Ducan’s diet: lose fat keep muscle

lose fat keep muscle

To lose fat keep muscle, you do not need to starve! On the Ducan diet, you can not only eat chops and ham, but also indulge yourself with pasta, pancakes and cakes. Look for recipes for baking that do not harm the figure in the article.

Ducan’s diet is a unique technique based on a clearly organized approach to the process of losing weight. It was developed by the French dietitian Pierre Ducane, it was the result of careful research work carried out by him for 40 years. The proposed nutrition system includes four stages: two – to lose weight (attack and alternation), two – so as not to gain it back (fixing and stabilizing the weight for life).Chemical diet to lose fat without losing muscle

The diet of the Ducan diet is compiled in accordance with the list of permitted products, while you can use them in any quantity necessary for saturation. The author provides a detailed description of each stage and important rules, the observance of which ensures a guaranteed reduction in body weight in the specified time. To date, the Ducan diet is recognized as one of the most effective methods to combat obesity.

Ducan Diet Products

Description and rules

The principle of the weight loss system proposed by the French nutritionist is that at first the body is switched to food exclusively with protein food, the amount of which is completely unlimited. Since the process of digesting proteins is much more complicated than fats and carbohydrates, this requires more effort and energy, the production of which consumes one’s own fat reserves. Further, vegetables are introduced into the diet, which enrich it with fiber and vitamins. In the course of research, Pierre Ducane established 100 essential products for the body that have high nutritional properties, but at the same time contribute to weight loss.

In order for the fight against extra kilograms to proceed systematically, the weight loss program is divided into appropriate stages designed to solve certain problems. Each of the stages has its own characteristics and requires a certain diet.

Moreover, for all phases, there are general rules:

  • the amount of salt used should be minimized;
  • the rate of liquid drunk per day (water, tea, herbal infusions) should be about 2 liters;
  • Protein products are allowed to be consumed indefinitely, at any time.

All general and phased rules of the Dukan diet should be strictly observed. Incomplete implementation of any recommendations can significantly reduce the effectiveness of a weight loss technique, lead to a quick return of lost weight, and even harm health.

The author of the proposed nutrition system calculated everything to the smallest detail by developing an integrated approach to the process of losing weight. This is the uniqueness of the method: excess weight leaves stably and forever.ADVERTISING

Advantages and disadvantages

The unique power system developed by Dr. Ducan has several advantages:

  • provides rapid loss of body fat, especially at the initial stage, which significantly increases motivation;
  • allows you to eat healthy and healthy food;
  • makes it possible to adhere to the established diet not only at home, but also at work or on travel;
  • does not require calorie counting, does not impose restrictions on serving sizes and meal times.

Despite such significant advantages, the French protein diet is not without certain disadvantages. All of them are associated with increased protein intake, therefore, they concern only the “Attack” phase, as well as protein days provided for by the diet at other stages.

The disadvantages of such nutrition include:

The disadvantages of the Ducan system can be significant if you do not follow all the recommendations of the author and use it arbitrarily. Dr. Ducan clearly indicates that the transition to the proposed diet is necessary only under the supervision of a nutritionist, which is associated with excess intake of animal proteins in the body. This is fraught with serious complications, primarily a violation of carbohydrate metabolism – ketoacidosis, resulting from insulin deficiency . If such deviations are not detected in a timely manner by routine tests, irreparable changes may occur in the body.

To reduce the harmful effects, the entire diet period requires the use of sufficient water, which will remove the remnants of protein decay from the body, as well as vitamin and mineral complexes to maintain it. In addition, it is very important to observe contraindications for each stage of the diet. Apple Vinegar Slimming: Lose Weight Fast 3 Days

Where to begin

Having decided to lose weight with the help of the Ducan diet, you can not immediately switch to dietary restrictions. In order to achieve the desired result and at the same time not harm your health, not break and not feel discomfort during weight loss, you need to properly prepare for the process itself. To do this, you need to consult a doctor, develop a clear motivation for yourself and competently enter the dietary process.

Doctor consultation

Like any diet, the Ducan weight loss system is stressful for the body. Therefore, before it begins, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination in the following areas:

  • make an ultrasound to check the condition of the internal organs, especially the kidneys, liver of the heart;
  • pass clinical blood and urine tests, the results of which should confirm the absence of any pathologies.
the girl at the doctor

Ducan’s diet is protein and involves the use of a very large amount of protein, which gives a huge load to the liver, kidneys, blood vessels. Therefore, in the presence of even the slightest violations in the work of these bodies, it is necessary to abandon this technique.

Passing a medical examination and observing these recommendations will avoid the negative consequences associated with a special nutrition system. And taking into account how long the Ducan program lasts, which is considered one of the longest methods of losing weight, it is necessary to monitor the state of health not only before the start, but also the entire period of its observance.

Protein food greatly increases the amount of cholesterol and purines, increases liver function tests. For the timely detection of pathological abnormalities, a biochemical blood test should be taken monthly, and in case of any violations, immediately, but gently and unobtrusively leave the diet. After this, it is better to choose another option for losing weight and it is advisable to do this together with a nutritionist. If the Ducan method is suitable for all parameters, the next step should be the development of a clear motivation.

Motivation development

So that dietary restrictions and a sharp change in diet do not cause psychological discomfort, you need to have a good incentive to get the desired result. To do this, the author of the technique recommends resorting to such tricks:

  • buy something beautiful from clothes one size smaller and periodically try on, trying to “squeeze” into a dress or jeans;
  • invent incentive prizes for each achievement;
  • to find support from family members so that no one would demand to cook dishes forbidden by Dukan.

Also, to develop an incentive, you can pre-purchase some of the products necessary for a diet. Not all of them are bought in ordinary stores, although all of the list of allowed are on sale. But throughout the program, others will also be needed – additional acceptable products, the so-called DOP, which will make its observance much more pleasant, since they will significantly diversify the diet.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy such “exotic” products in advance:

  • puddings (e.g. Dr.Oetker);
  • sweetener (stevia, FitParad);
  • balsamic vinegar;
  • sugarless syrups;
  • non-fat cocoa;
  • carob;
  • gluten
  • flavorings;
  • isolate (soy, whey);
  • agar agar;
  • funchose;
  • Shirataki noodles.

Most of the products from this list can be bought only in specialized online stores, after making an order.

In addition, to develop strong motivation, one should really imagine the positive changes in life that will occur after normalization of weight.

Getting into a diet

To reduce possible risks, it is necessary to enter the Dukan power system gradually:

  • in two weeks to reduce the amount of sugar and salt consumed, since in the first phase of the “Attack” they will have to completely abandon them (if it is too difficult, you can use high-quality sweetener and soy sauce, respectively);
  • gradually begin to replace wheat bread and pastries with bran cakes or other similar products recommended by Ducane;
  • reconsider your drinking regimen by increasing the amount of liquid drunk per day to 1.5–2 liters.

It should also be noted that the proposed method requires certain financial costs for the purchase of fresh and high-quality meat, fish, and other products that are mandatory for inclusion in the diet.

Ducan’s diet is a protein nutrition system, at each of the stages of which certain actions are envisaged, compliance with specific rules and the use of appropriate foods. The correct result of losing weight directly depends on the correct observance of all recommendations.

Stages of the Ducan Diet

The technique developed by the French nutritionist includes 4 stages, each of which has its own differences and is performed only after completion of the previous one:

  1. Stage 1 – “Attack”, the shortest in duration, is designed to activate metabolism and quickly start the process of losing weight;
  2. Stage 2 – “Alternation” (“Cruise”), the main phase during which direct weight loss occurs;
  3. Stage 3 – “Consolidation” (“Consolidation”), the period of the body getting used to the new state and the recommended nutrition system, during which the result is fixed;
  4. Stage 4 – “Stabilization”, the final phase of the Ducan diet, which is recommended to adhere to throughout life in order to maintain the achieved result.

Only following a clear scheme, observing the sequence and duration of all stages of the diet, you can achieve the desired result without harm to health.

How long do

The duration of all phases of the Ducan program is calculated individually depending on the number of extra pounds, personal parameters, eating habits, lifestyle. To determine how long each stage will last, you need to use a special calculator . This program allows you to calculate the weight, which is considered not ideal for a person (according to generally accepted standards), but right for his body, given gender, age, constitutional features.

In any case, the duration of each stage is determined taking into account the following rules:

  • “Attack” – should not exceed 10 days;
  • “Cruise” – continues until the right weight is reached (usually 7 days for every extra kilogram);
  • “Fastening” – the duration is determined from the calculation: 10 days for each kilogram dropped.

The final phase of “Stabilization” has no time limits and is best if it is respected throughout life.

Proper weight is the goal of the Ducan diet, which should be achieved without compromising health and mood. In the long term, this weight will need to be maintained without effort and special restrictions throughout life.

Proper weight, taking into account the profile of a particular person, is also a concept of the method. On its basis, an individual weight loss program is drawn up at each stage.

What can i eat

Like any diet, Pierre Ducane’s methodology is based on the use of permitted products and the rejection of prohibited. Its great advantage is that the list of dishes allowed by the rules is quite extensive and allows you to make a very diverse menu.

protein diet products

Allowed Products

An important component of the Ducan method is a list of 100 items, of which 72 are pure animal proteins that are allowed to be used from the first stage of the “Attack”, and 28 are vegetables that are gradually introduced into the menu, starting from the “Cruise” stage .

The list of permitted products is presented in the table:

Milk products
cottage cheese
curd cheese
yogurt (no additives)
fermented baked milk
processed cheese
feta cheese
tiger prawns
ordinary shrimp
spiny lobsters
sea ​​urchins
beef (tenderloin)
veal (loin)
roast beef
basturma, other types of jerky
rabbit meat
beef liver
calf kidney
turkey ham
chicken ham
low-fat pork ham
green salad
green beans
Brussels sprouts
White cabbage
red cabbage
young cock
guinea fowl
chicken liver
chicken ventricles
A fish
halibut (in any form, including smoked)
blue whiting
tuna (including canned food in its juice)
salmon (including smoked)
crab sticks

Everything indicated in the table can be used without restrictions – in any quantity necessary for saturation.

Additional Products (ADD)

In addition to the permitted products that can be consumed in any quantity, Pierre Ducane offers one more – an additional list that allows you to create a varied menu without practically giving up your favorite dishes. From the list, you can use 2 products per day in the specified amount or 2 servings of any one.

Goji berries

Additional foods that can be added to the diet from the “Attack” phase:

From the Cruise stage, a wider list of ADDs is allowed:

  • corn starch – 20 g (1 tbsp. l.);
  • fat-free cocoa powder – 7 g (1 tsp);
  • COM (skimmed milk powder) – 30 g;
  • soy flour – 20 g (1 tbsp. l.);
  • soy yogurt – 1 pack;
  • sour cream of low (3%) fat content – 30 g (1 tbsp. l.);
  • sugar-free fruit yogurt (up to 17% carbohydrates) – 1 pack;
  • sausages from poultry meat (low-fat) – 100 g;
  • beef sausages (low-fat) – 50 g;
  • hard cheese (not more than 7%) – 30 g;
  • tempe – 50 g;
  • gazpacho – 150 ml;
  • dry white wine – 3 tbsp. l (for dishes);
  • Coconut milk (not more than 15%) – 100 ml;
  • sweet soy sauce – 5 g (1 tsp).

In the indicated quantities, these products can be used for cooking and variety of menus.

The French doctor’s weight loss technique compares favorably with all diets in that there is baking and sweets in the diet — cookies, crepes, chocolate, cakes, as well as pasta and special Shirataki noodles and fungoza.

Of course, all these dishes are prepared according to special recipes that the author of the program offers, but they turn out to be quite tasty and quite capable of satisfying a craving for sweets and flours on a diet.

To prepare the dough, oat and wheat bran, corn starch, and sometimes gluten are used. As additives, you can use ginger, flax seeds, carob. But nuts and seeds are better not to use, because they contain a lot of fat.

Regarding drinks it is allowed to consume everything that does not contain sugar. Alcohol and freshly squeezed fruit juices are prohibited only in the first two stages, and from the third stage you can drink a little white dry wine and any fresh in a reasonable amount. Ducan himself draws attention to the fact that you need to consume a lot of clean, non-carbonated water, which will improve metabolism with a protein diet.

Oat bran

They are an invariable component of the Ducan weight loss system at all its stages, are included in the daily diet and are added to almost all dishes, and can also be used as an independent dish. The calorie content of oat bran is 110–150 kcal. Their regular intake, according to the French nutritionist, reduces the stress that the body gets when switching to protein nutrition. The need for their use is due to the fact that they are able to absorb and excrete waste from protein decay, creating at the same time a quick sense of satiety.

oat bran

Bran is the husk that remains after the production of flour. For weight loss, they are much more useful than the grain itself. Of particular value is the fiber contained in bran, as well as amino acids, vitamins, minerals , which they are so rich in.

Their neutral taste is combined with any dishes – salads, cereals, meat, fish, drinks, desserts. They can be excellent substitutes for bread, which can be very difficult to refuse during the weight loss period. Pierre Ducane recommends using oat bran, but for a change you can replace them with wheat or rye. It should be borne in mind that the calorie content of rye is 221 kcal, wheat – 296 kcal per 100 g.

With protein nutrition, the following oat husk properties are most valuable:

  • the beta-glucan contained in it binds fatty acids and significantly reduces the amount of cholesterol, which in turn ensures the purification and strengthening of blood vessels;
  • the presence of selenium provides better protein synthesis;
  • the ability to change the glycemic index of dishes helps to reduce blood sugar;
  • a large number of insoluble dietary fiber, getting into the intestine, improve metabolism, clear of toxins, give quick saturation;
  • due to the minimum calorie content, they reduce the energy value of other dishes.

Mixing bran with kefir, you can get the perfect dish for dinner, which will help to get enough and perfectly clean the intestines over night.

Contraindications to the use of oat husks are chronic diseases of the digestive system or exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. With their excessive use, side effects may appear in the form of bloating and the development of hypovitaminosis.

Slimming Stages

The individual phases of the diet that make up the entire weight loss period are a unique combination of several different techniques that Dr. Ducan combined into one system, while preserving the uniqueness of each of them. Despite a varied diet and lack of portion limits, many rules must be strictly followed.


The system of weight loss Dukan begins with the shortest stage – “Attack”, which is allowed to eat only protein. Due to too much protein load on the body, this period is limited in duration and, depending on the number of extra pounds, is on average:

  • with excess weight up to 5 kg – 1-2 days;
  • 5-10 kg – 2-3 days;
  • 10–20 kg – 3-5 days;
  • 20-30 kg – 5-7 days;
  • if you need to lose weight by 30 kg and more than 7-10 days.
protein foods

Extending this stage for more than 10 days is prohibited.

“Attack” is a phase of acute weight loss and allows you to sharply lose the first 2-6 kg, starting a more thorough weight loss in the next phase “Cruise” (“Alternation”).

General rules

At the first stage of the Ducan diet, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Eat only protein foods.
  2. To prepare meals without fat in any way.
  3. Reduce, and it is better to completely abandon the salt, replacing it with spices, herbs, lemon juice.
  4. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, given tea and coffee.
  5. Eat 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran per day (with intolerance, you can replace them with the same amount of dry ground buckwheat).

At this stage, you should abandon heavy physical exertion so as not to overload the body. But a daily walk of 20 minutes should be required.

For the most effective use of the “Attack” phase, it is recommended to follow several recommendations that will help the body respond less stressfully to the new diet. It is advisable to proceed to the first stage, while on vacation or before the weekend. This is due to the fact that on the “Attack” many products are excluded from the menu, in particular those that contain glucose. In most cases, this negatively affects the well-being and performance, weakness, headaches, lethargy, unpleasant breathing, the smell of acetone from the body may appear. Such symptoms are associated with a deficiency of glucose and the active breakdown of their own body fat, the breakdown of which gives an unpleasant odor. However, within 2-3 days, these symptoms disappear. But in this most difficult period of the diet, it is better to stay at home.

To speed up the process of fat burning and removing residual decomposition products, daily walks for half an hour are needed. This rule must be observed at all phases of the Ducan diet, but it is especially important during the “Attack”.

In addition, staying in the fresh air improves well-being and accelerates adaptation to new nutrition. A similar action provides a plentiful drink.

At the first stage, food should be frequent and in small portions, although there are no restrictions on the amount of food eaten. But at the same time, it is necessary to eat only permitted foods included in the table of Dr. Ducan (the first 72 items).

Allowed Products

The diet on the “Attack” can be composed of the following products, defined by Ducan as authorized:

  • skim milk and milk products;
  • chicken, turkey without skin;
  • lean beef, excluding ribs;
  • liver (beef or chicken);
  • low-fat varieties of fish (not canned);
  • seafood;
  • eggs (up to 2 yolks per day, proteins – unlimited);
  • fresh (no more than a glass).

Almost everything else in the first phase is considered prohibited, especially the restrictions relate to:

  • all cereals and legumes;
  • pork, lamb, fatty beef, ducklings, goose;
  • bakery products, all sweets;
  • fruit
  • hard cheese;
  • starchy vegetables;
  • any alcoholic beverages, even weak ones;
  • canned meat and fish, smoked meats.

For cooking, it is allowed to use vinegar, tomato paste, seasonings, onions, lemon juice, sweetener, a minimum of salt. You can cook in any way, but without the use of any fat. And also one should not forget about the necessary daily portion of bran (1.5 tbsp. L.), Which can be added to any dishes.

Sample menu

Despite strict protein nutrition, the menu of the “Attack” phase can be quite varied, since you can cook many different dishes from meat, fish and dairy products. To draw up the diet of the first stage, it is recommended to take as a basis a detailed menu for 7 days.

3 cheesecakes

Menu for the week

Day 1:

  • breakfast – cheesecakes, coffee without sugar;
  • lunch – omelet with pieces of ham;
  • lunch – baked chicken breast;
  • afternoon snack – natural yogurt;
  • dinner – fish cakes;
  • the second dinner is a strawberry protein shake.

Day 2:

  • breakfast – scrambled eggs with herbs, tea with milk;
  • lunch – cottage cheese;
  • lunch – Dukanovsky soup, bran cake;
  • afternoon snack – shrimp;
  • dinner – liver patties;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Day 3:

  • breakfast – eggs, boiled tongue;
  • lunch – du-flat cake, coffee or tea;
  • lunch – Dukanovskaya ear;
  • afternoon snack – kefir;
  • dinner – chicken ventricles;
  • the second dinner is a protein shake.

Day 4:

  • breakfast – scrambled eggs with meat paste;
  • lunch – du pastroma;
  • lunch – cod with mustard sauce;
  • afternoon tea – sweet cottage cheese in the Dukanov style;
  • dinner – veal, cheesecakes;
  • the second dinner is ryazhenka.

Day 5:

  • breakfast – boiled eggs with du mayonnaise;
  • lunch – crab rolls;
  • lunch – liver pancakes;
  • afternoon snack – a light curd dessert;
  • dinner – chicken jellied meat;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Day 6:

  • breakfast – cottage cheese casserole;
  • lunch – fish cakes;
  • lunch – chicken sausage;
  • afternoon snack – kefir;
  • dinner – stew;
  • second dinner – cottage cheese mousse.

Day 7:

  • breakfast – bran cookies;
  • lunch – crab rolls;
  • lunch – baked chicken legs;
  • afternoon tea – steamed fish;
  • dinner – meat souffle;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Most of the meat or fish dishes used in the Dukan system are prepared in the usual way without adding any prohibited ingredients, for example, jelly, stew, steamed fish, scrambled eggs, eggs, etc. In addition, there are many original recipes created by the French nutritionist himself.

Everyday Recipes

To make the “Attack” stage tasty and varied, the following recipes are recommended.

Du mayonnaise

Since ordinary mayonnaise is not allowed in the Ducan program, a special du-mayonnaise, which is in no way inferior to the purchased one, can be used as a sauce for any dishes. To prepare it, mix 2 raw yolks, 250 g of soft curd, 1 tsp. mustard, a pinch of salt and sweetener. All beat well with a mixer. Then, continuing to beat, pour 1 tbsp. l paraffin oil (from the Cruise stage you can olive) oil. The mass becomes viscous and turns yellow. After that, 1 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, thoroughly knead until a homogeneous mixture with mayonnaise.


Omelet with toppings

Omelet is a common dish that can be diversified by adding various toppings or fillings. The classic way of cooking is to beat the eggs, add skim milk, beat again. The resulting mixture is already ready for the preparation of omelet. You can also add to it:

  • any spices;
  • finely chopped greens;
  • pieces of boiled meat or fish.

In addition, omelet can be made into a roll by placing inside a meat, liver or fish paste. Since the rules of the program for the first stage of the Ducan diet, the number of yolks is limited to 2 pcs. per day, you can cook omelet only from egg whites with the addition of milk to use whole eggs for cooking other dishes or for a separate meal.

spinach omelet

Dukanovsky soup

Ducani-style soup is prepared very quickly, but it turns out nutritious and tasty. This is not an ordinary soup in its traditional sense, since only meat, water and eggs are used for its preparation. You need to cook the broth from any lean meat, pour a beaten egg into a stream and season with greens.

egg soup

Du cheesecakes

To prepare syrniki, Dr. Ducan recommends taking

  • a pack (200 g) of fat-free cottage cheese;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran;
  • sweetener and vanillin to taste.

Mix everything well and fry in a dry pan, bake in the oven or cook for a couple.

cottage cheese pancakes

Du pastrom

This dish is prepared from veal tenderloin, turkey or chicken breast. The meat is first soaked in saline (1 tbsp. Per 200 ml of water), leaving it overnight in the refrigerator. For coating, mix any dry spices with olive oil. The fillets extracted from the solution are thoroughly dried, coated and baked in the oven for 20-30 minutes.


Fish cakes

Mix 0.5 kg of fish fillet and 150 g of cottage cheese in a blender. Add 1 egg, 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran, seasoning to taste. You will get a light creamy mass, from which you need to fashion the patties, put them on a baking sheet and put in the oven preheated to 200 ° C for 20 minutes.

fish cakes

Crab rolls

Unroll crab sticks and fill with cottage cheese stuffing with greens, minced meat or fish. Roll in the form of rolls and cut into “rolls”. You can use with soy sauce, diluting it with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1.

crab stick appetizer

Meat Souffle

Grind 0.5 kg of any lean meat from the number of permitted types for minced meat along with onions. Add ¾ cup skim milk, yolk and spices. Beat the protein and enter into the finished mixture. Arrange in small tins, put in the oven for 40 minutes.

meat souffle

Liver pancakes

Grind chicken liver in a blender, add 2 eggs per 0.5 kg of prepared meat. Mix 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran with 80 ml of milk, allow to swell, mix with chopped liver, introduce spices. Fry the pancakes in a dry pan with non-stick coating or pour in small tins and bake in the oven in the form of muffins. Instead of liver, you can take chicken or veal minced meat.

liver fritters

Dressing sauce

This sauce is an excellent addition to meat and fish dishes. Its consistency can be easily adjusted to your liking. For cooking, you need to take 100 g of pasty cottage cheese (or grind so that there are no lumps) and 50-150 ml of kefir. Use spices, herbs and seasonings as you wish. Beat everything well in a blender until a uniform mass is obtained.

dressing dressing

Du tortilla

A very useful dish that can replace bread for those who can not do without it. For the preparation of du-cakes take 3 tbsp. l bran, add an egg, a spoonful of kefir, if desired – spices, herbs or garlic. Mix everything, fry in a non-stick pan.



This dessert will help brighten up such a difficult stage for the “Attack” for many. For the test mix oat (2 tbsp. L.) And wheat (1 tbsp. L.) Bran, add 3 tbsp to them. l kefir and two beaten eggs. Pour a little sweetener, a pinch of vanillin and 0.5 tsp. baking powder. Knead well, spread in a mold and bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C.

For the filling, mix 400 g of well-grated cottage cheese with 2 tbsp. l kefir and sweetener to taste. Spread on a hot base and again placed in the oven for half an hour, without changing the temperature. Allow the prepared cheesecake to cool slightly right in the mold, then take it out and leave to cool completely on the wire rack.


Du pancakes

Beat the egg well, add 1.5 tbsp each. l oat bran and cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. l milk, a pinch of sweetener, baking powder and vanillin. The dough should turn out liquid with grains of cottage cheese. Bake in the usual way in a non-stick pan. Pancakes can be consumed independently or made for them stuffing, for example, from cottage cheese. If you intend to use a savory filling (fish or meat), then you do not need to add sugar substitute and vanillin to the pancake dough.


Yogurt Mousse

Another very tasty and healthy dish from the dessert category. For its preparation, 1 tsp. gelatin is poured into 50 ml of milk, allowed to swell and dissolved, heating over low heat with constant stirring. Then ready gelatin is mixed with 170 ml of natural yogurt, 100 g of cottage cheese, a pinch of vanillin and sweetener to taste. Beat with a blender to a uniform state. Poured into molds or bowls. Leave in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours to solidify.

yogurt mousse

There are a lot of recipes for the “Attack” stage. In addition, you can invent your own dishes, using the ingredients allowed at this phase of the diet for their preparation and changing their composition in the above recipes, at your discretion. In this case, the allowable number of bran should be taken into account – no more than 1.5 tbsp. l., and also no more than two yolks per day.

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the eaten amount of bran and yolks. For example, you can cook pancakes from 1 tbsp. l bran instead of 1.5, and another 0.5 tbsp. l add to cutlets and eat everything cooked in a day. Or eat not all pancakes from 1.5 tbsp. l

The transition from the “Attack” to the “Alternation” stage is carried out immediately – 28 vegetables are added to the menu in addition to the 72 protein products used. This allows you to make the menu as diverse as possible and significantly expands the list of dishes.

Cruise (Alternation)

This stage of the Ducan diet continues until the right weight is reached, which was calculated at the beginning of the diet in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body. As a rule, its duration is 2-6 months. The Cruise phase is based on interconnected, alternating cycles – pure protein (BW) and protein-vegetable (BO) days. The alternation scheme can be chosen independently – every other day (1/1) or according to other schemes – 2/2, 3/3, etc. But the easiest and most comfortable Dr. Ducan considers the scheme 1/1.

cucumber and radish salad

General rules

Despite the chosen rotation pattern, the same number of BW and BO days should be obtained per month. In the process of losing weight, you can change the scheme to a more convenient one. You can never increase BW days, but if necessary (for example, after a breakdown), you can add BO days. It takes about 1 week to lose 1 kg of excess body weight. Once the correct weight has been achieved, you must immediately proceed to the next stage of losing weight.

Mandatory rules of the “Alternation” phase:

  1. The daily norm of oat bran increases to 2 tbsp. l ..
  2. With constipation, wheat bran is introduced into the diet – 1 tbsp. l in a day.
  3. The volume of fluid used is at least 2 liters per day.
  4. The amount of dairy products should not exceed 1 kg per day.
  5. Walking should be done within half an hour.

At the Cruise stage, weight is reduced to the planned rate. But one should not relax and overestimate one’s own strength, since this weight is not yet fixed and can quickly return.

It should be borne in mind that eating vegetables slows down weight loss, while pure proteins actively remove water from the body and contribute to weight loss . The return of water may look like a period of stagnation, but in fact, weight loss does not stop and after a few days in the days of pure protein, the water will leave again.

Allowed Products

During the Cruise phase, you can use all the products of the previous phase, as well as 28 vegetables from the Ducane list.

In general, all non-starchy vegetables are allowed at this stage. The most useful for weight loss are:

  • tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers;
  • asparagus, green beans;
  • pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini;
  • all kinds of cabbage;
  • mushrooms;
  • celery, spinach, lettuce, fennel.

Carrots and beets can be consumed, but to a limited extent, since they have sugar.


  • avocado;
  • all legumes;
  • corn;
  • potatoes;
  • all types of cereals;
  • pasta, bakery products.

At this phase of losing weight, the author of the methodology allows the introduction of additional permissible products (DOP) into the diet. From the above table per day, you can take only two products or 2 servings of any one. Vegetables can be consumed in any form, but when cooking, you must observe the allowed rate of vegetable oil for every day – no more than 1 tsp.

Sample menu

The “Cruise” phase is more comfortable than the “Attack”, because the range of dishes expands significantly by introducing a large list of vegetables and additional products (DOP) into the diet. Since the second stage involves the alternation of protein and protein-vegetable days, each of these two cycles offers its own version of the sample menu.

scrambled eggs

Protein day:

  • breakfast – fried eggs, cottage cheese, coffee without sugar (with sweetener);
  • lunch – yogurt;
  • lunch – chowder soup, baked fish, herbal infusion;
  • afternoon tea – boiled breast, tea;
  • dinner – shrimp;
  • the second dinner is ryazhenka.

Protein and vegetable day:

  • breakfast – omelet with vegetables, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – vegetable salad;
  • lunch – chicken soup with mushrooms, vegetable stew, kefir;
  • afternoon tea – bran muffins, herbal infusion;
  • dinner – liver patties, cabbage salad, tea;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Based on these menu options, you can make a diet for a week .

Day 1 (BW):

  • breakfast – fried eggs, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – cottage cheese;
  • lunch – chicken cutlets with cream cheese in a spicy sauce;
  • afternoon snack – fish casserole;
  • dinner – tobacco chicken;
  • the second dinner is a cottage cheese casserole.

Day 2 (BO):

  • breakfast – omelet with vegetables, coffee;
  • lunch – milk sausages;
  • lunch – du cabbage rolls;
  • afternoon snack – liver cake with carrot and cheese filling;
  • dinner – homemade sausage;
  • the second dinner is the Olivier salad.

Day 3 (BW):

  • breakfast – scrambled eggs, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – hard cheese (up to 5% fat content);
  • lunch – dumplings with cold smoked mackerel;
  • afternoon tea – cream buns, kefir;
  • dinner – fish casserole with tofu;
  • the second dinner is a curd dessert.

Day 4 (BO):

  • breakfast – pancakes with meat filling, tea;
  • lunch – scrambled eggs with vegetables;
  • lunch – chops with cauliflower, vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack – cheese cake;
  • dinner – squash pie with mushrooms and meat;
  • second dinner – kefir-beetroot cocktail.

Day 5 (BW):

  • breakfast – liver pancakes, tea;
  • lunch – egg white omelet;
  • lunch – fish cakes;
  • afternoon tea – crab rolls;
  • dinner – baked breast with sauce;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Day 6 (BO):

  • breakfast – fried eggs, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – pumpkin porridge in a slow cooker;
  • lunch – chicken bread (roll);
  • afternoon tea – an eggplant fan;
  • dinner – chicken bread (roll);
  • the second dinner is cheesecake.

Day 7 (BW):

  • breakfast – eggs in Polish, coffee;
  • lunch – a pie with a liver;
  • lunch – royal du-soup;
  • afternoon snack – turkey in Italian;
  • dinner – beef stew;
  • the second dinner – a biscuit “Dream”, yogurt.

All dishes on the menu should be prepared according to the recipes below.

Everyday Recipes

To compile the ration at the Cruise stage, you can use all the dishes from the Attack, as well as significantly diversify it using a wider list of allowed and permissible additional products (ADD).

Milk sausages

Soak 1 tbsp. l gelatin in a glass of milk, allow to swell and warm to dissolve. Prepare minced meat from chicken and beef fillet (0.5 kg each), pour gelatin into it, add another glass of milk, protein from 3 eggs, 3 tbsp. l skimmed milk powder (COM), salt and seasoning to taste. Knead well, transfer to a pastry bag, squeeze onto cling film and wrap in the shape of sausages. Boil in the usual way.

homemade sausages

Chicken cutlets with cream cheese

Mix 0.5 kg of minced chicken with chopped and fried onions and two grated processed cheese. Add 1 egg, salt and season to taste. Put the mass in the refrigerator for half an hour. Then, with wet hands, form cutlets, put on a baking sheet, bake in the oven until golden brown.

chicken cutlets

Spicy sauce

Take 250 g of soft cottage cheese and thick yogurt, combine, beat well with a fork. Add finely chopped greens, 2 tsp each. mustard and horseradish, salt to taste. Mix well again until a thick, smooth sauce is obtained.

spicy sauce

Fish casserole

To 1 kg of minced fish add 4 eggs, 6 tbsp. l starch, seasoning and salt to taste. Mix everything, place in the bowl of the multicooker. Cook 1 hour in the “Baking” mode.

fish souffle

Tobacco Chicken

Remove the skin from the chicken, cut the front part, deploy to get a flat carcass. For 2 hours, place in a mixture of equal parts of soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. Then grate with spices to taste, place in the oven and bake at 150 ° C for an hour.

tobacco chicken

Cottage cheese casserole

Beat with a blender 400 g of cottage cheese with 3 eggs, 4 tbsp. l COM, 1 tbsp. l corn starch and sweetener to taste. Pour into a mold, bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

cottage cheese casserole

Du cabbage rolls

Disassemble the head of cabbage into leaves, dip them in boiling water, boil for 10 minutes. Chop the carrots and onions, simmer in a frying pan with a small amount of water, let cool slightly and put in the chicken meat. Salt, add seasoning, mix well. Form cabbage rolls by wrapping minced meat in cabbage leaves. Put another serving of onions with carrots, garlic and a small amount of tomato paste in a pan.

Cover the bottom of the pan with raw cabbage leaves, lay the stuffed cabbage on top and pour over it so that it completely covers them. Boil over low heat for half an hour.

cabbage rolls

Liver cake with carrot and cheese filling

Beat in a blender 0.5 kg of chicken liver, 3 eggs, half a glass of milk, 2 tbsp. l oat bran, a few cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp. l corn starch. Salt, pepper and mix thoroughly. Bake pancakes.

For the filling, grate 2 boiled carrots and 150 g of low-fat cheese. For the sauce, mix thick yogurt with chopped garlic, chopped herbs, salt, and spices. Spread pancakes with a slide, greasing with sauce and sprinkling with carrot and cheese filling.

liver cake

Royal du-soup

Bring 1.5 l of water to a boil, add finely chopped onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper and 250 grams of salmon. Boil for 15–20 minutes. Sprinkle with herbs at the end of cooking.

fish soup


Beat well with a blender 700 g of cottage cheese. Add 150 ml of yogurt, yolks from 4 eggs, 3 tbsp. l mix cornstarch, vanillin and sweetener to taste, mix thoroughly. Beat the whites to the peaks and gently introduce into the mixture. Bake in a slow cooker for 1 hour without opening the lid. After turning off, leave for another half an hour under a closed lid.

homemade cheesecake

Chicken bread (roll)

Add to the minced meat (600 g) grated 1 carrot, finely chopped 2 onions, 2 eggs, a little garlic, salt and seasoning to taste. Stir, put in a form, bake in the oven at 180 ° C for an hour.

chicken souffle

Eggplant fan

Cut the eggplant lengthwise into several strips, not cutting it to the end, to get a kind of fan. Sprinkle with salt, let the juice run and rinse after half an hour. Cut into slices 2 tomatoes and plates of chicken breast. Arrange the eggplant on a baking sheet, grease each strip with du-mayonnaise, lay between them the plate of the breast and circles of tomato. Bake for half an hour, checking readiness with a toothpick. The filling can be changed to your liking.

eggplant fan

Pumpkin porridge

Put the pumpkin cut into small pieces in a slow cooker, pour milk, sprinkle 2 tbsp. l bran, salt or add sweetener to taste. Turn on the “Porridge” mode and cook the set time.

pumpkin porridge

Zucchini pie with mushrooms and meat

Cut 2 zucchini into thin plates, overlap the shape, grease with a mixture of 3 beaten eggs with 3 tbsp. l yogurt. Top with minced meat, on it – fried mushrooms, sprinkle with dill. Pour the remaining egg-yogurt mixture. Bake 40 minutes at 200 ° C.

mushroom pie


Grate 400 g of hard cheese, add 3 eggs, seasonings and spices. Mash 400 g of cottage cheese with a fork, add 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. l bran, a pinch of soda. Put the curd mixture into the mold, making the sides, on top – the cheese mass. Bake 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

cheese cake

Tofu fish casserole

Collect 200 g of boiled fish from the bones, grate tofu cheese on a grater, drive 1 egg. Spices and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly, put in a form, bake for half an hour at 180 ° C. For casserole, you can prepare a sauce of cottage cheese, yogurt, garlic and herbs.

fish casserole

Cream buns

Mix 2 tbsp. l COM (skimmed milk powder) with an egg. Vanillin and sweetener to taste. Fill the molds with dough, bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. It is important not to overexpose, otherwise the buns will be overdried.


Smoked Mackerel Dumplings

For the test mix 250 g of cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. l corn starch, an egg. For the filling, peel 1 smoked mackerel from bones and skins, knead with a fork. Fashion dumplings in the usual way. Dip in boiling salted water, after surfacing cook for 5 minutes. You can make any filling to your liking.


Russian salad

Cut boiled eggs and carrots, cucumbers, boiled breast, onion, blanched green beans into small cubes. Salt, seasonings to taste, season with natural yogurt or du-mayoezom.

Olivier salad

Eggs in polish

Hard-boiled eggs cut in half. Take out the yolks and grind them in a blender along with 50 g of chicken, 2 tbsp. l cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. l yogurt and 2 tsp. mustard. Finely chopped dill, pepper and salt to taste. Stuff the halves of the proteins with the resulting mass, forming balls. Put them in a baking dish, pour on top a mixture of cottage cheese with yogurt. Microwave for 6 minutes.

stuffed eggs

Italian turkey

Cut the turkey fillet with plates, beat off, salt, pepper. Pour 100 ml of milk into a baking sheet, put the pieces of meat and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Beat 2 protein until stable peaks, adding a pinch of salt, a mixture of Italian herbs, chopped herbs. Pour the mixture with meat and put in the oven for another 10 minutes.

italian turkey

Liver pie

Beat 4 egg whites until stable peaks. The remaining yolks mix with 300 g of cottage cheese, 3 tbsp. l corn starch, add half a teaspoon of baking powder, salt and spices to taste. Beat with a mixer, introduce proteins, beat again with a mixer until air mass is obtained.

Prepare the filling from chicken liver fried with onions (0.5 kg) and two finely chopped boiled eggs. Pour half the dough into the mold, then put the filling and pour the remaining dough. Bake for half an hour at 180 ° C.

pie with liver

Biscuit “Dream”

Mix 20 g of corn starch, 6 tbsp. l milk powder and 1 tsp. baking powder. Beat 4 eggs with sweetener and 0.5 tsp separately. salt to a dense foam. Continuing to whisk at low speed, introduce a dry mixture to obtain a thick, shiny mass. Lubricate the mold with vegetable oil, pour the dough, put in an oven heated to 160 ° C and bake for about 40 minutes until a dark golden crust appears. Turn off the oven and leave the biscuit to cool for half an hour without opening the door. It turns out very magnificent such a biscuit when baking in a slow cooker.

Cut the cooled cake in half lengthwise. For creasing, you can use different creams. The fastest and most delicious is cottage cheese mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt and lemon zest.


All of the above recipes are very simple, dishes are cooked quickly and get really tasty. Using these technologies, you can easily come up with your own culinary masterpieces and lose weight with great pleasure.

Fixation (Consolidation)

The third stage of the Ducan diet, aimed at consolidating the result, psychologically is the most difficult phase. Weight loss to the planned mark has already been achieved, so many nutrition restrictions seem unnecessary. But if you break the rules of the program now, then all previous efforts will be in vain, and the kilograms left will return.

meat with vegetables

Fundamental rules

The duration of the “Fastening” stage is set depending on the number of kilograms dropped – for each 10 days. So, when losing weight by 30 kg, you must sit at this stage for 10 months (300 days). An added bonus is that during this phase, weight continues to decrease by about 1 kg per week.

During the third stage, the following rules must be observed:

  1. One day a week should be pure protein, during which it is necessary to eat, as in the “Attack” phase. You need to choose this day carefully, because it will remain so for a very long time, ideally – for the rest of your life. Pierre Ducan advises to make protein Thursday.
  2. Required is the daily use of oat bran, but already 2.5 tbsp. l., as well as 2 l of water.
  3. Hiking should take at least half an hour a day, but increasing their duration will only benefit.
  4. It is very important at this stage to monitor the state of health and, if necessary, consult with a specialist.

The “Fastening” phase is significantly different from the previous two stages of the diet in that there were only two requirements – some products were allowed, others were prohibited. At the third stage, much more conditions are established and for almost every day there are individual recommendations.

Also during this period very pleasant innovations are added – days when it is allowed to eat starchy vegetables and the so-called “feast” days when you can eat your favorite food without restriction.

The established number of days of the “Binding” stage must be divided in half. During the first half, one serving of starchy vegetables per week and one “feast of the stomach” are allowed, in the second – two servings and two feasts, respectively.

Allowed Products

Each week of this period contains four types of diet:

  1. Squirrels.
  2. Proteins + vegetables.
  3. Proteins + vegetables + starchy foods.
  4. Feast.

In accordance with these during the week should be:

  • 1 protein day;
  • 1 day protein-vegetable with the inclusion of starchy;
  • 1 day of the feast (in the second half of the phase – 2 days).

All other days are protein-vegetable.

An approximate weekly nutrition plan may be as follows:

  • Monday – protein-vegetable;
  • Tuesday is a feast;
  • Wednesday – protein-vegetable;
  • Thursday – Protein
  • Friday – protein-vegetable;
  • Saturday – protein-vegetable with starchy foods;
  • Sunday – protein-vegetable (in the second half of the phase – a feast).

Each of these days has its own allowed dishes, so the menu should be compiled individually.

Protein day

The most difficult stage of the Dukan system is “Attack”. But you can’t think that you can forget about it after completion. Protein days are present in all phases of this program, helping to more actively lose weight, and then maintain it at the achieved level. During stage 3, one day a week should be protein, when you need to eat only dishes with a high content of animal protein, adding a small amount of sauces and spices allowed on the “Attack”.

The author of the method considers Thursday – the middle of the week to be the most suitable for a protein diet. Observing unloading during or immediately after the weekend will be quite difficult. But if you wish, you can choose for yourself any other day when it will be easiest to eat protein.

The diet of such days includes:

  • lean meats;
  • a bird, except ducklings and goose;
  • offal;
  • low-fat fish;
  • seafood;
  • skim dairy products;
  • eggs (proteins in any quantity, yolks – no more than 2 per day).

You can also add spices and sauces that do not contain sugar, a little mustard and salt, sweeteners, paraffin oil.

You can cook food in any way, but without the use of fat. It is best to use boiling, steaming, braising or baking. Serving sizes are not limited – you can eat all the allowed protein foods in any quantity.

Protein and vegetable day

Proteins in combination with vegetables form the basis of nutrition at the stage of “Fixation”. According to the diet, such diet days are similar to the “Cruise” phase. At the same time, some vegetables are added to these protein-day dishes:

  • tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers;
  • eggplant, mushrooms;
  • pumpkin, zucchini;
  • any cabbage;
  • green beans;
  • greenery;
  • radish;
  • bow.

They, like proteins, are not limited in quantity.

In addition, you can use:

  • 50 g whole grain bread;
  • 50 g of hard cheese of minimum fat content;
  • 200 g of fruit (except bananas, dates, grapes, raisins);
  • a serving of lamb, pork or bacon.

Given the expansion of the list of allowed dishes, the diet is varied, tasty and nutritious.

Protein-vegetable day with starchy foods

On such days, a few foods containing starch are added to the diet of previous days – one of the fastest carbohydrates. This innovation begins to prepare the body for the transition to a standard diet, in which carbohydrates most often prevail. But you need to introduce carbohydrates into the menu gradually, which is what these days of the “Fastening” phase are aimed at.

The basis of the diet is a protein-vegetable set from previous days. Plus, one is added to it, and from the second half of the phase – two servings of carbohydrates (starchy products).

The following starchy products are permitted in such quantities:

  • bean – 210 g;
  • coarse or whole grain flour pasta – 180 g;
  • ordinary pasta – 140 g, undercooked – 170 g;
  • unrefined large rice –160 g;
  • white rice, corn – 130 g;
  • couscous, polenta – 200 g;
  • baked or boiled potato “in jacket” – 120 g;
  • mashed potatoes (with 0.5 tsp. butter) – 100 g.

Carbohydrates are recommended to be consumed in the first half of the day, and also to increase the intensity of physical activity in order to expend the calories received.


This is the easiest and most pleasant day of the entire Ducan program, during which you can eat whatever you like and even drink a few glasses of wine, however, only in one of the meals. The main diet in this case is compiled according to the principles of protein-vegetable day.

In the first half of the “Binding” phase, one such day is allowed per week, in the second – two. But even these days, several rules must be followed:

  • meals for the feast need to be prepared in advance, choosing them so that the meal is not aimed at filling the stomach, but rather at satisfying a passionate desire for something forbidden, that is, you need to arrange a psychological discharge for which you need to eat what you want, and not what is at hand;
  • servings of each dish should be measured before meals and never report the supplement, eat slowly, savoring each bite;
  • if some kind of feast is planned, the diet should be planned so that the feast falls on this day.

Accustomed to dietary restrictions during the diet, many are afraid to make such serious indulgences. But you should know that a feast is not a recommendation, but a mandatory stage of the program, which requires strict implementation.

Therefore, one should not be afraid or refuse it. It is better to fully enjoy the permitted abundance.

Sample menu

The weekly menu of the “Fasten” phase can be made up at your discretion or use the example below.

pancakes with meat

Monday (protein-vegetable):

  • breakfast – pancakes with meat filling, tea;
  • lunch – scrambled eggs with vegetables;
  • lunch – chops with cauliflower, vegetable salad;
  • afternoon snack – cheese cake;
  • dinner – squash pie with mushrooms and meat;
  • second dinner – kefir-beetroot cocktail.

Tuesday (feast):

  • breakfast – omelet with vegetables, coffee;
  • lunch – milk sausages;
  • lunch – any dishes of your choice, wine;
  • afternoon snack – liver cake with carrot and cheese filling;
  • dinner – homemade sausage;
  • the second dinner is the Olivier salad.

Wednesday (protein-vegetable day):

  • breakfast – soft-boiled eggs, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – vegetable salad, mushrooms;
  • lunch – chicken soup with mushrooms, vegetable stew, kefir;
  • afternoon tea – bran muffins, herbal infusion;
  • dinner – liver patties, cabbage salad, tea;
  • second dinner – seaweed, yogurt.

Thursday (protein):

  • breakfast – cottage cheese casserole;
  • lunch – fish cakes;
  • lunch – chicken sausage;
  • afternoon snack – kefir;
  • dinner – stew;
  • second dinner – cottage cheese mousse.

Friday (protein-vegetable day):

  • breakfast – omelet with ham, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – pumpkin porridge in a slow cooker;
  • lunch – chicken bread (roll);
  • afternoon tea – an eggplant fan;
  • dinner – chicken bread (roll);
  • the second dinner is cheesecake.

Saturday (protein-vegetable, with carbohydrates):

  • breakfast – liver pancakes, tea;
  • lunch – vegetable stew;
  • lunch – Finnish creamy soup, fish cakes;
  • afternoon tea – squash caviar;
  • dinner – baked breast, sauerkraut;
  • the second dinner is yogurt.

Sunday (protein-vegetable day):

  • breakfast – cottage cheese, coffee without sugar (with sweetener);
  • lunch – squash caviar, yogurt;
  • lunch – chowder soup, vegetable stew, herbal infusion;
  • afternoon tea – boiled breast, tea;
  • dinner – cabbage salad, fried eggs;
  • the second dinner is ryazhenka.

The “Fixation” stage (“Consolidation”) is the easiest in terms of compiling the menu. For cooking, you can take the recipes of the two previous phases, as well as use additional recipes suitable for the diet, starting from stage 3, on the days when carbohydrate intake is allowed.

Everyday Recipes

In order not to get confused in the recommended dosages of starchy foods, it is recommended to take ready-made recipes of the French nutritionist as an example.


Salad with slightly salted salmon: chop lettuce, cherry tomatoes, 150 g of salmon and feta cheese, a green apple, 2 cucumbers, season with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, taken in equal proportions. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Salad “Home Alone”: chop 150 g of boiled squid, 1 avocado, 1 grapefruit, 100 g of cheese, 2 tomatoes and 2 eggs. Season with a mixture of lime juice and olive oil, adding salt, sugar and pepper to taste.

salmon salad with grapefruit and arugula

Soup Recipes

Finnish creamy soup: boil a broth of 2 liters of water and 300 g of salmon fillet, adding chopped onion. Fry another onion with carrots in a small amount of oil. In a boiling fish broth, throw 2 chopped potatoes, bay leaf and fried vegetables. Salt, pepper. When the potatoes are boiled, pour 100 ml of low-fat cream and greens.

Light onion soup: boil 100 g of rice until half ready in 2 liters of water, add chopped onion, 2 potatoes and 1 carrot. Separately, fry 2 onions in vegetable oil, when ready, introduce two chopped tomatoes. Put the frying in the soup and let it boil a little. Sprinkle with herbs.

onion soup

Second courses

Beef ribs: chop the ribs, grate with salt and spices, leave for half an hour, then fry in oil until crusted. Introduce julienne vegetables – onions, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, as well as grated apple and garlic. Stew, add chopped cabbage and simmer for another 40 minutes. At the end of cooking, sprinkle with chopped herbs. Top up if necessary.

Fish meatballs: pass the fish fillet through a meat grinder along with onions, add a little rice cooked until half cooked, 2 eggs, salt and pepper. Mix everything well. Form balls and bake in the oven until golden brown.

steam fish cakes

Dessert Recipes

Ducane style chocolate: mix skim milk, COM, skimmed cocoa powder in equal proportions. Sweetener and flavor to taste. Pour the mixture into a mold and place in the freezer for 5 hours.

Apple sambuc: soak 6 g of gelatin in 70 ml of water, allow to swell and dissolve, slightly heating in a water bath. Apples (0.5 kg) peel, bake, cook mashed potatoes. Sweetener to taste. Beat 2 proteins until a 2-fold increase in mass. Add gelatin and beat for another 5-8 minutes. The mass should acquire a cream shade. Put in a bowl and leave in the refrigerator until solidified.

apple sambuc

There can be many recipes for the “Fixation” phase. Using the above recommendations, you can cook a variety of dishes at your discretion. With proper observance of all recommendations, you can approach the 4th stage of “Stabilization” with a well-fixed weight.


The last stage of the Ducan diet is no less important than everyone else. The correct weight has already been achieved and fixed, but it is precisely the “Stabilization” phase that will allow us to maintain it for the rest of our lives.

products for the stabilization phase

General rules

There are already much fewer rules and recommendations – only 3, and they are quite simple and do not require much effort. To maintain your correct body weight, you must:

  1. Never overeat, eat only until lightly saturated.
  2. Every day, use 3 tbsp. l oat bran
  3. Control the daily rate of fluid – drink at least 2 liters.
  4. Have one pure protein day every week
  5. To lead an active lifestyle – to walk, abandon the elevator, move more.

Allowed Products

Forbidden products at this stage of weight loss are already quite few, and their absence is tolerated quite calmly. First of all, it is sugar and fructose. By the beginning of the “Stabilization” the body is weaned from the sweet and just do not need to accustom him to him again.

When choosing permitted dishes, the following rules must be observed:

  • vegetables can be consumed in any quantity;
  • fruit – once a day, one serving (for example, one apple, one persimmon or two plums);
  • cheeses – hard varieties of low fat content, excluding goats and blue cheese;
  • meat – low-fat species;
  • a bird – without skin, best loin portion;
  • dairy products – low fat and low in lactose;
  • salt – in limited quantities;
  • bread – rye, whole grain, not more than 100 g;
  • starchy foods – no more than two per day;
  • daily bran rate – 3 tbsp. l

If all the previous phases of the Ducan diet were passed correctly, then at stage 4 the body has already been reorganized into a new mode of work, actively splits calories, does not create fat reserves, fully assimilates useful substances.

In the “Stabilization” phase, there is a transition to a healthy diet and complete elimination of bad eating habits: a tendency to overeat, stress seizing, etc.

Sample menu

The Stabilization Phase is an example of a balanced diet based on foods rich in protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates.

A sample menu of this phase of the diet is as follows.

bread and cottage cheese

Day 1:

  • breakfast – a slice of whole grain bread with cottage cheese, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – broth with noodles, meatballs;
  • afternoon tea – apple-curd pancakes, fermented baked milk with bran;
  • dinner – fish and vegetables baked with cheese crust.

Day 2:

  • breakfast – omelet with slices of tomatoes, tea;
  • lunch – mushroom soup, whole grain bread;
  • afternoon tea – cassava with curd filling and fruit sauce, bran yogurt;
  • dinner – shrimp with soy sauce, herbal infusion.

Day 3:

  • breakfast – oatmeal, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – green borsch, boiled breast, Greek salad;
  • afternoon tea – a serving of pie with liver, tea;
  • dinner – veal meatballs, kefir with bran.

Day 4:

  • breakfast – cottage cheese casserole, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – veal cutlets;
  • afternoon snack – kefir with bran;
  • dinner – chicken souffle.

Day 5:

  • breakfast – omelet, cheese, tea;
  • lunch – onion soup, chops, fruits;
  • afternoon snack – cottage cheese, kefir with bran;
  • dinner – fish and tea baked with vegetables.

Day 6:

  • breakfast – cottage cheese with fruits, green tea;
  • lunch – mashed soup, chicken nuggets, whole grain bread;
  • afternoon tea – squash pancakes, kefir with bran;
  • dinner – mussels.

Day 7:

  • breakfast – chocolate muffin, cheese, coffee;
  • lunch – chicken broth, egg, whole grain breads;
  • afternoon tea – cottage cheese, kefir with bran;
  • dinner – fish casserole.

Observing such a diet, arranging once a week unloading protein day, you can maintain for a long time not only the gained weight, but also health, vitality, beauty.

Everyday Recipes

At the stage of “Stabilization” the list of recipes becomes almost unlimited. To all previous dishes that were allowed in the first three stages, new ones are added.


Twist in a meat grinder 1 kg of beef heart and chicken breast, as well as 1 onion. Add 2 eggs, spices, salt, 1 tsp. soda. Knead well, form meatballs, roll in oat husk. Add vegetable oil to a heated pan, put meatballs, fry under the lid until browning on both sides. Pour in tomato sauce, diluting it a little with water, and simmer until tender.


Chicken pie

Mix 4 tbsp. l oat bran and kefir, add 2 eggs, 200 g of soft cottage cheese, 1 tsp. baking powder, salt. Pour the dough into a mold and place in a heated oven for 8 minutes. For the filling in 0.5 kg of minced chicken, add chopped onion, 1 egg, 30 ml of milk, salt and pepper. Put all this on the dough and put it back in the oven. Bake for 40 minutes.

chicken pie

Meat cheesecakes

Minced chicken or turkey (300 g) mix with minced onions, eggs, garlic, salt and pepper. Good fight back. Grated cheese mixed with cottage cheese and herbs. Season to taste. Form balls of minced meat, put on a baking sheet. To make deepenings with the bottom of the glass, fill them with cheese and curd filling. Bake 40 minutes at 200 ° C.

meat cheesecakes

Coffee ice cream

Grind 2 yolks with 2 tsp. sweetener. Pour 1 tsp. ground coffee with half a glass of water, bring to a boil, strain, add 2 cups of hot milk and mashed yolks. Warm up to thickening over low heat with constant stirring, without boiling. Put in the freezer, taking out several times and whisking well.

coffee ice cream

Pierre Ducant argues that the greatest benefit from the Stabilization phase can be obtained by making it unlimited in time. Having reached this phase, a person gains the ability to control his appetite and not give up excesses, but to prepare delicious delicious dishes from the right foods.

Copyright recipes by Pierre Ducane

The author of the methodology specially published books – “350 recipes for the Ducan diet” and “Recipes for the multicooker for the Ducan diet”, using which you don’t need to think about what to cook for every day, but you can cook with pleasure and enjoy delicious food.

The Best of 350 Ducan Diet Recipes

Here are simple to prepare and versatile recipes that are suitable for use at all stages of the diet, starting with the “Attack” phase.

Thai Chicken Broth

Put 2 breasts in a pan and pour 2 liters of water, boil until half cooked. Add chopped onion, a bunch of cilantro, Kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass. Cook for 2 hours with a small boil.

chicken soup

Poached Chicken Soup

Boil 2 breasts in 1 liter of water. Add a chopped bunch of chives. Turn down the fire. Take 3 eggs, each pour into a separate cup, and then into a boiling broth, without stirring, so that the eggs remain intact. Allow to boil for another 5 minutes, turn off and leave to infuse for 15 minutes.

Tofu soup

Pour 1 liter of cold water into the pan, put 1 chicken fillet in it, bring to a boil, cook over medium heat for 20 minutes. Remove the breast, cut into small cubes and pour them back into the broth. Hard-boiled 1 egg, finely chop together with several cubes of tofu and introduce into the broth. Release the second raw egg into boiling soup. For taste – a little lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper.

tofu soup

Oat bran soup

In 2 liters of water, boil 2 chicken fillets for 20 minutes, removing the resulting foam. Then get the breasts, cut into small cubes and return to the broth. Add finely chopped onion and a small bunch of green onions. Season with spices to taste, salt, pepper. Beat a raw egg without stirring, let it boil for 5 minutes. Before switching off, pour 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Serve sprinkled with finely chopped dill.

Egg yolk soup

Cook 1.5 L of lean beef or veal broth. Separate the yolks from 8 eggs, pour in 0.4 L of broth and beat until smooth. Wipe through a sieve, cook in a water bath until thickened, cool, cut into pieces. When serving, heat the remaining broth and pour the cubes, add greens.

egg yolk soup

Canned fish soup

Boil 1 liter of water, salt, add chopped onion. Open 2 cans of canned fish in your own juice, knead the fish with a fork, and add it to the boiling water together with the juice. Boil for 5 minutes, add finely chopped dill.

Okroshka on kefir

Dice hard-boiled 2 eggs, 2 slices of low-fat ham or boiled breast, cut green onions and dill. Mix, pour 2 cups fat-free kefir, add 1 tsp. vinegar, salt, pepper to taste.

okroshka on kefir

Crispy chicken wings

Remove the skin from the wings, grate with chopped garlic, grated ginger, sugar-free soy sauce (Kikkoman), and other spices to taste. Put in the refrigerator for a day. Then put in the form and place in the oven on the grill mode. After 7-8 minutes, when the juice is released, turn over and bake another 5-10 minutes. Before use, be sure to remove the remaining skin. This dish is not recommended to be consumed often, but only as a holiday.

Barbecue in yogurt

Cut into slices of 0.5 kg of breast, pour a glass of yogurt. Spices to taste. Mix well and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Then string pieces of meat on wooden skewers, alternating with onion rings. Grill in the oven. Separately, fry 2 onions, pour the remaining marinade, bring to a boil and immediately turn off. Use as a sauce for barbecue.

chicken kebab

Chicken nuggets

Cut 4 chicken breasts into small flat squares. Separately, slightly beat with a whisk 2 yolks. Salt, pepper to taste. Pour 4 tbsp in a bowl. l husks of oats. Dip the fillet pieces in the yolks, then in the bran. Fry without oil until the nuggets turn white.

Turkey in milk

Take 1 kg of turkey fillet, grate with salt, pepper, nutmeg. Put in a bowl with a non-stick bottom, pour milk to cover at least 3/4 piece of meat. Add 5 minced cloves of garlic. Cook for 5 minutes at a slow boil, then rearrange in an oven heated to 210 ° C. Bake for about an hour, turning the filet every 10 minutes. After turning it off, leave it under the lid without removing it from the oven for 10 minutes. Use with the resulting milk sauce.

turkey in milk

Tandoori Chicken Escalopes

Prepare the sauce from finely grated ginger root (2 cm long), chopped 3 cloves of garlic and 2 green peppers, add a glass of yogurt, 2 tsp. seasonings “tandoori masala”. Mix everything thoroughly until smooth. Take 6 chicken breasts, make cuts on each, and coat with the resulting sauce. Leave to marinate overnight in the refrigerator. Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

Chicken Jellied

Free the chicken weighing 1.5 kg from the skin, cut it into pieces, pour 2.5 liters of water so that it covers the meat. After boiling, remove the foam and collect fat. Cook for 1 hour. Then salt, add onion, bay leaf, pepper and garlic. Let it boil for another 15 minutes. Cook gelatin as indicated on the package. Strain the broth, separate the meat from the bones. Boil hard boiled eggs. Put meat and halves of eggs in a dish sliced. Add diluted gelatin to the broth, pour meat. Put in the refrigerator.

chicken jelly

Chicken Pate

Fry 0.5 kg of chicken breasts in a greased frying pan for 5 minutes on each side. Grind in a meat grinder with 2 onions and 5 gherkins. Add 100 ml of yogurt, pepper, salt, nutmeg to taste. Put in a tray and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Souffle from the liver

Fry 250 g chicken liver, add chopped clove of garlic, chopped bunch of parsley, 2 egg yolks, stir. Beat the remaining proteins until foam, add to the mixture, salt, pepper. Put in a form, bake for half an hour at 180 °, until a golden crust appears.

souffle from the liver

Chicken Liver Terrine

Fry 300 g chicken liver. Collect the juice formed during frying, and dilute it with 3 tbsp. l raspberry vinegar. Salt the liver, pepper, grind in a blender with a bunch of tarragon and 150 g of cottage cheese. Pour juice with vinegar, mix thoroughly. Arrange in tins. Leave in the refrigerator for a day.

A selection of “Recipes for a slow cooker to the Ducane diet”

Cooking in a slow cooker according to Dr. Ducan’s recipes can be quick and completely troublesome. You just need to mix all the ingredients and turn on the desired mode for the specified time.

Crab stick bread

Finely chop 300 g of crab sticks. Add 8 eggs, 3 tbsp. l cottage cheese, 1 jar of tomato paste, a little chopped parsley. Salt, pepper, mix thoroughly. Lubricate the multicooker bowl with oil, lay out the mass, cover with a lid. Turn on the “Baking” mode and cook for half an hour. To get a golden crust, turn the bread over and turn it on for the same mode for another 15 minutes. Allow to cool, then remove from bowl.

crab sticks

Fish pie

Cook the minced fish. Beat squirrels from 3 eggs into a thick foam, introduce into the yolks. Mix 6 tbsp. l cottage cheese, a little garlic, parsley, green onion, 3 crushed crab sticks, minced fish and egg mixture. Salt, pepper, pour into a greased oil bowl. Bake in the “Baking” mode for 40 minutes.

Turkey in milk

Cut 1 kg of turkey fillet into small cubes, add salt, pepper, nutmeg, chopped garlic. Stir, put in a bowl, pour 1 liter of milk. Cook on the “Extinguishing” 1 hour. Then turn on the “Baking” for 10 minutes, during which stir the mass 2-3 times.

Turkey cutlets

Cut the turkey fillet into 4 pieces, fry each in the “Baking” mode for 10 minutes. Separately mix 100 g of cottage cheese with 4 tbsp. l mustard, 2 tsp pink pepper. Grease each piece of toasted fillet with the resulting sauce, sprinkle with thyme. Roll up rolls and wrap each with parchment paper. Put in the bowl, cook in the “Baking” mode for 20 minutes. Turn the rolls over, turn on the same mode again for 20 minutes.

turkey rolls

Turkey timbal

Cut into thin strips 250 g of turkey fillet. Separately mix 3 tbsp. l cottage cheese with chopped onion, chopped parsley, crushed clove of garlic, juice of 1 lemon, salt and pepper to taste. Spread strips of turkey and curd in a bowl in alternating layers, the top should be a layer of meat. Cook on “Baking” 35 minutes.

Beef meatballs

Mix 750 g of ground beef with chopped medium-sized onion, 2 crushed cloves of garlic, beaten egg. Add herbs, spices, sugar-free sauces (Worcester, Chinese plum), salt, pepper to taste. Shape the meatballs. Fry on “Baking” on each side until golden brown. Then leave in this mode for 15 minutes to bring to readiness.


Veal roast

Dice 1 kg of veal, salt, pepper, put in a bowl. Turn on the “Baking” mode, fry for 10 minutes. Add chopped onion, chopped clove of garlic, 1 cup lean meat broth, herbs, salt, pepper to taste. Cook for 2 hours in the “Extinguishing” mode.

Calf liver

Cut 400 g of calf liver into pieces, fry for 20 minutes in the “Baking” mode. Salt, pepper and put in another bowl. Cut 3 onions into thin rings, fry for 5 minutes in a greased bowl on “Baking”. Add 2 tbsp. l raspberry vinegar, 2 tsp. thyme, 1 bay leaf, toasted liver. Shuffle, turn on the “Extinguishing” mode and cook for half an hour.


Seafood omelet

Beat 3 eggs with 100 ml of milk, spices, salt. Lubricate the multicooker bowl with oil, fry finely chopped onion and chopped garlic clove. Add 500 g of frozen seafood, lightly fry. Pour in milk-egg mixture, cook for 25 minutes on “Baking”.

Sea bass with mint and cinnamon

Pour water into the bowl, add cinnamon and peppermint, and set the wire rack on top for steaming. Put the prepared fillet of sea bass, slightly salted and grated with seasonings. Cook for 25 minutes in steaming mode.

Steamed fish

Marble Roll

Rinse and dry with napkins 700 g of chicken. Cut into small cubes, put in a bowl, add 4 minced cloves of garlic, 30 g of gelatin, 1 tbsp. l ground red paprika, dried herbs, pepper and salt to taste. Mix everything, place in a baking bag and securely fasten the edges. Put in the bowl of the multicooker, cook for 1 hour in the “Baking” mode. After cooking, roll, without removing from the bag, wrap with cardboard in the shape of a cylinder and bandage with thread. Put in the refrigerator for 12-14 hours for complete solidification.

Oatmeal muffin

Separate the squirrels from 4 eggs and beat them into foam. Mix 4 tbsp. l cottage cheese, 4 yolks, 4 tbsp. l wheat bran and 8 tbsp. l oatmeal, zest, cinnamon or other flavoring, sweetener to taste. Gently inject whipped whites, stir and put the dough in a greased bowl. Bake for 1 hour at Baking. After the time has passed, allow the cake to cool and only then remove it from the bowl.

oat muffin

Cottage cheese casserole

In a deep container, mix 400 g of cottage cheese with 2 eggs, add 6 tbsp. l oat bran, sweetener to taste, 1 tsp. baking powder, vanillin, lemon zest. Mix everything thoroughly. Grease the bowl with vegetable oil, lightly sprinkle with bran, put the dough. Bake for 40 minutes in the Baking mode.

Lemon pie

Separate the yolks of 3 eggs, beat with sweetener. Add 300 ml of cold water, juice and zest of 1 lemon. Pour into the bowl of the multicooker, cook for 10 minutes on the “Extinguishing” program, so that the mixture thickens. The remaining proteins, adding a little salt and sweetener, beat in a thick foam, put into a warm yolk-lemon mass. Bake for half an hour at Baking, and then 20 minutes at Bake.

lemon pie

Dishes cooked in a multicooker are ideal for the Ducan diet. Their preparation practically does not require fat, and the method of baking, stewing, steaming is perfectly suited to the requirements of a healthy diet.ADVERTISING

Diet options

If the classic version of the Ducan diet seems very complicated, incomprehensible or does not fit because of too long, for a start you can try a lightweight light version of this technique, designed for a week. Also, this express method can be a great start for further weight loss on the “real” Ducane diet. Also, the author of the methodology offers a variant of his diet for vegetarians, pregnant and lactating women.

Express (Light) version

The simpler and faster 7-day version of the Ducan diet was named by the author of the “Stairway of Nutrition” methodology and “second front” in the fight against overweight. According to the French nutritionist, his classic 4-stage weight loss program is very effective, but its conditions are unbearable for many. For such people, this simplified version of the diet is designed, which may well become a trial. In addition, it is perfect for those who have lost weight on the “first front”, but the weight has already partially returned, and there is no strength and desire to start such a long process from the very beginning.

boiled egg

“Nutrition Staircase” is a less strict French diet that allows you to lose about 0.7–1 kg per week. The whole period is divided into 7 steps (days), on each of which the list of permitted products is expanding.

For example, the first day is protein, in the second, vegetables are added to the proteins, on the third – fruits and so on. The most difficult are the first days, and then the body quickly adapts to a new diet.

The rules of the light version allow the use of a small amount of carbohydrate foods, fats, sweets and alcohol. This technique is absolutely safe, has no contraindications, is observed easily and simply, practically without requiring rejection of your favorite dishes. The weight will go away slowly, but with a guaranteed result.

Fundamental rules

The Nutrition Staircase program is based on more gentle diet restrictions that are based on principles common to the Ducan diet:

  1. The norm of water per day is from 2 liters.
  2. Mandatory inclusion in the daily diet of 20 g of oat bran.
  3. Regular physical activity – for half an hour every day.

The express diet is designed for 7 days, during which it is necessary to observe the specified rules and eat on the menu below.

Sample menu

The diet should be as follows.

Day 1 – completely protein. Allowed:

  • eggs
  • lean meats;
  • skim dairy products.

Day 2 – protein and vegetable. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • vegetables other than potatoes.

Day 3 – vegetable protein. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • fruits other than bananas and grapes.

Day 4 – vegetable protein. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread.

Day 5 – vegetable protein. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • 50 g of low-fat cheese.

Day 6 – mixed. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • legumes, potatoes, or durum wheat.

Day 7 – final. Allowed:

  • all according to the diet of the previous day;
  • dessert and wine or beer (optional).

Meals should be frequent and in any quantity. Also, every day you need to eat 1.5 tbsp. l oat bran.

You need to leave the program within 10 days, observing the ration of the sixth day. In the future, it is necessary to balance the diet, reducing the amount of consumed fats and carbohydrates.

The Ducan Light diet refers to protein diets, but its menu is more healthy and sparing for the body than in the classic version. At the same time, the competent distribution of different types of products by days contributes to the development of the right eating habits in the future, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the achieved weight.

For vegetarians

At its core, the Ducan diet is protein and meat, but the author of the method offers a version of his method for vegetarians as well. Moreover, the difference in approaches is minimal: vegetarians for weight loss need only replace the meat with the appropriate plant foods containing protein. There are no other differences, except for the exclusion of meat and fish, in the diet.

grain bread

Protein sources

The French nutritionist recommends using the following in the vegetarian version of the diet for protein:

  • eggs
  • dairy products;
  • Soy meat;
  • tofu.

Eggs and milk are widely used in the classic Ducane diet.

Soy meat is one of the main components of vegetarian food, which is included in a large number of dishes. Tofu is one of the healthiest variations of meat substitution. It contains a lot of protein and calcium in the complete absence of carbohydrates.

In addition, a lot of protein is found in some plant foods. For example, in legumes, oats, soy, lentils, rye.

Sample menu

Making a menu for vegetarian weight loss according to the Dukan system can be based on the same principles as the classic version. But meat dishes must be replaced with protein-vegetable.

An example of a menu for vegetarians:

  • breakfast – whole grain bread, coffee with milk;
  • lunch – cottage cheese dessert;
  • lunch – stewed vegetables, soy steaks;
  • afternoon snack – omelet;
  • dinner – tofu apple pie.

When drawing up your own version of the menu, based on the above, it should be borne in mind that it should include:

  • a large number of vegetables;
  • proteins of plant origin.

Also, starting from step 3, starch-containing foods should be included in the diet.

For pregnant and lactating

Pregnancy and lactation affect the figure and weight of a woman. With the normal physiological course of these processes, everything is quickly restored after childbirth and the termination of breastfeeding. But in most cases, women have to deal with the problem of excess weight, which can be easily solved using the methods of Dr. Ducan.

lose fat keep muscle

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman always gains weight, which should correspond to the norm (8-12 kg), depending on the personal parameters of the body and the number of previous pregnancies. But if there is a predisposition to obesity or due to other circumstances, the number of extra pounds can significantly exceed the permissible. To control weight in such cases, you can use the Ducan diet, the author of which suggests using his own technique, both to prevent the appearance of excess weight, and to get rid of the existing one.


For women who are predisposed to obesity or want to maintain their shape after pregnancy and childbirth, the best preventive measure will be to follow the 3 stages of the diet, “Consolidation” (“Fixation”), throughout the entire period of gestation, somewhat modified specifically for the needs of a pregnant woman.

For this rule, this phase needs to be simplified somewhat:

  • cancel protein fasting day;
  • consume 2 servings of fruit every day;
  • use dairy and sour milk products not fat-free, but 2% fat.

All other rules of this phase remain unchanged.

Weight loss

If a woman has excess body weight, which can significantly increase during pregnancy, the third stage of the diet will also be the best way to reduce weight. However, it must be strengthened by some restrictions, refusing:

  • from starchy foods;
  • from the so-called feasts.

At the same time, protein fasting day should be respected.

With a high degree of obesity, when complications during pregnancy and childbirth are possible, you can use the 2nd stage of the diet – “Cruise”, especially in the early stages, but always under strict medical supervision.

After childbirth

Ways to regain the woman’s previous weight after giving birth depend on whether she is breastfeeding.

For nursing mothers

During breastfeeding, no strict diets can be followed so that dietary restrictions do not affect the development of newborns. You can use the lightweight option 3 stages of the diet, in which you must follow all the rules, but:

  • give up protein day;
  • add a second portion of fruit;
  • use dairy products of 2% fat content.

It is also necessary that the diet be as complete and balanced as possible.

In the absence of lactation

The process of losing weight in the absence of breastfeeding can begin immediately after returning from the hospital. When the weight gain does not exceed 5-7 kg, to restore the prenatal form, it is recommended to start the Ducan diet immediately from stage 2 according to the 1/1 scheme, and then continue according to the established plan – go to stages 3 and 4. If weight gain significantly exceeds the norm, then a full 4-stage diet should be used.

Disruption on a diet

Like any diet, the Ducan method has its own framework and limitations, which you want to break quite often. Therefore, a breakdown can happen at any time and at every stage. If it is single, then there will not be anything bad, but it is necessary to adhere to certain rules without changing the established diet. When disruptions become systematic, they can seriously affect the result of the entire weight loss program and, in general, make it meaningless.

lose fat keep muscle

The main reason for the breakdowns on the Ducane diet is that quite a few products are on the list of banned products, most of which are very affordable. Therefore, most often a breakdown occurs when there is nothing useful with you than is allowed to eat, and everything forbidden can be bought at every step.

If a breakdown occurred at any of the phases of the diet, you must:

  • increase water intake;
  • increase physical activity;
  • arrange an extraordinary protein day if the breakdown was significant, or two protein days if the forbidden was consumed in large quantities.

In addition to these general recommendations, there are separate diets for each stage.

Disruption on the “Attack”

Having broken down at the first stage, it is important to be able not to stop the diet in the hope of starting to lose weight next time, but to continue it, no matter what. In this case, you just need to extend the phase of the “Attack” for 1 or 2 days.

This approach will increase the overall duration of the program, but will not affect its results. In any case, it will be better than throwing and restarting the whole process several times. However, it must be remembered that the “Attack” period should not last more than 10 days.

Disruption on the Cruise

In case of a diet violation at this stage, the following steps must be taken:

  • reduce salt intake and increase the amount of water drunk per day to ensure intensive circulation and free fluid removal;
  • increase the intensity and duration of physical activity;
  • provide quality sleep and make it longer;
  • add protein day at the end of the phase.

The main thing is to pull yourself together, not to refuse a diet, increase motivation and continue to lose weight, observing the recommended diet with a vengeance.

Failure on the “Fixation”

At this stage, in the event of a breakdown, it is also necessary to increase physical activity and extend the entire phase by 1-2 days. You can not abruptly stop and start all over again. It is necessary to pass the stage of “Binding”, even if the breakdown occurred once, twice or became systematic. It is necessary to concentrate as much as possible and aim at the end result so as not to break completely.

To prevent disruptions, it is important to remember a few rules:

  • at the stages of “Cruise” and “Fastening” the weight goes away slowly, but this is not a reason to break down and lose hope of achieving the necessary forms;
  • the whole period of the diet on hand and at hand should always be only what is allowed for use;
  • You can never blame yourself for frustrating, because guilt often leads to seizing.

Immediately after the breakdown, you need to maximize your physical activity, and reward yourself with something pleasant for any victories and achievements. The effectiveness of the diet largely depends on the willpower, which allows you to resist any temptations and continue to lose weight, even after breakdowns.

Weight does not go away

At different stages of the diet, weight can stop or even begin to gain weight. There are quite a few reasons for this and they can be associated not only with violations of program rules, but also with biological or other factors.

lose fat keep muscle

The reasons

Stopping weight can be caused by:

  • excess salt intake;
  • vegetable days in the diet;
  • drinking insufficient water;
  • premenstrual cycle in women;
  • abuse of complementary products (DOP);
  • eating insufficient food;
  • low physical activity;
  • breakdowns;
  • body resistance.

The very first thing many of these reasons lead to is the accumulation or lack of water in the body.

Excess fluid

This situation occurs quite often during protein-vegetable alternation, as some vegetables contribute to the retention of moisture in the body. The liquid which is not removed adds to the weight of 1 kg for each liter. At the same time, the importance of consuming enough water on the Ducane diet should be taken into account, therefore, it is impossible to reduce its volumes in order to reduce the indicator on the scales.

To avoid fluid retention, salt intake should be minimized. Also, with the appearance of puffiness, you can drink diuretics, it is better – herbal teas of a suitable action, rather than chemicals. If everything is normal with the body, the weight will certainly begin to decrease during protein days.

Lack of water

If the weight stands still, the reason for this can be not only excess, but also insufficient water consumption, leading to its lack in the body. Water is an important participant in the metabolism, especially during the Ducan diet. Therefore, we must not forget to drink 2 liters of water daily.

In addition to pure water, you can drink green tea, herbal infusions, as well as any drinks that do not contain sugar. It should also be borne in mind that the fluid you drink (from among those allowed by the rules of the diet) significantly reduces the feeling of hunger, which helps to reduce the amount of food consumed. Moreover, with sufficient intake of water, the liver ceases to excrete it from all the food received and begins to engage in the breakdown of fats. Thus, for stable weight loss, it is very important to adhere to the amount of water recommended by Pierre Ducane – 2 liters per day, without exceeding and not reducing it.

Biological cycles

The biological feature of the female body, with which weight changes are often associated, are menstrual cycles. At certain periods of these cycles, the active production of a special female hormone, estrogen, which is considered a dangerous enemy of weight loss, begins. It is able to increase hunger and interfere with the removal of water from the body, which leads to weight gain before menstruation in 70% of women.

At any stage of the Ducan diet, a “program malfunction” can occur if it coincides with a woman’s “special” biological cycle. Weight gain on such days is absolutely normal, but you need to try not to deviate from the established rules.

Then after the end of the specified period, the weight will quickly return to the original and the process of losing weight will continue.

Abuse of DOP

Since Dr. Ducan permits to consume not only 100 permitted foods, but also some types of so-called permissible foods, many begin to eat them beyond measure. However, it should be borne in mind that if the amount is exceeded, they are able to significantly affect the processes in the body and move away from achieving the desired result.

In order to shift weight and begin to lose it again, you must completely abandon acceptable products. This will allow the digestive system to rebuild and wean from them. When the weight starts to leave again, they can be returned to your diet, but in the allowed quantities.

Body resistance

If all the rules of the diet are relentlessly observed, but weight loss has stopped, this means that the body began to resist it. The main thing in this case is not to give up, but to continue to do everything as before, despite the lack of results. Pretty quickly the body will get used to and succumb.

To speed up this process, you can take several simple steps:

  • check the amount of food eaten – it is quite possible that there is not a lot of food, but, on the contrary, too little, so the body is reinsured and stores reserves;
  • focus on physical activity – you must walk for at least half an hour daily, and with a sedentary lifestyle – up to 1.5–2 hours;
  • avoid breakdowns – after each violation of the diet, you must strictly follow the instructions for several weeks, increasing the duration of the corresponding stage and the whole diet.

In order to prevent the occurrence of weight stagnation, it is necessary to strictly observe all the rules of the diet and not stray from the rhythm established in the first days. To do this, it is recommended to keep a food diary and constantly take into account the amount of food eaten.


Pierre Ducane gives some tips to help avoid breakdowns, stagnation and any other diet disorders:

  • consume less salt, replacing it with spices;
  • use a minimum of acceptable products, and if possible, completely abandon them in order to lose weight faster and healthier;
  • if you suspect an excess of fluid in the body, drink herbal infusions with a diuretic effect, but periodically and in moderation;
  • in the hot season, freeze cubes from water or any permitted drinks and dissolve them instead of drinking;
  • often arrange a cold shower to keep the body in good shape;
  • increase physical activity, but exclude strength exercises that lead to muscle building.

The best assistant in the fight against excess weight is considered sufficient motivation and willpower. If you survive to the end, without interrupting halfway, then in addition to achieving harmony, you can achieve personal growth and significantly increase self-esteem. Achieving the goal, despite the difficulties, is not only an opportunity to lose weight, but also a life principle that helps to achieve all that is desired.

Harm and contraindications

Since nutrition at different stages of the diet is very different, for each of them there are negative aspects and contraindications.

For the “Attack” phase

This stage is a classic protein diet, during which only foods with a high content of animal protein and a little bran are allowed to eat. The menu can do the most harm to the kidneys, since they will need to remove the huge amount of salts contained in the meat. With renal failure, the amount of uric acid increases significantly, which is fraught with the deposition of salts in all joints, especially in the toes. This leads to the development of gout, which is accompanied by severe pain at night.

Also, an excess of animal protein in the diet negatively affects the cardiovascular system, and a lack of healthy fats significantly reduces the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and disrupts the usual blood flow, and also deprives the heart muscle of protection, which increases the risk of coronary disease and stroke. It is very important, when following the Ducan program, to donate blood for analysis to control cholesterol levels. If the indicator is exceeded by 2–2.5 times, you must immediately abandon this diet.

The second thing that any protein diet is dangerous is the lack of vitamins and minerals, which provokes the development of many disorders in the body, including liver dysfunction, and in women leads to menstrual irregularities and can even lead to infertility.

Thus, the following health problems are contraindications to the protein phase of the “Attack”:

  • renal and liver failure;
  • tendency to cardiovascular disease;
  • high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • joint diseases;
  • reproductive system disorders.

If at least one of these pathologies occurs, you should abandon this method of losing weight, especially when the “Attack” phase, according to calculations, should last more than 1-2 days.

For the phase “Cruise”

The second stage of the diet can aggravate the harm caused to the body during the “Attack”, significantly worsening the condition of blood vessels, kidneys, liver and other organs. Its negative effect is due to the longer duration compared with the first phase – 1 week of excess weight requires a week of cruise alternation of protein and vegetable days. Therefore, in the presence of 20, 30 or more excess kilograms, this stage of weight loss can drag on for 1-2 months.

With such prolonged and uncontrolled use of the recommended diet, you can completely plant the kidneys, “wear” the walls of the vessels and raise the pressure to a critical level. Therefore, following the Dukan diet is necessary only under the supervision of a doctor, especially if the body weight is significantly higher than the norm and a long period is required to reduce it.

For the Consolidation phase

This period is less dangerous for the body, but can also be harmful if there are these contraindications. Especially in the “Consolidation” phase, exacerbations associated with the negative effects of the entire diet may occur if recommendations at the previous stages were violated.

The only absolutely harmless period of Dr. Ducan’s program is his last phase – “Stabilization”, which offers a completely balanced diet. But taking into account the harm from the previous stages, the benefit from this period may be insignificant.


The uniqueness of the French method of losing weight is that with the strict implementation of all the rules and recommendations, it invariably gives a positive result. Moreover, it is effective even in cases where almost all other diets fail.

You should not expect fast weight loss on the Ducan diet – it is designed for long-term use, its results are stable, and the lost weight is not returned. But, of course, only subject to strict compliance with copyright regulations.

The high effectiveness of the Ducan diet is due to the following factors:

  • it is tolerated relatively easily, without moral discomfort caused by severe restrictions;
  • allows you to independently create a menu using simple recipes;
  • rapid weight loss begins in the first days.

The results of the diet are also impressive: the first 2-3 kilograms leave at the first stage in just 5-7 days. During the 2 stages, approximately 1 kg per week is lost. Thus, in the first month, on average, you can get rid of 5-8 kg, in 3 months – 15-18 kg. It should be borne in mind that each body reacts differently to new nutritional conditions, so weight loss will also be individual.

source: https://pohudejkina.ru/dieta-dyukana.html

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