratitude? – Actually very easy and simple. In fact, it is so easy and simple that many do not even want to admit to themselves that it is in this “simplicity” that they contain their joy, their success and happiness, their harmonious relationships in the family, their prosperity and the attraction of money and success in their a life. In fact, this method is so simple and enjoyable that if you try to make it several days in a row, you simply can no longer remain without it. Well, yes, you can refuse, of course, but do you want to? Do you want to stay in your already adult, conscious life without what makes you truly happy, calm, joyful, satisfied with yourself and your world, a man?

The algorithm of joy.

Often, just because we have no algorithm of joy and contentment with ourselves and life, loved ones and our successes since childhood, we seem to “forget” about what we have already achieved, what dreams we have realized and what was good in our lives. Due to the lack of this algorithm, we often do not see the good in ourselves, we do not know how to love and value ourselves. Also, as we do not notice much good in people close to us. We do not know how to value and enjoy the realization of those desires, which we only timidly dreamed of two years ago. And now they have occurred or are happening, and we are so absorbed in the negative “wrong” in ourselves that we simply are not able to evaluate our successes. People often complain that they “forget”, and even more often that “there are no miracles in their life,” which makes them unsatisfied and unhappy. But is it worth “forgetting” these miracles?

Here are the events from the life of real people, which they eventually forget and cease to value:

How to gain confidence

– Even three years ago, I so dreamed of meeting YOUR OWN man, shaped his image and dreamed … And now I have been living with the man of my dreams for more than a year! Wow, I already began to forget about how bad I was alone. In addition, I like my partner so much, I am grateful to life for having met HIS.

– At one time, our family budget literally “burst at the seams”, and we began to think about how to increase income and attract more money to the family. How much time has passed since then? Yes, now I don’t remember, perhaps, a little, but how quickly we forgot about “those times” and ceased to appreciate the fact that now we live in a completely different way … yes, I remembered now, it was hard then. Yes, there is something to be thankful for!

“I remember they lived in a communal apartment, where, besides us, there were five more neighbors.” I studied, my husband worked at two jobs. Then I began to earn extra money. Everyone dreamed, albeit about a small, but their own, separate apartment. And now … it’s nice to even remember how we set a goal and began to put off almost everything we earned. Seeing our efforts, the relatives also decided to help, so we all accumulated literally two years for our housing. And what’s surprising – they dreamed of a one-room apartment, but somehow there, upstairs, they ordered it, and they offered us an inexpensive option, albeit a small one, but with separate rooms, a two-room apartment. People urgently needed to move to another city and they sold it much cheaper than at that time two-room apartments were worth. Both the place is good and the house is new. But there are miracles in the world, and it’s necessary, these miracles do happen in our lives. Well, isn’t that a miracle?

– … I remember how I moved to a big city, I could not find work for a long time, I got a job as a manager in a clinic. But, apparently, this is not mine, nothing worked, I like working with children, indulging in them, teaching dances. And here – discipline, from bell to bell, everything is clear – in general, they fired me “of my own free will.” At that time, I could not even imagine that I could one day get a job in the collective that was already famous in our city then, and now throughout Russia. And what was my surprise when, after only six months, at a dance seminar their leader approached me and offered to teach at the youngest group. For four years now, as I was in my place, but really, that sense of miracle began to go away, which was felt very sharply in the first year.

So what is happening to us, why do we begin to forget, and often just don’t notice, that events happen every day, for which this world should be thanked? Why can’t we value and respect ourselves and loved ones? Why have forgotten how to enjoy life?

In fact, I solved this issue several years ago once and for all, starting to keep several diaries of my life: Diary of success; A diary of gratitude to my husband; A diary of gratitude to Life, where I record and record all the joyful events that occurred during the day, a diary in which I thank the world for all the opportunities and all the people close and dear to me.

There is a separate article about the diary of gratitude to her husband, “The diary of gratitude, or a happy family and its secrets,” so I will only briefly talk about it. But we will talk about the other two in more detail.

Keeping a diary of success and concentrating thoughts on the positive, we master the algorithm of joy. We increase our self-esteem and learn to love and value ourselves, our strengths. Gaining self-confidence, we become happier and more successful and begin to receive inner satisfaction from life.

The first diary. By concentrating our thoughts every day on our strengths, on what we have accomplished in a day, we learn to love and value ourselves and our lives. In the evening, we remember and write down all the pleasant moments that took place during the day: a compliment that you would have just missed, a delighted look of your spouse, how you successfully negotiated, or completed the project, drew a picture, or wrote a book. Writing down all the successes of the day, every day, little by little, we erase the negative experience accumulated over decades. Gradually, filling out the diary of Success and Confidence, we begin to better and deeper understand and accept our true desires, we begin to believe in ourselves, we gain a sense of harmony with the inner world, which invariably affects our relationships with people around us. Taking notes of my success every day

Here is an example recording algorithm:

“Thank you, life, for everything you give me every day of my life.”

“Thank you for living, for waking up today from the singing of birds outside the window, for the fact that I can write, share, give, give and give.”

– I thank you for your parents, for giving birth, for nurturing, giving shelter and food, giving love and care.

“Thank you for the sun, for this world that is around me, for the fact that I can hear the sniffling of a person close to me and snuggle up to it, whisper how much I need it.”

– Thank you for the light and warmth, for friends and relatives, for their faith and support.

…. Starting to take notes, we become more attentive to life and to the events happening around us. We recall what we dreamed of in distant youth, how this came true – and we are sure to record it. Then we recall another dream, which came true almost immediately, and you already forgot about it. Then about the third, fourth, fifth … and write, write, write. We thank life for what we have at the moment, for what we have, where to live and what we have, we thank and enjoy our body and our abilities, the people that surround us in the life and world in which we live.

The second diary. I love you, beloved .

How to gain confidence

The same diary method for your relationship with a partner, in it you write down everything for which you are grateful to your spouse.  A diary of gratitude to her husband will help you learn to value and cherish the relationships that you have at the moment. To see the strong qualities of a partner, and not concentrate on what he does not succeed.

– So he brought potatoes in the evening and peeled everything himself, and maybe even cooked it.

– So he did the lessons with the children or walked in the park, and at that time you were able to relax and take a calm bath, read an interesting book, go to the hairdresser and meet friends.

– And today at work you have problems and you tell him, and he tries to interrupt and give advice, begins to teach what needs to be done in a given situation. And you just want to just complain, but you suddenly realize that he is very worried about you and thus at least somehow tries to help and support. You understand that his behavior means that in this way he listens and supports you. – And the soul immediately becomes warmer, come and snuggle up to him, say that he just hugged and comforted.

How to be able to see and remember all this?

How to be able to see and remember all this every day? How to stop thinking that “others have heroes”, but “I’m out of luck, the most ordinary“ not a hero ”got it.” How to get rid of the generally accepted standard, what “should” a man be and start to appreciate what he really is?

Yes, very easy! We go to the store and choose the most beautiful, most attractive notebook or diary. You do not need to choose the most expensive notebook, the main thing is that you like it and that it is pleasant and convenient to make notes. And now we find every evening 5-10 ten minutes and make at least three – four, or maybe at first one record about what you are grateful to your husband for today. Even if not in a separate notebook, but on an ordinary sheet of paper, we sit down and write down what our man did for us today.

The third diary: Inner calm is the most important thing for a person in life.

By daily entries in the Success Diary, you accumulate energy, increase self-esteem and learn to love yourself. By making entries in the diary of gratitude to life, you begin to see and thank the Universe for miracles in your life and for everything that has been given to you and for everyone who is present in your of life. The diary of Gratitude to your husband helps you notice what used to be “natural and unimportant”, you begin to become more and more imbued with a sense of respect and love, tenderness and gratitude.

And you master the very algorithm of joy and love, in which you can completely begin to experience a feeling of deep inner satisfaction, see your successes and finally truly feel love for yourself.

Concentrating thoughts on fulfilled dreams and desires, confidence in life appears in you more and more, fear and anxiety disappear, which contributes to an easier fulfillment of your new desires.

Here are a few examples people happily shared for this article:

– Today is my first order. Wow, the customer liked my developments, and the boss instructed me to continue working with them. This is important, now I understand that it was not in vain that I studied. But even this is not important, but the fact that I liked my work!

– I spend a lot of time at the computer, and four years ago I mastered touch typing. I am proud of myself, this allows me to save a lot of time, I stopped getting tired. Yes, and others this skill is respected.

– I am proud of myself, for several months I worked on my resentment and temper, I thought that I couldn’t change anything in myself. And recently, the first results began to appear, but I already stopped believing. It is so nice, it turns out, to restrain oneself and not argue with her husband, not to say bad things to parents, not to be offended by a person who does not even know that someone there is offended by him for something. Still, I am well done and very proud of myself. It is so nice – internal growth and success!

Do not forget to re-read your Diaries!

Make such notes, but most importantly, sit down periodically and reread them. This will allow you to take a fresh look at yourself, at your life and at your relationship with loved ones and relatives.


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