Where to start self-improvement?

self improvement

Self-improvement is an independent of development and development of the quality of life, the elimination of problems at the physiological and spiritual level of a person. Where to startself-improvementnt? If you have already asked yourself such a question, then you are at the first stage of self-development of a person. After all, any plan for Self-improvement always begins with the realization that it is time to change something in your life.

Where to start Self-improvement

After you have sorted out your thoughts, determined to start working on yourself, you need to sit down at the table and transfer all the positive and negative aspects of your life onto paper. And just do not imagine that you wrote down everything, but to sit down and write down – you will see, the result will be completely different.

How to achieve your goals?

The ways of Self-improvement will directly depend on what area of ​​your life you decide to put in order in the first place. It is not worthwhile to take several problematic issues at once, it is better to concentrate first on one problem, to direct all forces, for example, to appearance, and then proceed to the next aspect.

So where to start your development?

Once again, the first steps to Self-improvement are a willingness to self-improvement, a person’s awareness of his problems, dissatisfaction with life and the adoption of fully and completely responsible for his own life, for its level.

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The first method of Self-improvement is writing on paper all aspects of life and their subjective assessment.

For example, you can create 4 columns in which write down the main aspects for the positive development of your life.

HealthRelationsJobCreative implementation
Physical formIntimate relationshipFinancial independenceThe reality of fulfilling spiritual needs
Overall well-beingRelations with loved onesSatisfaction with financial situationRespect for society
AppearanceRelations with strangersJob satisfactionSearch for the meaning of life
Getting spiritual aesthetic food
Rating: 3 (sat.)Rating: 4 (good)Rating: 2 (unsuccessful)Rating: 4 (good)
The first steps to Self-improvement

The following methods or steps to Self-improvement are the choice, search and the beginning of the action. Choose from the four columns the one that currently needs the most improvement. Find a means or means o Self-improvement of the chosen side of life. For example, a means of self-development in the field of health is sports, in the sphere of relations – communication and the study of psychology, in the workplace – a constant increase in knowledge and skills, in the field of creativity – books and communication with interesting, creative people.

In addition to the above, look for specialists in your city who conduct self-education and self-development lessons, and sign up for a visit, most likely they take place in the form of seminars. If you do not find such seminars, you can simply sign up to a psychotherapist who will help you draw up a plan of self-development, tell you where to start self-development with, exactly.

In conclusion, you should also not be limited to this article, but to seek and study additional good literature on personal self-development.

I wish you success in your work on yourself!

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