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Japanese diet plan

You are unlikely to find a fat man among the Japanese. In addition, among them there are a lot of centenarians. And all because they eat a lot of rice. Find out which rice is better to choose and how to cook it to lose up to 7 kg per week!

Rice diet is an effective and gentle way to build. In addition, after it, you feel better, the skin is cleansed and the pain in the joints goes away. This is due to several reasons:

  1. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, due to which it is quite satisfying, which allows not to suffer from hunger.
  2. This cereal contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the full functioning of a person – magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, iodine and B vitamins. Therefore, the body does not lack nutrients that affect appearance and health.
  3. Rice contains fiber – a substance due to which weight loss occurs. Fiber sparingly removes food debris and waste from the intestinal wall, which normalizes the metabolic process and cleanses the body.
  4. It does not include gluten, which means people with an allergy to vegetable protein can eat rice without fear.
  5. There is no salt in the rice, which makes it an indispensable food both for those who want to lose weight, and for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  6. Pearl Seed boosts memory and intelligence. It may be hard to believe, but the experiments of Japanese scientists have proved it.
  7. Rice removes excess salt from the body, so this food system is not intended for long-term use, otherwise there is a risk of body desalination.

In the aggregate of all these qualities, rice remains a very useful and nutritious product, it is not in vain among Asians that this is the basis of the diet. The Japanese, Koreans and other eastern nations are famous for their longevity and slim figure, largely due to their nutrition.

rice dish

Types of rice

In fact, there are several thousand varieties of rice or, as it is sometimes called, “Saracen millet” in the world. It is unrealistic to write about everyone, so in order not to get confused in all the variety, varieties can be distinguished by the following parameters:

By processing method

Brown (unpolished). Rice is subjected to minimal processing, so that the grain shell retains all the nutrients. Therefore, brown rice is much healthier than white, although it is more difficult to cook.

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White (polished). Most often, this variety is used in food. This is due to the fact that white rice is easy to prepare and has an acceptable cost. At the same time, only a small fraction of useful substances is included in polished rice, since as a result of polishing, husks and a nutritious bran shell are removed from the grains.

rice varieties

Steamed. The golden mean between brown and white rice. Grain is processed using a special technology, which allows you to leave most of the nutrients contained in the shell inside the grain. Steamed rice dishes are tasty and aromatic.

According to the grain length, rice is divided into long-grain, medium-grain and round-grain. Long grain contains more fiber.

Wild rice, which grows only in North America and China, is very popular among health-conscious people. It contains an extensive composition of vitamins and minerals, while having a low calorie content, which makes it indispensable for proper nutrition. These factors explain the high cost of this variety.

Summing up, we can conclude that the longest steamed or brown (brown) rice will be the best and inexpensive option for the diet.


The rice nutrition scheme is good in that it has many varieties that make it possible to choose a variation that suits each individual person. Not everyone, for various reasons, will be able to eat only one rice for several days, washed down with green tea. Combining cereals with other products, a person will transfer the diet easier and more comfortable. Someone on the contrary needs a quick result, then a more rigid power scheme is suitable.

For 3 days

Thanks to such a system, according to reviews, you can immediately lose three to four kg in three days.

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White rice

The first day

  • Breakfast. In the evening, you should soak the rice in water or boil it in the morning. You can add one green apple and lemon zest to the porridge.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth and fresh vegetable salad, boiled rice with herbs, seasoned with olive oil.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth and rice with boiled carrots.

Second day

  • Breakfast. Boil the rice, season it with herbs and one tbsp. a spoon of low fat sour cream. You can eat an orange for dessert.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth (the vegetables on which it is cooked must also be eaten), on the second again boiled rice and herbs. You can drink sugar-free karkade, pure water or green tea.
  • Dinner. Steam the vegetables and eat them with a little boiled rice.

Day three

  • Breakfast. Boil the rice and sprinkle it with a little cinnamon. For dessert, treat yourself to grapefruit.
  • Dinner. On the first again vegetable broth. On the second, boil the rice, stew 150 grams of mushrooms, chop the cucumber salad and season it with olive oil. As drinks pure water and orange juice.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth in combination with boiled rice. Steam 150 grams of broccoli. Drink green tea.

Note. To soak, rinse thoroughly 200-250 g of rice and fill it with two glasses of cold water. In the morning, divide the resulting mass into three doses and eat during the day.

Boil should be 200-250 g of rice in two glasses of water, not more than 10 minutes. Then another 15 minutes, insist under the lid. Salt and spices, in addition to those indicated, should not be put under any circumstances.


  1. Weight is lost due to fluid loss, so when you return to your normal diet, lost pounds can return as easily as they disappeared.
  2. The food is monotonous and not very tasty.
  3. Sometimes, with a restriction in nutrition, poor health occurs: weakness, dizziness, irritability.
  4. People with health problems should be careful about food restrictions.


  1. Weight drops off quickly enough and in a short time.
  2. Special efforts for cooking are not required.

For 5 days

Perhaps the simplest and at the same time tough diet for losing weight. It consists in the fact that you can eat only two servings of food per day – this is boiled (soaked) rice and something to choose from: lean meat or fish cooked on the grill or steamed, vegetables or fruits, greens. Products can be varied as desired. For example, like this:

  • The first day. A plate of rice in the morning. At lunchtime, two green apples.
  • Second day. In the morning, 200-300 grams of boiled beef. For lunch, rice.
  • Day Three A plate of rice for breakfast. At the second reception, pollock or cod with cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Day four. In the morning cucumbers with dill and parsley. For lunch, a serving of rice.
  • Fifth day. For breakfast, 200 grams of boiled beef and a green apple. A serving of rice at lunchtime.
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green apples

A diet for 5 days implies the following rules:

  1. Groats should never be mixed with other foods. That is, either rice for breakfast and meat for lunch, or vice versa, but in no case at the same time.
  2. You can drink just clean water or green tea, but not more than 4 cups per day. At the same time, you can quench your thirst half an hour before a meal or half an hour after.
  3. Serving volumes are not regulated, but it is assumed that they are not very large.
  4. For variety, you can alternate different types of rice.
  5. Do not add oil and salt to dishes.
  6. Nutritionists recommend soaking the rice at night, so it will be more useful.

Thanks to such a nutrition system, you can throw from 3 to 5 kg, and a pleasant bonus will be the improvement of facial skin and lightness throughout the body.

For 7 days

Such a weight loss program will allow you to say goodbye to 6 extra pounds in just a week! An even greater result – up to 10 kg – can be achieved if every day you perform at least elementary physical exercises: squats, bends, jumps.

jar of rice

Rice diet menu for 7 days

Day number 1

  • Breakfast. A portion of boiled rice, one green apple and a slice of rye bread. You can also add a slice of low-fat cheese.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth, a piece of chicken breast (no more than 200 g), a portion of boiled rice with chopped herbs. Instead of breast, you can make a vegetable salad.
  • Dinner. A serving of rice with stewed zucchini or carrots, low-fat natural yogurt.

In between meals, you can eat a handful of dried apricots or prunes and drink a glass of kefir.

Day number 2

  • Breakfast. A selection of rice and fruit to choose from: apple or orange. You can add a teaspoon of sour cream.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth with vegetables and boiled rice, or fish soup and boiled lentils, mixed in half with rice.
  • Dinner. The same set of dishes as for lunch, or an omelet made of three proteins and one yolk and a cup of kefir or yogurt.

For a mid-morning snack, if you want, a vegetable salad.

Day number 3

  • Breakfast. Cooked rice and fruit: apple, banana or pear.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup, chicken breast and rice. It is also allowed to cook a vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers).
  • Dinner. Steamed broccoli and boiled rice, or low-fat cottage cheese and a salad of fresh vegetables.

In the afternoon you can eat a slice of salmon.

Day number 4

  • Breakfast. A serving of rice and fruit salad or pear. The salad is allowed to flavor with low-fat cream.
  • Dinner. Vegetable soup on lean meat broth, rice with boiled carrots or peas.
  • Dinner. Boiled rice with a slice of meat and a glass of kefir.

For an afternoon snack, 200 g of salad from vegetables and seafood.

Day number 5

  • Breakfast. A serving of rice with honey or raisins, fruit salad.
  • Dinner. Boiled rice with fish or vegetables.
  • Dinner. Rice with spinach (steamed), cottage cheese.

Half an afternoon boiled egg.

Day number 6

  • Breakfast. Rice, two fruits and natural yogurt.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth and dill seasoned rice. Vegetable salad is also allowed.
  • Dinner. Rice and two grated apples, you can sweeten them with honey. Mug of kefir.

For lunch, a slice of salmon and rye bread.

Day number 7

  • Breakfast. Cottage cheese, fruits and a little yogurt.
  • Dinner. Vegetable broth, chicken breast and rice.
  • Dinner. Boiled rice with herbs.

In the afternoon, a glass of kefir and a handful of dried fruits.

In fact, the food system for seven days is quite diverse and even tasty, so sitting on it is a pleasure. And, nevertheless, carefully monitor your well-being during the diet in order to avoid negative consequences.

For 9 days

Tasty. One of the mildest varieties of rice food. Its essence lies in the fact that for each meal it is necessary to eat a portion of cereal in combination with other products: lean meat (chicken breast, beef, turkey), low-fat fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits (except bananas and grapes), dried fruits and bread rolls . At the same time, portions of fish and meat should not exceed 200 grams, and vegetables and fruits should not exceed 300 grams per day.

chicken breast

There are two more diet options for 9 days


  1. The first three days of the diet should be consumed only 200 grams. boiled unsalted rice. For cooking, take 1 tbsp. spoon of rice and pour two glasses of water.
  2. The next three days you can eat boiled chicken (breast or legs without skin), per day, not more than 800 grams.
  3. The remaining three days, eat one kilogram of raw vegetables or 1.5 kg of green apples per day.

According to reviews on such a diet, you can immediately lose 10 kg in just 9 days, but it is very difficult to sustain it, moreover, the body periodically experiences a deficiency in proteins and carbohydrates during the diet.

Rice diet for 9 days with vegetables and kefir. It differs from the classical one in that from the fourth to the sixth day we eat steamed or stewed vegetables, and from the seventh to the ninth we drink one liter of kefir per day.

Both diets are quite rigid, and there is a risk that with a person returning to normal nutrition, weight will also return.

Diet options

In fact, on the basis of rice, you can choose a menu for almost every taste and at the same time indulge in goodies.

Diet to cleanse the body of salts (5 volumes)

This system is also called the Tibetan method and perfectly cleanses the body of salts, facilitates the course of such an unpleasant disease as osteochondrosis. Aching pain in the joints, increased fatigue, apathy, swelling of the face, frequent headache, high blood pressure, bright yellow urine with impurities and an unpleasant odor – all these are clear signs that the body needs to be cleaned. Of course, you should not rely on the Tibetan method alone in the hope of getting rid of all the unpleasant symptoms, first consult a doctor.

At first glance, the principle of this diet will seem complicated and confusing, in fact, all actions take no more than 20 minutes a day. First you need to cook five small containers. Jars from baby food are perfect. It is advisable to number them so as not to get confused. The essence of the diet: pour three tablespoons of washed rice into a jar No. 1 and pour cold water (200 milliliters). Close the lid and put in a dark cool place.

The next day, drain the water from jar No. 1, rinse the rice and pour boiled water again. Take jar No. 2 and pour 3 tablespoons of rice in the same way. Put both containers in the refrigerator.

On the morning of the third day, change the water in containers No. 1 and 2 and put rice in a jar No. 3.

You need to perform these actions until you get five jars of rice. On the fifth day, you need to get rice from the first container, rinse it and eat it for breakfast. Salt and spices can not be added, drink anything too. On the sixth day, eat rice from the second jar and prepare the sixth. Follow such a diet for seven days.

Rules for diet 5 volumes:

  1. 4 hours after the first meal you can’t eat anything!
  2. During the day, you can eat anything you want, but it is better to choose healthy and not too high-calorie foods – fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, cereals, etc. If you do not eat flour, salted, fatty and smoked dishes, the effect will come faster.
  3. At least two liters of liquid should be drunk per day: compote, fruit drinks, herbal infusion, still mineral water are suitable.

In 14 days, 5-7 kilograms will disappear without a trace, the body will be cleansed of salts and toxins, swelling will disappear, the work of the gastrointestinal tract will normalize.

Diet on rice porridge. Here you just need to cook rice porridge and eat it with small portions of other products: lean meat and fish, dried fruits, vegetables – corn and green peas, dried fruits. The total weight of all additives is up to 200 g per day, rice – up to 500 g. Eat food during the day for 5-6 meals. Adhere to such a diet from seven to ten days, no more than once a month.

rice with apples and prunes

There is another option for a rice porridge diet. It is designed for three days, and helps to lose 2-3 kilograms. During these three days in the morning you need to eat a plate of rice porridge and drink coffee without sugar or green tea.

For lunch: a plate of rice porridge with vegetables, a slice of chicken breast or boiled veal, you can add a little broccoli. A cup of green tea.

For dinner: a plate of rice porridge and half a liter of freshly squeezed orange or apple juice. Instead of juice, you can use herbal infusion. A small serving of mussels or shrimp is also allowed.

Diet on rice noodles. The menu is exactly the same as with the rice porridge diet, but this time, instead of rice, cook rice noodles (funchose). It will turn out very tasty.

Rice-kefir diet. Here two healthy products interact at once. Allows you to lose weight in a very short time.

kefir with apple

First day

  • Breakfast. A mug of kefir and one apple.
  • Dinner. 200 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.
  • Dinner. Apple and tea without sugar. At night you can drink another cup of kefir.

Second day

  • Breakfast. A glass of kefir and one apple.
  • Dinner. A portion of boiled rice and half a glass of kefir.
  • Dinner. An apple, a plate of rice and a cup of kefir.

The third day

  • Breakfast. Rice and half a glass of kefir.
  • Dinner. An apple and a cup of kefir.
  • Dinner. A portion of boiled rice.

Rice and vegetable diet. A great option for lovers of variety, since the menu can be composed independently, the main thing is that rice and various vegetables are its main components. For example, like this:

Monday. For breakfast, white cabbage and mineral water without gas. For lunch, 100 g of boiled rice, grated carrots with olive oil, a glass of still mineral water. For dinner, boiled fish, a slice of bread and herbs.

Vegetarian diet: lose weight fast 2 days

Tuesday. For breakfast, milk rice porridge, orange juice. At lunch, boiled fish, fruit salad, a glass of apple juice. For dinner, boiled meat, a slice of bread, greens seasoned with lemon juice and one orange.

Wednesday. Fruit salad of pears, apples and bananas and a glass of apple juice. At lunch, boiled beans and white cabbage seasoned with lemon juice. A piece of bread and a glass of mineral water. For dinner, boiled potatoes with fish, a slice of bread.

Thursday. A glass of orange juice, an apple and an orange in the morning. At lunch, boiled cauliflower, a portion of rice, an apple and a glass of mineral water. For dinner, boiled mushrooms, one small potato and a glass of mineral water.

Friday. Rice porridge with milk, a glass of mineral water. At lunch, seaweed salad, a slice of bread and a glass of mineral water. For dinner, vegetable salad: carrots, cabbage, greens. Season with vegetable oil. A piece of bread and a glass of mineral water.

Saturday. Grated fresh carrots seasoned with lemon juice, a slice of bread and a glass of mineral water. At lunch, a salad of carrots, cabbage and greens, a slice of bread, a glass of orange juice.

Sunday. Fruit salad of apple, prune and apricot, a glass of mineral water. At lunch, boiled rice with slices of banana and one tablespoon of honey, a slice of bread and a glass of mineral water. For dinner, boiled rice and grapefruit.

Rice and apple diet. During the day, in addition to rice porridge boiled in milk without adding salt and sugar, you can eat apples in an amount of not more than 250 grams per day. It is allowed to cook compote from apples with the addition of dried fruits. Drink this compote one glass six times a day, and eat rice porridge in two divided doses – morning and evening.

rice with apples

Such a weight loss program should last no more than five days. It establishes the metabolic processes of the body and helps get rid of gout.

There is a tougher option: boil a glass of rice and use it in small portions throughout the day, washed down with apple juice. If the feeling of hunger becomes unbearable, it is allowed to eat two or three green apples. This diet option is followed for three days.

Rice and tomato diet. You will need freshly squeezed tomato juice and brown rice. If you follow a strict mono-diet, you need to boil a glass of rice and use it during the day in four doses, each drink with a glass of tomato juice. That is, you need to drink four glasses of tomato juice per day. Between meals, be sure to drink clean water without gas, in a total amount of at least 2 liters per day. The menu remains the same for all three days.

In a milder version, it is allowed to consume lean meat, fish and vegetables along with rice and tomato juice throughout the day – each serving no more than 150 g at a time.


No matter how tempting it may be to lose three or more kilograms in just a few days, you should nevertheless know who the diets are strictly contraindicated:

  1. Children and teens. Their body grows and develops, so it is important to maintain a balanced diet.
  2. Pregnant and lactating women. A woman’s health during these periods of life is already very vulnerable.
  3. People with chronic diseases. This is especially true of diabetes and endocrine disorders. Such patients are allowed only special medical nutrition systems, without any experiments on the body.

And remember that any person who feels unwell during a diet should immediately stop it and consult a doctor. An ideal option would be to consult a doctor before starting to lose weight.

Having finished the diet, you should not rush to eat the goodies that you were deprived of sooner, otherwise there will be no good. Continue to eat in small portions, avoiding fatty, smoked, salty and other hazards, do not forget about physical activity.

source: http://pohudejkina.ru/risovaya-dieta.html

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