Honey massage for cellulite, lose fat not muscle

lose fat not muscle

This honey massage will lose fat not muscle. It is no secret that honey is a unique repository of useful substances that give a person not only a preventive effect, but also provide treatment for a number of diseases.

The relationship with honey has developed over the centuries. Unconditionally gaining recognition, it is still considered one of the most healthy natural products. It is used for direct ingestion, as vitamin supplements, for the treatment of various diseases, as an antiviral and antifungal agent, as a powerful stimulator of the immune system, etc. But people do not get tired of finding new methods of using honey, because they are truly limitless.

Tibetan monks were the first to discover that this gift of bees can be used to massage the body. They considered this method to be on a par with spiritual practices to preserve youth and health. Having spread all over the world, this procedure continues to find new fans.

Honey massage for cellulite, lose fat not muscle

honey slimming massage

Useful properties of honey

  1. If the honey is correctly pumped out and stored in the necessary conditions, then it does not deteriorate. It sounds fantastic, but the shelf life of this product has not yet been clearly established. So today, when excavating ancient Egyptian tombs among jewelry and other utensils, archaeologists continue to find pots of honey that have not lost their properties at all over the centuries of storage, and this fact delights not only scientists, but also food industry experts.
  2. The chemical composition of the product is extremely rich. Depending on the place of origin, the number of components can reach three hundred! This is just an incredible amount that determines the exceptional nutritional value of the product. Glucose, fructose, enzymes (better known to us as “enzymes”). Over twenty amino acids, a wide range of proteins, alkaloids in optimal concentration, macro- and micronutrients, vitamins, phytoncides – the list can be continued for a very long time.
  3. Honey is indispensable in cosmetology. Due to its chemical composition, it is able to penetrate even the most microscopic pores, it nourishes the skin, regulates the water balance, and has a rejuvenating effect on the state of the dermal layer.

The effectiveness of the massage with honey

According to the classification, this type of massage refers to vacuum types, since a vacuum is created between the skin and the hands of the massage therapist.

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massage with honey

Beneficial effect on the body:

  1. When the palms are removed from the vacuum layer, a deep effect is exerted on the skin, lymphatic, circulatory system, as well as on the muscles under the treated area.
  2. The mechanical effect of the hands leads to the fact that the temperature in the massaged area rises, it warms up. As a result of this, the pores open, and through them the metabolism is carried out – toxins are removed from the cells of the surface layers, and beneficial substances from honey get inside, which ensure better functioning of the body.
  3. The outflow of venous blood and lymphatic fluid is significantly accelerated.
  4. There is a direct effect on muscle tissue, creating a tonic effect.
  5. In addition, honey acts as a direct absorbing substance, which, along with hygroscopicity, accelerates the removal of toxins from the mesoderm and subcutaneous layers. It is this property that gives a pleasant bonus when conducting a honey massage – losing weight and reducing body volumes.
  6. Due to its regenerating and astringent properties, honey massage ensures the smoothing of the dermis, makes it lighter, accelerates wound healing and recovery processes, while eliminating dryness and sagging.

Since massages need to be done in courses, in order to lose fat not muscle, the procedure should be repeated periodically, for each zone the frequency and time are determined separately.

How to choose honey

The most important requirement is to use an exclusively natural product for honey massage! Perfect for this purpose lime, buckwheat and any flower. It must be liquid, not having time to sugar. Before the procedure, it should be warmed to a warm state, so that its temperature is pleasant with tactile contact. And if you still managed to sugar, then you first need to heat it in a water bath, it will acquire the necessary consistency.

linden honey

It is very important not to overheat it, because it will not only cause uncomfortable sensations during the procedure, but will also contribute to the destruction of useful product enzymes, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.


Specialists prefer to add certain additives to the massage composition. Let’s figure out why this is necessary?

Essential oils of citrus contribute to the fight against cellulite, therefore, when preparing such compositions, it is recommended to add 5 drops of oil per one teaspoon of honey.

massage honey with additives

Sometimes, as an auxiliary component, preference is given to royal jelly and propolis, since this contributes to a more active elimination of toxins, radionuclides from the body.

Also, in some cases, use a mixture with mumiyo for a firming and tonic effect on the body.

It is advisable to add the administered components immediately before the massage, making sure that there are no allergic reactions. After addition, the resulting massage mixture is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency.

Rules for conducting at home

A point that is often overlooked: the room should have an average temperature, because in hot conditions honey becomes too fluid and it becomes almost impossible to achieve the necessary physical effect. In this case, the massage turns into a regular honey mask.

honey massage

During a honey massage, it is quite interesting to observe a change in the structure and color of honey: it becomes opaque, whitish and more dense, crumpled. This is due to the fact that polluting toxic substances from surface cells move and accumulate in honey, so a change in its color may indicate the success of the procedure.

Everyone knows the rich, deep aroma of the product with notes of flowers and herbs that have fallen into the composition of this healing product. The delicate aroma allows you to enjoy honey massage directly during its holding, get a wonderful session of organoleptic pleasure and feel the soft effect of an aphrodisiac on yourself.

Massage is often associated with relaxation and extremely positive emotions. In the case of honey massage, the situation is somewhat different: vacuum exposure sometimes brings pain, leaves consequences in the form of bruises and small bruises. You need to be prepared for this and not to plan this procedure on the eve of important events and events. In return, honey massage gives you the opportunity to flaunt a body that looks decent, and collect admiring glances.

Anticellulite massage

For a honey massage to lose fat not muscle , you will need about three teaspoons of honey. It will be very useful to use lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and other citrus essential oils, as they increase the degree of heating of the upper layers of the skin and provide additional anti-cellulite effect.

Anticellulite massage


  1. Before starting the procedure, the body must be thoroughly cleaned. At the next stage, you should warm up the patches that will be massaged with patting and rubbing movements.
  2. Then the honey is distributed in portions over the massaged zones. The palms should be firmly applied to the skin and sharply tear them off. At first, this should be done less intensively, and then put more effort, as honey will gradually become thicker. At the first stage, it will be noticeable that the skin absorbs honey. Then he will begin to change his transparent yellow color to dirty yellow or whitish. Perhaps the formation of gray inclusions in it. This is due to the activation of the process of concentration of substances removed from the dermal layer. Fat cells are directly affected at this moment and are reduced in size. Each zone should be massaged for 10-15 minutes.
  3. After finishing, it is necessary to wash off the sticky layer with warm water, wipe it off, apply cream or lotion using stroking movements with your hands, as after the procedure you may feel some dryness on the treated areas.

After the procedure, bruising is often observed. Let this not become a reason for experiencing: all such phenomena quickly pass within a few days after the end of the procedure.


The frequency of anti-cellulite massage is once every two days, the number of procedures is 15. Usually, after a month, a significant improvement in the condition of the skin on the hips is noticeable, it becomes elastic, smooth. On average, the course decreases the volume of the hips by 4-6 cm.

Tummy massage

This procedure will help tighten sagging skin and remove fat deposits in the abdomen. When exposed to this delicate area, only stroking and pinching movements are permissible. In no case do not press on the stomach, there is a risk of damage to internal organs.

tummy massage


  1. Take a shower, gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. After water procedures, thoroughly pat the moisture with a soft, dry towel.
  2. Apply prepared honey evenly on the massed area with a thin layer, leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes.
  3. After a few minutes, smooth the skin of the abdomen in smooth circular movements.
  4. Gently stick the palms to the skin, and then gently, but with an effort to tear them off. Repeat movement several times over the entire surface.
  5. Wash off honey from the body with warm water without using a washcloth and detergents, apply lotion, cream or moisturizing oil.

If the procedure is carried out correctly, the skin should turn red. If there are bruises or bruises on it, then either you overdo it, or such a massage is contraindicated for you.


The course of massage of the abdomen is 10-15 sessions, a break between sessions – one day. A break between courses – at least one month.

Honey face and neck massage

Face and neck massage is a unique and very effective anti-aging agent. It is not difficult to do it yourself, it does not take much time, and the results are impressive the first time, which is the reason for the constantly growing number of fans of this procedure.

face massage

With the help of honey massage, the surface of the skin of the face and neck is leveled, the pores are cleaned and narrowed. Deep nasolabial wrinkles and wrinkles on the forehead become less pronounced, and small wrinkles become completely invisible. Honey gives a wonderful deep peeling effect, which leaves the skin toned and glowing.


  1. Before carrying out the manipulations, you need to remove the hair from the face with the help of a cosmetological rim.
  2. Wash your face twice with a cleanser so that there is no trace of contamination. Wash water is necessary to warm, as this will allow you to pre-expand the pores and thus prepare the skin for intensive absorption of nutrients. Next, you need to wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in tonic.
  3. At the next stage, you need to prepare the skin for contact with honey, warm it with stroking and light tapping finger movements along the massage lines: from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from the wings of the nose to the cheekbones and from the chin to the ears.
  4. For honey massage of this zone, honey should be applied in a thin layer to prevent its further spreading in the process. After application, it can be left for 3 minutes for active absorption by the skin, and after this time, proceed to the procedure. First, you need to lightly tap the surface of the epidermis from bottom to top, as if lifting muscles. The skin should not reach behind your fingers, but only slightly stick. To do this, you can perform massage movements with your right hand, and hold the skin nearby with your left hand. Specialists do not recommend kneading, rubbing movements – only patting with your fingers. The locations of wrinkles and age spots need to be processed a little longer. After 3-6 minutes, the mass will become grayish, will begin to go astray with clods – this is a signal to end the procedure.
  5. Upon completion, you need to wash your face with water at room temperature so as not to leave traces of the mixture and apply a moisturizer. Massage spots may turn red after the procedure – this is a normal reaction.

It is advisable not to go outside and not be exposed to direct sunlight for several hours after the manipulations, since at this time the skin is extremely sensitive. It is best to carry out this procedure a couple of hours before bedtime.


There are two options for face and neck honey massage courses:

  • The course consists of 10 procedures. Each session should be carried out in 2-3 days. It lasts for 1 month.
  • A course consisting of 16 procedures. Sessions are held 2 times a week for 2 months.

By the way, the result will be noticeable immediately after the first procedure and with each repetition will be more pronounced.

Can massage

Often, to achieve the best results in the fight against cellulite, honey massage is used in combination with a can massage, which is also a classic vacuum method. On the one hand, this technique requires a lot of time, in the case of procedures at home – the purchase of special vacuum jars, but, on the other hand, the reward will be smooth, supple, flawless looking skin.

can massage

The principle of the method is that toxic substances are pushed out of the upper layers of the dermis by vacuum force into the zone with lower pressure created inside the cans. After such an impact, the local regenerative ability of the skin increases many times, the peripheral circulation of the lymph flow and blood increases.

This type of massage is used for all parts of the body.


  1. Before starting, the skin should be cleaned with cleansers suitable for this type in accordance with its condition.
  2. Then you need to warm up the massage area. Here energetic rubbing and kneading movements, patting with hands, active rubbing with a towel are suitable.
  3. A cream or oil is applied to the skin to combat cellulite. It is preferable to use oil, because the cream may be absorbed too quickly. The use of flaxseed oil is excellently proven. Vacuum jars are placed on such moisturized skin. They are rubber, silicone or plastic. For the face, use jars with a smaller diameter, and for larger parts of the body, respectively, more. With the pressure of the fingers on the jar, a pressure is created, which, as it were, pulls the processed part of the skin inward. You can apply a static effect, in which the can remains in one place, and dynamic, during which the can moves smoothly.

During the first sessions, the vacuum created inside the jar should be weaker, and gradually increase with each session.

Duration – 5-10 minutes.


The course of can massage – 8-10 sessions every other day. In the case of alternation with honey – do in turn 20 sessions at intervals of three days.

Massage in the salon

Coming to the salon, you need to make sure the master’s qualifications, get acquainted with his diplomas and certificates, learn about the conscientiousness of specialists and the general approach to clients. This will allow you to avoid disappointment and get the result for which you turned.

massage in the salon

If everything is in order with this item, then all subsequent worries fall directly on the shoulders of the master performing the honey massage, namely:

  1. Acquisition of honey of the required quality.
  2. Selection of massage techniques necessary in your case.
  3. The choice of optimal additives in the preparation of the mixture.
  4. Proper technical procedure.
  5. Final additional steps.

Naturally, the master – massage therapist will do this in a more qualified and knowledgeable manner, but this will affect the cost of the procedure in the most direct way. Not all parts of the body can be processed independently, but for a massage therapist this will not be any difficulty. But after the procedure at home there will be no need to go home. And you will definitely want to relax and lie down after the procedure. In any case, the decision should remain with you.


  • Individual intolerance to any of the components of the mixture for honey massage.
  • Abundant hair covering in the affected area – in this case, the procedure will cause too strong pain.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Wounds and damage to the skin, trophic ulcers, ulcers.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Disturbed blood coagulability and varicose veins.
  • Asthma.
  • AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you have not found a single item of contraindications, then you can safely start a course of honey massage and join the army of its admirers!

source: https://pohudejkina.ru/medovyj-massazh-ot-tsellyulita.html

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